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    Example 1

    Recursively copy all the directories matching the glob src/* to out1 and out2:

    % mirror-directories -s 'src/*' -d out1 -d out2

    If src/project1 and src/project2 exist then they will be copied to out1/project1, out1/project2, out2/project1 and out2/project2.

    Existing contents of the destination directories will be erased before the copying occurs such that the destination directories will mirror the source directories exactly.

    Example 2

    Recursively copy src1 and src2 to all the directories matching destinations/*:

    % mirror-directories -s src1 -s src2 -d 'destinations/*'

    If destinations/birthday and destinations/fear exist then at the end destinations/{birthday,fear}/{src1,src2} will be exact copies of their respective source directories.

    Example 3

    A trailing slash can be used to copy the contents of the source directory into the destination directory.

    % mirror-directories -s 'src/' -d out

    Creates out as a mirror of src instead of creating out/src as a mirror of src. This corresponds to the rename option of the API.

    Example 4

    The -m argument can be used to specify independent source/dest pairs.

    % mirror-directories -m src:out -m friends/:enemies

    This will mirror src to out/src and the contents of the friends directory to the enemies directory.

    Example 5

    The -m argument can be used to specify multiple source directories for a single dest directory. Either all of none of the source directories must have a trailing slash. When all source directories have a trailing slash, meaning all of them relate to rename watches, files in latter source directories will take precedence over those specified earlier.

    % mirror-directories -m src1/:src2/:out

    In this circumstance if both src1/file and src2/file exist then out/file will always mirror src2/file. If -w were used then any changes to src1/file would be ignored. Removing src2/file would lead to out/file being a mirror of src1/file until src2/file is recreated.

    Example 6

    The -e argument can be used to exclude directories

    % mirror-directories -e blah -e hero/cat -m src:out -m friends/:enemies

    This will mirror src to out/src and the contents of the friends directory to the enemies directory but will not mirror src/blah or src/hero/cat. If src/blah and/or src/hero/cat are directories then their contents would also be ignored.


    This library also exports an API:

    import { mirrorDirectories, watchDirectoriesForChangesAndMirror } from 'mirror-directories'
    // the default options are { keep: false, rename: false }
      { srcDirs: ['src1'], destDirs: ['dest1', 'dest2'] },
      { srcDirs: ['src2', 'src3'], destDirs: ['dest2', 'dest3'] },
    const stopWatching = await watchDirectoriesForChangesAndMirror(
      [{ srcDirs: ['src4'], destDirs: ['dest4', 'dest5'] }],
        // keep existing contents in destination directories
        keep: true,
        // use watchman's "watch-project" command rather than "watch"
        watchProject: true,
        // mirrors `src4` to `dest4` and `dest5` instead of
        // `dest4/src4` and `dest5/src4`
        rename: true,
    process.on('exit', stopWatching())


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