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Mocha hooks to start/stop background processes in tests.

npm install mocha-spawn --save-dev
const mochaSpawn = require('mocha-spawn');

In the parent process (the test script)

mochaSpawn.before.start(run[, opts])

mochaSpawn.beforeEach.start(run[, opts])

  • run <Object>
    • script <string> Absolute path to the script to run in the child process.
    • timeout <number> Hook timeout if 2000ms is undesirable.
  • opts <Object> Optional. Parameters to pass to the starting child.
  • Returns <childRef> A reference to the child facilitation further interaction.

Creates a before or beforeEach hook that starts the child process accordingly.

The opts will be passed to the mochaSpawn.onStart(fn) handler fn in the child script.

The returned childRef will be used for intraprocess communication and to create the necesary after or afterEach hooks to stop the child where necessary.

childRef.after.stop([run][, opts])

childRef.afterEach.stop([run][, opts])

  • run <Object> Optional.
    • timeout <number> Hook timeout if 2000ms is undesirable.
  • opts <Object> Optional stopping parameters to pass to the child.

Creates an after or afterEach hook in the test to stop the child process cleanly. In other words, to call the mochaSpawn.onStop(fn) in the client script and allow the child to tear itself down neatly with whatever code was placed in that handler fn - and then wait for the child to exit.

If the hook times out it means that the child did not relinquish all resources (eg. still listening on socket or running a setInterval). Try childRef.after.kill([opts]) if all else fails.

Pass run as null of opts are required without it.


var mochaSpawn = require('mocha-spawn');
var path = require('path');
describe('with background process', function () {
  var scriptPath = path.resolve(__dirname, 'procs', 'background-script.js');
  var scriptStartOpts = {};
  var scriptStopOpts = {};
  // create before hook that spawns script before tests
  var childRef = mochaSpawn.before.start({script: scriptPath}, scriptStartOpts);
  // create after hook that stops script after tests
  it('can', function () {



  • run <Object> Optional.
    • timeout <number> Hook timeout if 2000ms is undesirable.

Creates an after or afterEach hook to kill the child process. Does not call mochaSpawn.onStop(fn) handler fn in the child process.

childRef.on(eventName, handler)

Handle events sent from the child process using as sent using mochaSpawn.send(eventName[, data…]).

Event: 'exit'

Emitted with code and signal when the child process exits.

Event: custom events

Custom events as emitted from child.

childRef.send(eventName[, data...])

Send events to child process. The child subscribes with mochaSpawn.on(eventName, handler).

Functions cannot be sent to the child process.


it('test', function (done) {
  // interact with child through events
  childRef.on('some-thing-result', function (results) {
    expect(results).to.eql({ /*...*/ });
  childRef.send('do-some-thing', params);

In the child process script


  • fn <Function> The handler to start the client script when called by parent.

Define the function fn that should be run to start things up in the child process. The function will be called with opts as passed from the parent in mochaSpawn.before.start(scriptPath[, opts]) as well as a callback done to signal that the child process is ready.


  • fn <Function> The handler to stop the client script when called by parent.

Define the function fn that shoud be called to tear down the child process (stop whatever service it's running). The fn receives the opts as passed to childRef.after.stop([opts]) in the parent as well as a done function to signal that the tear down is complete.


var mochaSpawn = require('mocha-spawn');
var MyServiceBeingTested = require('../..');
var myService = new MyServiceBeingTested();
mochaSpawn.onStart(function (opts, done) {
  myService.start(opts, function (e) {
mochaSpawn.onStop(function (opts, done) {

mochaSpawn.send(eventName[, data...])

Send event up to the test in parent process.

mochaSpawn.on(eventName, handler)

Receive event from parent process.


mochaSpawn.on('do-some-thing', function (params) {
  myService.doSomething(params, function (err, results) {
    mochaSpawn.send('some-thing-result', err, results);

With async/await

requires node >=7.10.0

The child script can use async/await functions.


const mochaSpawn = require('mocha-spawn');
const MyServiceBeingTested = require('../..');
var service;
mochaSpawn.onStart(async function (opts) {
  // create() returns promise of service
  service = await MyServiceBeingTested.create(opts);
mochaSpawn.onStop(async function (opts) {
  await service.stop();


npm i mocha-spawn

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