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    A boilerplate implementation to effectively merge webpack and metalsmith in development and production environments.

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    ☁️ Installation

    Cloning the repo or downloading a release might be the best idea.

    You may build on top of this project or extract parts you need for your own projects.

    Afterwars, simply install all dependencies by running:

    yarn || npm install

    🚀 Technology

    This boilerplate tries to combine the best out of metalsmith and webpack.

    Content generation via metalsmithpreviewp

    Scripts and stylesheets via webpack

    • Full power of webpack including tree shaking and minimize
    • Uses webpack-dev-server (actually webpack-dev-middleware) under the hood for dev
    • Styles get included via require within page.js and extracted to a css file via ExtractTextPlugin

    📑 Project File Structure

    Pattern Description
    ./content/* website content files, mainly markdown files
    ./layouts/*.html metalsmith-layouts layout files
    ./src/config/paths.js path configuration
    ./src/assets/css,js page javascript and stylesheet files
    ./src/scripts/*.js build process & dev environment scripts
    ./dist/assets/**/* webpack output directory
    ./dist/site/**/* metalsmith output directory

    🛠 Development and tooling

    You can start a fully featured development server via yarn dev (or npm run dev).

    It will spawn a html server at http://localhost:3000 including browser-sync for live reload.

    ♻️ Live reload details

    Browser sync spawns a basic webserver with the webpack-dev-middleware injected.

    The live reload gets very effective by combining 3 different reload techniques:

    • browser-sync: Rebuilds metalsmith when content or layouts change.
    • webpack-dev-middleware: Triggers browser-sync when webpack files like scripts or styles change
    • nodemon: Restarts dev server when build scripts or config changes

    💡 Tipps & tricks

    1. The dev server supports the rs shortcut while running. Simply type and hit enter to restart the server manually
    2. The metalsmith-helpers.js in the scripts folder exports two metalsmith debugging plugins: A StatisticsPlugin for a general overview and a DebugPlugin for in-deepth insights
    3. The metalsmith-layouts config contains a little helper for handlebars to output variable content. Usage: <pre>{{debug YOUR_VARIABLE}}</pre> (Hint: use this as variable to debug display the whole file metadata)
    4. Check npm run for an overview of all available scripts.

    ⚙️ Build process

    You can run a fresh page build via yarn build (Or npm run build)

    1. npm-scripts: Set DEBUG environment variable to metalsmith* to enable metalsmith debugging
    2. npm-scripts: Clean up ./dist/* directories
    3. webpack: Build javascript and stylesheet files via webpack
    4. metalsmith: Copy webpack assets to site directory
    5. metalsmith: Fingerprint webpack assets
    6. metalsmith: Compile markdown files
    7. metalsmith: Apply layouts
    8. metalsmith: Show statistics

    Et voilà. You can find your generated website in ./dist/site/. See below how you can preview and deploy the result.

    🚢 Deployment & production server

    With yarn deploy (or npm run deploy) you can deploy your latest website directly to GitHub pages via gh-pages

    Running yarn server (or npm run server) will spawn a simple production server which is great for testing the final version.

    💖 Contributing

    This project follows the standard coding and the conventional changelog commit message style. Also it is configured to never decrease the code coverage of its tests.

    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue. But before doing anything, please read the CONTRIBUTING.md guidelines.


    npm i metalsmith-webpack-suite

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