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    Rollbar Module for NestJS

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    NestJS Rollbar package allows you to extend standard Logger to send errors directly to Rollbar. Usage if quite simple. Get Rollbar Token from your project page and install nestjs-rollbar package:

    npm i nestjs-rollbar

    Then register module in your root app.module

    import { LoggerModule } from 'nestjs-rollbar';
        imports: [
            // ...
                accessToken: configService.get('ROLLBAR_TOKEN'),
                environment: configService.get('ENVIROMENT'),
    export class AppModule {}

    forRoot method uses RollBar NodeJS configuration interface

    export interface Configuration {
            accessToken?: string;
            version?: string;
            environment?: string;
            codeVersion?: string;
            code_version?: string;
            scrubFields?: string[];
            overwriteScrubFields?: boolean;
            scrubHeaders?: string[];
            logLevel?: Level;
            reportLevel?: Level;
            uncaughtErrorLevel?: Level;
            endpoint?: string;
            verbose?: boolean;
            enabled?: boolean;
            captureUncaught?: boolean;
            captureUnhandledRejections?: boolean;
            payload?: object;
            maxItems?: number;
            itemsPerMinute?: number;
            ignoredMessages?: string[];
            hostWhiteList?: string[];
            hostBlackList?: string[];
            filterTelemetry?: (eTelemetryEvent) => boolean;
            autoInstrument?: AutoInstrumentOptions;
            maxTelemetryEvents?: number;
            telemetryScrubber?: TelemetryScrubber;
            includeItemsInTelemetry?: boolean;
            scrubTelemetryInputs?: boolean;
            sendConfig?: boolean;
            captureEmail?: boolean;
            captureUsername?: boolean;
            captureIp?: boolean | "anonymize";
            captureLambdaTimeouts?: boolean;
            transform?: (dataobject) => void;
            checkIgnore?: (isUncaughtboolean, argsLogArgument[], itemobject) => boolean;
            onSendCallback?: (isUncaughtboolean, argsLogArgument[], itemobject) => void;

    To use RollbarLogger in any service or controller just inject it in constructor:

    import { RollbarLogger } from 'nestjs-rollbar';
            private readonly rollbarLogger: RollbarLogger
        ) {}

    To log an error to Rollbar just call error() method:

    try {
        throw new Error('Test error');
    } catch (error) {
        this.rollbarLogger.error(error, 'myMethod');

    First parameter is an error object and the second - name of your method to show in logs.

    RollbarHandler decorator

    If you want to automatically log error in controller or services method you can use RollbarHandler decorator.

    export class AppService {
      getHello() {
        throw new Error('asda');

    It will catch all errors in method and send them directly to Rollbar and print them in console. If you want to customize error name, pass it to decorator:

       errorName: 'My error name',

    To rethrow error to another decorator:

       rethrow: true,


    npm i nestjs-rollbar

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