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    Create and manage self aware multi-dimensional arrays of anything. Use this module to:

    • Make multi-dimensional array instances with as many dimensions as you'd like.
    • Initialize the array with any type of value or object.
    • Set and Get positions within the array to any value or object.
    • Do all this with a simple and scalable interface.

    Basic Usage


    npm install --save multidimensional

    Basic Usage

    var MultiDimensional = require('multidimensional')

    Initialize a New Instance

    To create a new MultiDimensional, create a new instance and pass in the dimensional sizes as an array. By default all values will initialize as null:

    // create a 3x3 array
    var twodimensional = new MultiDimensional([3, 3])
    // create a 3x3x4 array
    var threedimensional = new MultiDimensional([3, 3, 4])
    // create a 4x3x4x2 array
    var fourdimensional = new MultiDimensional([4, 3, 4, 2])
    // etc...

    Set Initial Values

    If you want to create a new instance with initial values, you can pass in an initial value for all positions:

    // create a 3x4 array with all positions set to 0
    var twodimensional = new MultiDimensional([3, 4], 0)
    // create a 3x3x4 array with all positions set to 'Default String'
    var threedimensionalAsStrings = new MultiDimensional([3, 3, 4], 'Default String')

    Or pass in a callback to return a value or object to be put in position. The callback takes the position and the multidimensional instance it will be added to.

    // create a 3x3x4 array with all positions set to a unique Cell object.
    var threedimensional = new MultiDimensional([3, 3, 4], function(position, multidimensional) {
        return new Cell(position, multidimensional.dimensions)
    function Cell(position, overallDimensions) {
        this.position = position
        this.overallDimensions = overallDimensions

    Get Position Values

    IMPORTANT: Position indexes start at [0, 0, 0]. So if you created an array of size 3x4x5 ([3, 4, 5]), the highest index will be [2, 3, 4].

    threedimensional.position([2, 2, 2])

    Set Position Values

    threedimensional.position([2, 2, 2], 'New Value')


    The MIT License (MIT)
    Copyright (c) 2015 Arjun Mehta


    npm i multidimensional

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