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Minimal and easy MySQL driver for Node.JS.

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You can install minSQL directly using NPM:

npm install minsql

You can add it to your Node.JS project adding this line

var db = require('minsql');


Connect(host, user, pass, database)

Connect to your database. Example of use:

db.Connect('localhost', 'myuser', 'mypass', 'test');


Close the connection to the database.

CreateTable(table, def, callback)

Create a new table called table. The def argument must be an JSON object with the next structure:

  • cols: an object with the cols for your new table. Each element must have the structure "COL_NAME" : "COL_ATTR".
  • primary: string with the PRIMARY KEY of your new table.
  • foreign: an object with the FOREIGN KEYS for your table.

For example:

    "cols": {"id": "int(11) NOT NULL", "name": "varchar(255) NOT NULL", "group": "int(2) NOT NULL", },
    "primary": "id",
    "foreign": {"group": "groups(proup_id)"}

This will generate the next SQL definition:

id int(11NOT NULL,
name varchar(255) NOT NULL,
group int(2NOT NULL,
FOREIGN KEY (group) REFERENCES groups(group_id)

DropTable(table, callback)

Drop the table table.

Select(table, where, callback)

Select data from table with where conditions. The inputs arguments must be:

  • table: string with name of the table.
  • where: JavaScript object with the conditions. You can put one or more conditions. Set it to null for none conditions.
  • callback: function for execute after running the query. The arguments of the function will be error, containing the error if exists, and results, containing the results of the query.

For example, runnig:

db.Select('test', {"key1":"value1", "key2"="value2"}, function(err, results){ ... });

Is equivalent to running SELECT * FROM test WHERE key1="value1" AND key2="value2" on MySQL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On version 0.4.1, the where argument accepts an string as a WHERE condition, for make a more complex query. For example, if you want to select only the rows that key1 <= 10 and key2 > 0, you can do:

//Generate the where as a string
var where = 'key1 <= 10 AND key2 > 0';
//Get the results
db.Select('test', where, function(err, results){ ... });

Insert(table, values, callback)

Insert a new row on the table with the desired values. For example, running:

db.Insert('test', {"id": 1, "name": "John", "email": ""}, function(error){
    //error contains the error if was occurred during running the query

Is equivalent to running INSERT INTO test (id, name, email) VALUES (1, "John", "").

In version 0.2.0 and higher, you can insert multiple rows in one query using an array. For example:

var values = [{"id": 1, "name": "John"}, {"id": 2, "name": "Kevin"}];
db.Insert('test', values, function(error){ ... });

Is equivalent to running INSERT INTO test (id, name) VALUES (1, "John"),(2, "Kevin").

Update(table, set, where, callback)

Update from table the set cols from the rows that satisfy the where condition.


db.Update('test', {"name": "Smith", "email": ""}, {"id": 1}, function(error){ ... });

Is equivalent to running UPDATE test SET name="Smith" , email="" WHERE id=1.

Delete(table, where, callback)

Delete rows from table that satisfy the where condition. For example:

db.Delete('test', {"id": 1}, function(error){ ... });

Is equivalent to running DELETE FROM test WHERE id=1.

Query(sql, callback)

Do a more complex query, and get the results with the callback.

db.Query('SELECT * FROM test WHERE id < 10 LIMIT 5', function(error, results) { ... });


minSQL is under the MIT license.


npm i minsql

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