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    JavaScript Maybe

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    This package is a maybe monad that gives you a simple way to wrap your data. You always have to operate with your data inside a context. It's like a box. Your value will be in that box all the time and the only way you can transform it is to apply functions with map and filter methods.

    Inside a Maybe you can find a value or nothing, so you will need to define both paths when you want to unwrap it.

    When you use it, you will love you.

    Getting a Maybe

    The most basic way to get a maybe is Maybe(value) or by using Maybe.from method:

    const a = Maybe(10)
    const b = Maybe.from('Hello world')

    Additionaly, you can get a maybe from Just and Nothing methods:

    const c = Maybe.Just(10)
    const d = Maybe.Nothing()

    Applying functions

    You have your value in a context already, so it's highly likely that you want to apply functions over it. You can use map:

    const a = Maybe(2)
    a.map(x => x * 2) // Maybe(4)

    Also, you can chain several maps:

    const total = Maybe(2)
    const sqrt = x => Math.sqrt(x)
    const double = x => x * 2
    // total === Maybe(2)

    Unwrapping maybes

    Commonly, you want to unwrap your maybes to get the raw value. In order to keep your program safe, you need to define what it will happend in every case (box with value or empty box), so you need caseof

    const rawValue = Maybe(2).caseof({
    	Just: x => x, // just the value
    	Nothing: () => 0 // default value
    // rawValue === 2
    const anotherRawValue = Maybe().caseof({
    	Just: x => x * 2,
    	Nothing: () => 2
    // rawValue === 2

    Also, you may have a procedure rather than functions that no return values:

    	Just: x => console.log(x),
    	Nothing: () => console.log('There is no thing')
    // In console: There is no thing

    Additionally, you may use withDefault method to get your raw value quickly:

    Maybe(10).withDefault(0) // 10
    Maybe(null).withDefault(0) // 0

    Chaning Maybes

    Sometimes it is useful to chain functions that return new maybes in order to get another maybe with the result:

    const getFirstElement = list => {
    	const [first] = list
    	return first? Maybe.Just(first) : Maybe.Nothing()
    const double = value => {
    	return Maybe.Just(value * 2)
    // Maybe(2)



    map (fn : a => b) => Maybe(b)

    filter (fn : a => Bool) => Maybe

    withDefault (a) => b

    withDefaultFn (fn => a) => a

    andThen (fn : a => Maybe(b)) => Maybe(b)

    safe (fn : a => b) => a | void

    caseof ({ Just: a => b, Nothing: () => b} => b

    isNothing () => Bool

    Maybe.Just (a) => Maybe(a)

    Maybe.Nothing () => Maybe()

    Maybe.from (a) => Maybe(a)


    npm i maybe-monada

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