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Generate a markdown TOC (table of contents) with Remarkable.

  • Won't mangle markdown in code examples (like headings in gfm fenced code blocks that other TOC generators mistake as being real headings)
  • Uses sane defaults, so no customization is necessary, but you can if you need to.
  • Get JSON to generate your own TOC from whatever templates you want to use
  • filter out headings you don't want
  • Improve the headings you do want

Install with npm

npm i markdown-toc --save

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var toc = require('markdown-toc');
toc('# One\n\n# Two').content;
// Results in:
// - [One](#one)
// - [Two](#two)

To allow customization of the output, an object is returned with the following properties:

  • content {String}: The generated table of contents. Unless you want to customize rendering, this is all you need.
  • highest {Number}: The highest level heading found. This is used to adjust indentation.
  • tokens {Array}: Headings tokens that can be used for custom rendering



Object for creating a custom TOC.

toc('# AAA\n## BBB\n### CCC\nfoo').json;
// results in
[ { content: 'AAA', lvl: 1 },
  { content: 'BBB', lvl: 2 },
  { content: 'CCC', lvl: 3 } ]


Insert a table of contents immediately after an opening `

code comment, or replace an existing TOC if both an _opening_ comment and a _closing_ comment (

`) are found.

(This strategy works well since code comments in markdown are hidden when viewed as HTML, like when viewing a README on GitHub README for example).


- old toc 1
- old toc 2
- old toc 3
## abc
This is a b c.
## xyz
This is x y z.

Would result in something like:

- [abc](#abc)
- [xyz](#xyz)
## abc
This is a b c.
## xyz
This is x y z.

Utility functions

As a convenience to folks who wants to create a custom TOC, markdown-toc's internal utility methods are exposed:

var toc = require('markdown-toc');
  • toc.bullets(): render a bullet list from an array of tokens
  • toc.linkify(): linking a heading content string
  • toc.slugify(): slugify a heading content string
  • toc.strip(): strip words or characters from a heading content string


var result = toc('# AAA\n## BBB\n### CCC\nfoo');
var str = '';
result.json.forEach(function(heading) {
  str += toc.linkify(heading.content);



Append a string to the end of the TOC.

toc(str, {append: '\n_(TOC generated by Verb)_'});


Type: Function

Default: undefined


  • str {String} the actual heading string
  • ele {Objecct} object of heading tokens
  • arr {Array} all of the headings objects


From time to time, we might get junk like this in our TOC.

[.aaa([foo], ...) another bad heading](#-aaa--foo--------another-bad-heading)

Unless you like that kind of thing, you might want to filter these bad headings out.

function removeYunk(str, ele, arr) {
  return str.indexOf('...') === -1;
var result = toc(str, {filter: removeYunk});
//=> beautiful TOC, sans "Yunk"? wtf is "Yunk" 
// anyway? Look, j and y are kind of sort of 
// close on the keyboard. Regardless, it gets the 
// yunk out of your headings.


Type: String|Array

Default: *

The bullet to use for each item in the generated TOC. If passed as an array (['*', '-', '+']), the bullet point strings will be used based on the header depth.


Type: Number

Default: 3

Use headings whose depth is at most maxDepth.


Type: Boolean

Default: true

Exclude the first h1-level heading in a file. For example, this prevents the first heading in a README from showing up in the TOC.

Running tests

Install dev dependencies.

npm i -d && npm test


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Jon Schlinkert
Released under the MIT license

This file was generated by verb-cli on March 25, 2015.


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