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For details regarding the design of this plugin, see this article.


npm install --save mongoose-nest


mongoose-nest is a hapi plugin to manage a connection to MongoDB using mongoose.

It has been designed to be as simple as possible and offers the following features:

  • connection to a database with or without credentials
  • the debug mode of mongoose can be enabled
  • the logging tags for the plugin can be chosen
  • the plugin will not fail to register if the instance of mongoose is not in 'disconnected' state.
  • the plugin will allow to choose an implementation of promises including native ones. Default behavior is mongosse's default one, using 'mpromise'.

options object format

    "host": "String",
    "port": "Number",
    "database": "String",
    "username": "String",
    "password": "String",
    "debug": "Boolean",
    "promise": "String",
    "logTags": ["String"]


  • "host" is a string representing the hostname or the ip address of the MongoDB server. Default is ""
  • "port" is the port number of th MongoDB server. Default is 27017
  • "database" is the name of the database to connect to. If none is provided, a random string is generated matching database_x' wit w a number between 1 and 9999. Whitespaces will be replaced by underscores.
  • "username" is the username to use to connect to the MongoDB server. Default is null
  • "password" is the password to use to connect to the MongoDB server. Default is null
  • "debug" is a boolean to enable or disable debug mode on Mongoose. Default is false
  • "promise" is either "native" to use the default node.js promise library or the name of a package exposing another implementation of promises. This package will be called with require. Default will be set to none. In this case the default promise implementation for Mongoose will be used.
  • "logTags" is an array of strings to be used as logging tags for the plugin. Default is ["mongoose-nest"]


    register: require('mongoose-nest'),
    options: {
    host: '',
    port: 27017,
    database: 'applications',
    username: 'user',
    password: 'secret',
    debug: false,
    promise: 'native',
    logTags: ['database-connection']
}, (err) => {
    if(err) {
    // start the server here



npm i mongoose-nest

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