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    markdown-it-myst on npm MIT License CI docs demo

    ⚠️ Note: markdown-it-myst is alpha, expect changes! (January, 2021)

    A javascript parser for MyST based on markdown-it


    • Provide a Javascript implementation of MyST markdown extensions
      • Uses standard html for all known roles and directives, with no styling enforced or provided
    • Provide functionality for cross-referencing that is usually completed by Sphinx (e.g. in the Python implementation)


    npm install markdown-it-myst

    In a node environment:

    import { MyST } from 'markdown-it-myst';
    const myst = MyST();
    const html = myst.render('# Hello to the world!');
    >> "<h1>Hello to the world!</h1>"

    In a browser:

      <script src="https://unpkg.com/markdown-it-myst"></script>
    <body onload="init();">
      <div id="output"></div>
        function init() {
          const myst = MyST();
          const html = myst.render('# Hello to the world!');
          document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = html;

    Developer Install

    For installing the package locally, we suggest Yarn, which can be installed using these instructions, you will need node, both can use a global install on your system.

    Once you have yarn installed globally, navigate into this project folder and install the dependencies:

    cd markdown-it-myst
    yarn install
    yarn start  # Start a development server to play with the library! 🚀

    The scripts for building, testing, and serving the project are in the package.json, the main ones to use are yarn test, yarn build, and yarn start.

    yarn build

    Builds the library, including compiling the typescript and bundling/minification to create myst.min.js. This outputs to the dist folder, and also includes all type definitions (*.d.ts).

    yarn test

    Run the tests, these are mostly based on the fixtures folder. You can also use yarn test:watch to run on any file changes.

    yarn start

    Starts a server for manually testing and playing with markdown-it-myst, this uses a in-memory bundle of what would go in the dist folder. Note that this does not actually build the library!


    npm i markdown-it-myst

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