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    Convert markdown documents to other formats, e.g. automated browser tests or unit test input data.


    You have a manual test that you want to convert to an automated browser test. But you don't want to convert it to code line-by-line (maybe because it's too tedious/you don't have enough people with the required skills/you want to keep the original English-language documents available for non-technical people.) This is where markdown-to-x comes in.

    Read the following pages if you want to understand how your markdown gets converted from English to code:

    1. Structure document
    2. Mappings data
    3. Template document

    TL;DR: You provide a structure document that describes the structure of your input files, optional mapping data used to map input data to another format (e.g. English sentences to code), a template document for the final output, and your input documents. When you run markdown-to-x it will use all of these to create (in this example) some automated browser tests. These tests can then be run by your favourite automated browser testing framework.

    Getting started

    There are examples in the packages/examples folder that can be used as a starting point. I suggest you look at packages/examples/browser-test-example first.

    Running the code

    • yarn add markdown-to-x
    • Add the following to your package.json scripts:
      • "generate-tests": "markdown-to-x -i=in/**/*.md [-m=mappings.json] -t=template.js -o=out [-e=.test.js]"
    • See the command-line arguments page for more detail on the arguments.

    Other uses

    markdown-to-x can be used used to create automated browser tests, unit tests, and other types of tests. But it is not limited to tests! It is a generic document conversion tool that can be used anywhere that you want to convert markdown into another format.


    npm i markdown-to-x

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