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    NestJS cron Module

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    NestJS cron package allows you easily setup cron for your controllers or services.

    npm i nestjs-cron

    To use cron, decorate your class with @Scheduled() and method with @Cron(). Your class has to be a provider or a controller that is declared in any module.

    import { Cron, Scheduled } from 'nestjs-cron';
    export class MyClass {
        @Cron('* * * * * *')
        async myMethod() {

    '* * * * * *' - is a standart cron notation. In this example it will be triggered every second. Additionaly you can use options:

    @Cron('* * * * * *', {
        launchOnInit: true,
        sync: true,
    • launchOnInit - Launch job one time right after start.
    • delay - Delay before start in ms if launchOnInit is true.
    • sync - Wait for method to finish before launching next tick if your function takes more time then cron.

    Cron Intercepter

    To intercept cron you can use @CronIntercepter decorator. You pass class that implements CronIntercepterClass as a parameter. It has one intercept method that returns Promise<boolean>.

    export class MyIntercepter implements CronIntercepterClass {
        async intercept() {
            return false;

    Usage example:

    export class AppService {
        @Cron('* * * * * *')
        getHello() {

    If intercept method returns true your cron will run as planned. If false method run will be skipped.


    npm i nestjs-cron

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