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    Mongoose ancestors tree plugin

    Mongoose tree plugin using ancestor array method.

    Fields added (hardcoded) :

    • parents : array of parents ObjectIds
    • parent : direct parent
    • depth : item depth
    • order : local order

    See for methods and details.



    atree = require "mongoose-atree"
    birdSchema = mongoose.Schema
        specname: { type: String }
    birdSchema.plugins atree
    bird1 = new Bird()
    bird2 = new Bird(parent=bird1)
    bird3 = new Bird(parent=bird2)
    bird1.getTree({depth: 3})

    Modify tree

    • change order of same parent's node : change "order" field
    • move an item and its children : change item's "parent" field
    • copy an item and its children : TODO
    • remove an item and its children : remove item

    Query tree

    • get immediate children of an item : item.getChildren(args, cb) with args
    • get immediate children of an item (without retrieving parent) : Model.GetChildren(item, args, cb) with item, args
    • get tree roots : Model.GetRoots(args, cb) with args
    • get item subtree : item.getTree(args, cb) with args
    • get full tree : Model.GetTree(item, args, cb) with args

    args is an object containing :

    • query : returned objects have to satisfy query
    • order : sort results with custom order
    • fields : just return these fields
    • limit : limit number of results
    • skip : skip n first results
    • depth : max tree depth
    • indexed: boolean, if true returns an indexed (by id) tree
    • flat : boolean, if true returns a flat (but ordered) tree


    To get returned results tree data (children, parents, ..), getters should be outputted in toJSON or toObject :

    birdSchema.set("toObject", {getters: true})
    birdSchema.set("toJSON", {getters: true})

    this is not set by default by plugin


    npm i mongoose-atree

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