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    Welcome, friend

    GraphQL Playground

    mb-graphql is a mountebank plugin that makes creating test doubles for GraphQL APIs a lot simpler... and fun: there's no code to write.

    Wraps Apollo Server to allow easy declaration of a mock GraphQL server via mountebank stubs (see below).


    Getting started

    Option 1: Run with Docker (the easiest option)

    docker run -p 2525:2525 [-p IMPOSTER_PORT:IMPOSTER_PORT] -d bashj79/mountebank-graphql

    NOTE: mountebank itself runs on port 2525.

    Check out Docker Hub for further details.

    Option 2: Install and Run


    npm install -g mb-graphql

    Start mountebank with the following protocols.json file (master on GitHub):

      "graphql": {
        "createCommand": "mb-graphql"
    mb start --protofile protocols.json



      "port": 4000,
      "protocol": "graphql",
      "schema": "type Thing { alpha: Int beta: String } type Query { myQuery(myFirstArg: Int, mySecondArg: Int): Thing }",
      "stubs": [
          "predicates": [
              "equals": {
                "query": "myQuery",
                "args": {
                  "myFirstArg": 123
          "responses": [
              "is": {
                "data": {
                  "beta": "abcdef"

    Create the imposter via mountebank (assuming it's running on localhost:2525):

    curl -i -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' http://localhost:2525/imposters --data @imposter.json

    You can now access the GraphQL playground for the imposter at http://localhost:4000:

    GraphQL Playground


    query {
        myQuery(myFirstArg: 123, mySecondArg: 456) {


      "data": {
        "myQuery": {
          "alpha": 42,
          "beta": "abcdef"

    Note: The value for myQuery.alpha has been randomly generated as it was omitted from the stub's response.

    For further examples please check out the features folder.

    Imposter Creation Parameters

    For further information about mountebank imposters, stubs and related concepts please refer to the mountbank mental model.

    Parameter Description Required? Default
    protocol Must be set to graphql Yes N/A
    port The port to run the imposter on. No A randomly assigned port. mountebank will return the actual value in the POST response.
    name Included in the logs, useful when multiple imposters are set up. No An empty string.
    schema A string presenting a valid GraphQL schema definition. No, if schemaEndpoint is set N/A
    schemaEndpoint URL of a GraphQL schema file or the endpoint of an existing GraphQL API which exposes the GraphQL introspection query. No, if schema is set N/A
    schemaEndpointHeaders An object representing headers to passed to the schema endpoint defined in schemaEndpoint e.g. Authorization header. No An empty object.
    stubs The list of stubs responsible for matching a GraphQL request and returning a response. See further details below. No An empty array.
    defaultResponse The default response for any top-level query/mutation performed against the schema. No Default behaviour for the imposter is to return random data according to the defined schema.

    GraphQL Request Predicates

    Field Description Type
    query The name of the GraphQL query e.g. myQuery. String
    mutation The name of the GraphQL mutation e.g. myMutation. String
    args The arguments passed to the GraphQL query/mutation. Object
    headers The HTTP headers passed to the GraphQL query/mutation. Object

    Please see the mountebank predicate documentation for further details of mountebank's stub predicates and their usage.


    npm i mb-graphql

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