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🔒 my-pwd

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Easy and secure CLI to store and manage your passwords.



Nowadays everyone in the world have thousand password or pin to remember. It's impossible to do only with our memory and use the notes to store them it's not safe. So how do I remember its? A good way it is to use a password manager. The fast and easy way is a CLI password manager like my-pwd.


$ npm install -g my-pwd

Getting Start

Nothing to configure. Install the NPM package and you are ready to store your information in a safely place. Digit my-pwd new to store new credentials or digit my-pwd -h to view all the avaiable commands.

How does it works?

The script save all the credentials in a JSON file encrypted by Advanced Encryption Standard. AES uses a key to create an unreadable hash. This key must be entered by you. Yes, its similar to remember a password but if you use one encryption key to store all credentials you can forget all the others password and remember only one.


The script run locally, it NEVER send nothing across internet and the dependencies are all up to date and secure. Moreover the possibility to crack AES is inifity small, if you want to know more you can read this answer.



  -v, --version           Output the version number
  -h, --help              Output usage information


  new                     Store credentials into safely place.
  list                    Show all records stored.
  read [options]          Copy to clipboard the password of a stored record. Use "--show" if you want to view the password in the console.
  group [options] <name>  Create a new group. Use "--remove" to remove one.
  generate <length>       Generate a secure password on your device.
  remove <identifier>     Remove a record.
  update <field>          Update a field. You can use: email, pwd, username, group. Example: "my-pwd update pwd"
  export                  Exports the JSON file containing the database


  • Command to export database ✅
  • Command to import database
  • Add more languages
  • Use AES with 256 bits instead of 192.
  • ...continuously updated

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