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    NativeScript VideoPlayer

    A NativeScript plugin to provide the ability to play local and remote videos.

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    From your command prompt/terminal go to your app's root folder and execute:

    NativeScript Version 7+: tns plugin add nativescript-videoplayer

    NativeScript version prior to 7: tns plugin add nativescript-videoplayer@4.2.1

    Platform controls used:

    Android iOS
    Android MediaPlayer iOS AVPlayer
    Sample 1 Sample 2
    Sample Usage Sample 2


    <Page xmlns="http://schemas.nativescript.org/tns.xsd"
                <VideoPlayer:Video id="nativeVideoPlayer"
                controls="true" loop="true" autoplay="false" height="280"
                src="~/videos/big_buck_bunny.mp4" />
                <!-- Remote file to test with https://clips.vorwaerts-gmbh.de/big_buck_bunny.mp4 -->
    import { Video } from 'nativescript-videoplayer';
    const video = topmost().currentPage.getViewById('nativeVideoPlayer') as Video;
    // Setting event listeners on the Video
    video.on(Video.pausedEvent, () => {
      console.log('Video has been paused.');
    video.on(Video.mutedEvent, () => {
      console.log('Video has been muted.');
    // changing the src
    video.src = 'some video file or url';
    // set loop
    video.loop = false;

    Angular NativeScript Usage

    // somewhere at top of your component or bootstrap file
    import { registerElement } from "nativescript-angular/element-registry";
    import { Video } from 'nativescript-videoplayer';
    registerElement("VideoPlayer", () => Video);
    // documentation: https://docs.nativescript.org/angular/plugins/angular-third-party.html#simple-elements

    With AngularNative you have to explicitly close all components so the correct template code is below.



    Property Description
    src The src file for the video. Set the video file to play, for best performance use local video files if possible. The file must adhere to the platforms accepted video formats. For reference check the platform specs on playing videos.
    autoplay - (boolean) Set if the video should start playing as soon as possible or to wait for user interaction.
    controls - (boolean) Set to use the native video player's media playback controls.
    muted - (boolean) Mutes the native video player.
    loop - (boolean) Sets the native video player to loop once playback has finished.
    fill - (boolean) If true, the aspect ratio of the video will not be honored and it will fill the entire space available.
    observeCurrentTime - (boolean) If true, currentTimeUpdated callback is possible.
    headers - (Map<string, string>) Set headers to add when loading a video from URL.


    Method Description
    play Start playing the video.
    pause Pause the video
    seekToTime(time: number) Seek the video to a time (milliseconds)
    getCurrentTime Returns the current time in the video duration (milliseconds)
    getDuration Returns the current time in the video duration (milliseconds)
    destroy Destroy the video player and free resources
    mute(boolean) If true, mutes the video. If false, unmute the video.
    setVolume(volume: number) Set the volume - Must be between 0 and 1.
    ANDROID ONLY - stop Stop the playback - this resets the player and remove the video src

    Observable Properties

    • currentTime() - Current time of video.


    Event Description
    errorEvent This event fires when an error in the source code is thrown.
    playbackReadyEvent This event fires when the video is ready.
    playbackStartEvent This event fires when video starts playback.
    seekToTimeCompleteEvent This event fires when seeking is complete.
    currentTimeUpdatedEvent This event fires when the current time of playing video is changed.
    finishedEvent This event fires when the video is complete.
    mutedEvent This event fires when video is muted.
    unmutedEvent This event fires when video is unmutedEvent.
    pausedEvent This event fires when video is paused.
    volumeSetEvent This event fires when the volume is set.

    iOS Logging

    When running the iOS Simulator, after playing a video the iOS system may write log messages to the console every few seconds of the form

    [aqme] 254: AQDefaultDevice (173): skipping input stream 0 0 0x0

    They will continue being logged even after the video has been properly destroyed. These messages can be safely ignored. To turn them off completely, run the following command in your shell before running tns run ios:

    export SIMCTL_CHILD_OS_ACTIVITY_MODE="disable"


    npm i nativescript-videoplayer

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