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    A Determinitic Finite Automata (DFA) implementation based on a monad implementation. mdfa


    The motivation for implementing this module was to develop a DFA implementation based on the monad programming structure.


    npm install mdfa

    Module Usage

    Define the desired DFA in a Javascript Object.

    For Example the following DFA:

    This DFA accepts the binary input which has an even number of zeros
    states: S1, S2
    alphabet: 0, 1
    start: S1
    accept: S1
    transition table:
    |   | 0 |  1 |
    | S1| S2| S1 |
    | S2| S1| S2 |

    should be defined as:

    var dfaDefinition = {
        states: ['S1', 'S2'],
        alphabet: ['0', '1'],
        transition: {
            'S1': {
                '0': 'S2',
                '1': 'S1'
            'S2': {
                '0': 'S1',
                '1': 'S2'
        start: 'S1',
        accept: ['S1']

    Then the DFA object can be created:

    var createDfa = require('mdfa').create;
    var dfa = createDfa(dfaDefinition);

    One or more character input can be given to the DFA object using the step('string') method:


    The current state can be accessed with the then(callback) method:

    dfa.then(function (result) {
        console.log('current state: ', result.state);

    To see if the DFA accepts the current state the then(callback) method can be used:

    dfa.then(function (result) {
        console.log('isAccepted: ', result.isAccepted);

    The step('string') and then(callback) methods are chainable:

    // helper method to print the current state
    function print(result) {
        console.log('current state: ', result.state);
        console.log('accept: ', result.isAccepted);

    Running the tests

    From inside the mdfa project folder run:

    npm install

    and then

    npm test

    Running the example

    Copy and Paste the examples/dfa_even_zeros.js file to your current folder.

    Install the mdfa module (npm install mdfa) if you have not already installed it.

    Run: node dfa_even_zeros.js

    The example demonstrates the module's usage by creating and running a DFA, which accepts the binary input with even number of zeros.


    npm i mdfa

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