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Atom : Mocha test runner


Runs Mocha unit tests from within Atom.

  • ctrl-alt-m runs either:

    • the current test file
    • or a single it / describe / suite / test if the cursor is on that line
  • ctrl-alt-d is the same as above, but with Debug Options added

  • ctrl-alt-shift-m re-runs the last test selection

    • even if you switched to another tab
  • ctrl-alt-shift-d is the same as above, but with Debug Options added


Running Mocha

This plugin looks for the closest package.json to the current file, and run the corresponding mocha. This should automatically pick up the right version, as well as your mocha.opts settings.

If you don't have a package.json file, or if Mocha isn't installed locally, it will try to execute the global mocha command instead.

How does it work?

To run the selected test, it uses --grep on the test name. In the case the name isn't unique enough, it might run a few other tests. In practice we found this is not an issue, and you still get fast TDD feedback loops.


If you go to the settings pane, you can set the following values:

  • Node binary path: path to the node executable (defaults to /usr/local/bin/node).
  • Text only: remove any colors from the Mocha output (defaults to false).
  • Show context information: display extra information for troubleshooting (defaults to false).
  • Options: append given options always to Mocha binary (optional).
  • Options for Debug: append given options to Mocha binary to enable debugging.
  • Env: environment variables, useful for specifying NODE_ENV, etc.

You can also change the style of the results window. Simply go to Open Your Stylesheet in the main menu, and add

.mocha-test-runner .results {
  font-size: 1.5em;




npm i mocha-test-runner

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