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    Add 'svgs-to-iconfonts' to your list of modules. That's all! Mimosa will install the module for you when you start up.

    Once this module has been added to your project, just execute mimosa iconfonts to generate your fonts. This module comes with some default config (see below) and if your project matches that config, you won't have any other work to do.

    Check this module out in the example application.


    This module will process the .svg contents of specific folders and create .svg, .woff, .ttf and .eot font files. It will also generate a matching .css file.

    The CSS font classes are named for the name of the original .svg file.

    So, if you have a folder fonts/svgs/login (see default config below), and inside that folder you have a submit.svg and a cancel.svg, this module will process those two .svgs and create 4 files, login.svg|woff|ttf|eot, and will create a stylesheet.css. Inside the .css will be icon styles named for the original .svg, .submit and .login.

    If you wish your styles to be .icon-submit, simple change the name of the original .svg file.

    Default Config

    svgs2iconfonts: {
      inDir: "fonts/svgs",
      outDir: "fonts",
      options: {
        fixedWidth: false,
        normalize: false,
        fontHeight: 512,
        descent: -32
    • inDir: a string. The folder inside which are the folders of .svgs to font-ify. So, inside fonts/svgs, if there are two folders, abc and xyz, those folders contents would be considered a single font file output. This path is relative to watch.sourceDir which defaults to assets
    • outDir: Where to place generated font assets relative to watch.sourceDir which defaults to assets. For each folder inside inDir a folder is created inside the outDir. So if there are two folders inside fonts/svgs, abc and xyz, after processing the outDir would also have two folders named abc and xyz and the font-ified assets will be inside including the .css file.
    • options.fixedWidth: a boolean, creates a monospace font of the width of the largest input icon.
    • options.normalize: a boolean, normalize icons by scaling them to the height of the highest icon.
    • options.fontHeight: a number,
    • options.descent: a number, the font descent. It is useful to fix the font baseline yourself.


    npm i mimosa-svgs-to-iconfonts

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