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    What is native-cdn ?

    native-cdn is a local content delivery network like cdnjs which allows you to run all your commonly used CSS and Javascript files from a single server offline on your local machine instead of having multiple and lots of different files in different folders serving the same purpose

    Who is native cdn for ?

    native cdn is for everyone who uses external css or javascript file in the link or script tag.

    Why native cdn ?

    Most developers when writing code or when downloading templates, we do download all css files and jquery files along. After downloading 7 templates which all have bootstrap in it, the user gets 7 bootstrap files. So with native-cdn, one can run all the 7 templates with just one bootstrap file which pretends to be a bootstrap file from the cdn.

    Installation / Help

    Its best You install the package globally using npm (you'll need at least Node.js LTS):

    npm i -g native-cdn

    Or with yarn

    yarn add native-cdn

    Once that's done, you can run this command anywhere to start your server

    native-cdn --serve

    Finally, run this command to see a list of all available options:

    native-cdn --help


    • Adding a file either css or javascript

      native-cdn --add <url>

      Note: The url should end with css or js

    • Removing a file

      native-cdn --remove <filename>

      Note: File name should end with css or js e.g native-cdn --remove bootstrap.min.css

    • List all css and javascript files

      native-cdn --list
    • Clear a specific folder

      native-cdn --clear <folder-type>

      Note: Folder-type should be either css or js

    • Start server

      native-cdn --serve

      Note: Server starts on default port [8900]

    • Start server on a specific port

      native-cdn --serve --port <PORT>

      Note: PORT can be as you wish


    • Add bootstrap to native-cdn

      native-cdn -a
    • Remove bootstrap.min.js from native CDN

      native-cdn --remove bootstrap.min.js
    • Start server on port 4500

      native-cdn --serve -p 4500


    You can contribute to the project on Github to make native-cdn better!




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