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    MBL (Mad Basic Loader)

    MBL gives better control over image loading in the browser. Images can be loaded all at once or sequentially, they can be rendered as an image or set as the background image of an element. Callbacks/events are fired once image loading begins, as each image succeeds or fails, and once all images have loaded.

    Built on top of imgload for simple image loading events.

    Getting Started

    MBL is meant to be consumed in a CommonJS, Browserify environment (though you can also use a pre-bundled version, more below):

    npm install mbl


    Example HTML

    <img data-src="image.jpg" data-mbl>
    <img data-src="other.jpg" data-mbl>


    // require
    var mbl = require('mbl')
    // gather some images
    var images = document.querySelectorAll('[data-mbl]')
    // setup
    var imageload = mbl(images)
    // start!


    You can get more specific if you want (the following are defaults):

    var imageload = mbl(images, {
    	sourceAttr : 'data-src' // attribute containing image source
    	sequential : false, // sequential mode (details below)
    	mode       : 'src', // mbl mode (details below)
    	success    : function(elem) { }, // on each image load
    	error      : function(elem) { }, // on each image error
    	begin      : function() { } // once loading begins
    	complete   : function() { } // once all images have completed


    Events are also triggered along with the callbacks. Bind to events like so:

    imageload.on('success', function(data) {
    	// triggered on each image successful load
    imageload.on('error', function(data) {
    	// triggered on each image error
    imageload.on('begin', function() {
    	// triggered when loading begins
    imageload.on('complete', function() {
    	// triggered when all images have completed

    What happens to the DOM

    Example HTML from above:

    <img data-src="image.jpg" data-mbl>
    <img data-src="other.jpg" data-mbl>

    after MBL completes (assuming success) DOM becomes:

    <img data-src="image.jpg" src="image.jpg" data-mbl-complete>
    <img data-src="other.jpg" src="other.jpg" data-mbl-complete>

    More about options


    If sequential is set to true, the images are loaded sequentially, one by one. Each image waits for the prior to complete (success or error) before beginning to load. Handy when a linear load sequence is desired, or load throttling for some other reason:

    <img data-src="image.jpg" data-mbl>
    <img data-src="other.jpg" data-mbl> // waits for image.jpg
    <img data-src="third.jpg" data-mbl> // waits for other.jpg
    // etc...

    Loading Mode ( src | background | load )

    Mode Behavior
    src source of the loaded image is set as the src attribute
    background source of the loaded image is set as the background-image style attribute
    load no DOM changes, but callbacks/events fired

    This setting is handy for responsive images using background-size: cover;

    <span data-src="image.jpg" data-mbl></span>
    <span data-src="other.jpg" data-mbl></span>

    after MBL completes (assuming success) with mode: background DOM becomes:


    The mode can also be changed on an element basis by adding an attribute to the element:


    Bundled Version

    If you don't want to mess with a build process you can also include the pre-bundled version found in dist/mbl.bundled.js in your project which exposes mbl() globally.


    There's still an old jQuery version of MBL in dist as well. This hasn't been maintained but it's there for tinkering. Usage is:

    var mbl = require('mbl/jquery.mbl.js'); // or just include as a script tag
    	'sequential' : false,
    	'bgMode'     : false,
    	'success'    : function(index, elem) { },
    	'error'      : function(index, elem) { },
    	'begin'      : function() { }
    	'complete'   : function() { }


    • Sequential image throttling
    • Pause / resume sequential loads
    • Tests


    npm i mbl

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