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An extremely efficient, flexible and amazing evaluator for Math expression in Javascript.(Documentation)

Use cases

Input Result Explanation
2+3-1 4 Addition and Subtraction operator
2*5/10 1 Multiplication and Division operator
tan45 or tan(45) 1 Trigonometric Function ( tan in Degree mode)
tan45 or tan(45) 1.619775190543862 Trigonometric Function ( tan in Radian mode)
Pi1,15,n or Pi(1,15,n) 1307674368000 Product of Sequence
Sigma1,15,n or Sigma(1,15,n) 120 Sum of Sequence( also called summation)
2^3 8 Exponent( note this operator is left associative like MS Office)
5P3 60 Permutaion Method to calculate all the permutaions
sincostan90 or sin(cos(tan(90))) 0.017261434031253 Multiple functions with or without parenthesis (both works)

Fiddle Yourself


Node JS

Using npm

npm install math-expression-evaluator


Using bower

bower install math-expression-evaluator

How to run test

npm test

Supported symbols

Symbol Explanation
+ Addition Operator eg. 2+3 results 5
- Subtraction Operator eg. 2-3 results -1
/ Division operator eg 3/2 results 1.5
* Multiplication Operator eg. 2*3 results 6
Mod Modulus Operator eg. 3 Mod 2 results 1
( Opening Parenthesis
) Closing Parenthesis
Sigma Summation eg. Sigma(1,100,n) results 5050
Pi Product eg. Pi(1,10,n) results 3628800
n Variable for Summation or Product
pi Math constant pi returns 3.14
e Math constant e returns 2.71
C Combination operator eg. 4C2 returns 6
P Permutation operator eg. 4P2 returns 12
! factorial operator eg. 4! returns 24
log logarithmic function with base 10 eg. log 1000 returns 3
ln natural log function with base e eg. ln 2 returns .3010
pow power function with two operator pow(2,3) returns 8
^ power operator eg. 2^3 returns 8
root underroot function root 4 returns 2
sin Sine function
cos Cosine function
tan Tangent function
asin Inverse Sine function
acos Inverse Cosine function
atan Inverse Tangent function
sinh Hyperbolic Sine function
cosh Hyperbolic Cosine function
tanh Hyperbolic Tangent function
asinh Inverse Hyperbolic Sine function
acosh Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine function
atanh Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent function


Amazing support for Sigma and Pi

This is a fantastic feature of this calculator that it is capable of evaluating expressions containing Sigma and Pi. Passing Sigma(1,100,n) will evaluate to 5050 as n is summationed from 1 to 100. and Pi(1,15,n) will evaluate to 1307674368000 as n is multiplied from 1 to 15 which is equal to 15!

Parenthesis less expression

If a expression is readable by human then it is readable by this evaluator. There is no need to wrap every function inside parenthesis. For eg. sin90 will work totally fine instead of sin(90)


Removed lodash.indexof and used native Array.prototype.indexOf hence dropping suppports for IE8 and below.

This will reflect in next release named v1.2.16


npm i math-expression-evaluator

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