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A tool to list which dependencies depend on a module.

Have you ever been doing an install and you see a module being installed and you don't know why it is being pulled in. Do you need to find a dependency that is using a module version that is not safe? What is requiring it? Well this is the tool to tell you.

What modules use babel in your package.json?


npm install -g mod-dep-mod

cd rootFolderWithPackageJson

mod-dep-mod babel

Listing top level dependencies that use the babel module

mod-dep-mod => @babel/runtime ^7.0.0
mod-dep-mod => @babel/plugin-proposal-do-expressions ^7.0.0
mod-dep-mod => @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties ^7.0.0
mod-dep-mod => @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators ^7.0.0
mod-dep-mod => @babel/core ^7.0.0
mod-dep-mod => babel-eslint ^8.2.2
mod-dep-mod => standard --> eslint --> babel-code-frame ^6.22.0
mod-dep-mod => nyc --> istanbul-lib-instrument --> babel-types ^6.18.0
mod-dep-mod => nyc --> istanbul-lib-instrument --> babel-generator ^6.18.0
mod-dep-mod => nyc --> istanbul-lib-instrument --> babel-traverse ^6.18.0
mod-dep-mod => nyc --> istanbul-lib-instrument --> babel-template ^6.16.0

Multiple Searches

mod-dep-mod jsx eslint
mod-dep-mod => standard --> eslint --> espree --> acorn-jsx ^1.2.3
mod-dep-mod => standard --> eslint-plugin-react ^1.2.3

URL search

mod-dep-mod -u cookie
express => cookie-signature
express => cookie
express => cookie-session
express => cookie-parser
express => express-session --> cookie
express => express-session --> cookie-signature
express => supertest --> superagent --> cookiejar


  • uses the registry set by npm
  • takes regular expression string
  • fetches the dependency data from the registry not locally installed modules
  • isolates rogue module inclusion path quickly
  • tested on node 6 onwards
  • gives total count of all dependencies fetched
  • caches each registry fetch to speed up on duplicates
  • multiple searches with multiple arguments
  • directly search from github package.json via url


  Usage: index [options]

    -p  fully qualified path to a package.json file
    -u  url to package.json

Instead of having to do binary cuts on your dependencies to find out which one is depending on your problem package. You simple query the package.json to get the dependency path.

Sometimes you are using a different registry to the one in which the code was written and some module is not available. Run the mod-dep-mod to see which top level package.json dependency is using that module.

This tool will use the registry you see from

npm config list

metrics-registry = ""

mod-dep-mod will use the registry in the npm config.


npm i mod-dep-mod

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