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    This library is used to handle NANPA telephone numbers while at the same time gathering information about them.


    Add this library to your package.json configuration:

        "nanpa_tools": "latest"

    Using it

    Below you will find a few examples for the most common usage. More examples can be found in the tests.

    Import the module in your code

      var nanpa_tools = require('nanpa_tools');

    Figuring out if a given number is a NANPA number.

      if (nanpa_tools.isNanpa("13055556666")) {

    Getting information for a NANPA number

      var result = nanpa_tools.resolve("13055556666");

    If the number is a NANPA number, the result object will contain:

    • npa: Area code.
    • nxx: Exchange code.
    • num: Subscriber number.
    • countryCode: ISO2 code for the country.
    • countryName: Full country name (in English).
    • usStateCode: Only present for US numbers. 2-letter state code.
    • usStateName: Only present for US numbers. Full state name.
    • caProvinceCode: Only present for Canada numbers. 2-letter province code.
    • caProvinceName: Only present for Canada numbers. Full province name.
    • isTollFree: true if the given number is a Toll Free.
    • isPremium: true if the given number is a Premium Number.

    Detecting Intra- or Inter-State calls

      var result = nanpa_tools.resolveInterIntra("13055556666", "17866667777");

    The result object will contain:

    • number1: A result object like the one described above.
    • number2: A result object like the one described above.
    • isIntra: true if the call should be considered Intra-State. US calls only.
    • isInter: true if the call should be considered Inter-State. US calls only.


    This project uses standard npm scripts. Current tasks include:

    • test: Runs Mocha tests.
    • jsdoc: Runs JSDoc3.
    • eslint: Runs ESLint.
    • coverage: Runs the tests and then Instanbul to get a coverage report.
    • build: This is the default task, and will run all the other tasks.

    Running an npm task

    To run a task, just do:

    npm run build


    To contribute:

    • Make sure you open a concise and short pull request.
    • Throw in any needed unit tests to accomodate the new code or the changes involved.
    • Run npm run build and make sure everything is ok before submitting the pull request (make eslint happy).
    • Your code must comply with the Javascript Standard Style, ESLint should take care of that.


    The source code is released under Apache 2 License.

    Check LICENSE file for more information.


    npm i nanpa_tools

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