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    Map-flavoured alternative to Atom's CompositeDisposable class. Intended for use in Atom package development, but compatible with any project that uses event-kit.


    This class simplifies scenarios when multiple Disposable instances are grouped together and referenced by name. The existing practice was to create multiple CompositeDisposable objects, each bound to a different property or variable name:

    let editorDisposables = new CompositeDisposable();
    let projectDisposables = new CompositeDisposable();
    let paneDisposables = new CompositeDisposable();

    With a MappedDisposable, disposable groups become easier to manage:

    let disposables = new MappedDisposable();
    disposables.set("editor", new CompositeDisposable());
    disposables.set("project", new CompositeDisposable());
    disposables.set("pane", new CompositeDisposable());
    disposables.add("editor", editor.onDidChange());
    disposables.add("project", project.onDidChangePaths());

    Entries can be disposed of individually or altogether:

    disposables.dispose("editor"); // Dispose only editor-related disposables
    disposables.dispose();         // Dispose of everything

    A MappedDisposable operates just like an ordinary Map. Anything works as an entry key (not just strings), and values can be queried using the has() and get() methods that you're used to:

    const packageObject = atom.packages.getActivePackage("file-icons");
    disposables.add(packageObject, new Disposable());
    disposables.get(packageObject); // => CompositeDisposable;



    new MappedDisposable([iterable])

    Create a new instance, optionally with a list of keys and disposables.

    new MappedDisposable([ [key1, disp1], [key2, disp2] ]);
    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    iterable Any null Optional

    Instance methods


    Delete keys and dispose of their values.

    If passed no arguments, the method disposes of everything, rendering the MappedDisposable instance completely inert. Future method calls do nothing.

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    ...keys Any null Optional, variable-length

    add(key, [...disposables])

    Add one or more disposables to a key's disposables list

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    key Any None Required
    ...disposables Any None Optional, variable-length

    remove(key, [...disposables])

    Remove one or more disposables from a key's disposables list.

    If no disposables are passed, the object itself is removed from the MappedDisposable. Any disposables keyed to it are not disposed of.

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    key Any None Required
    ...disposables Any None Optional, variable-length

    delete(key, [...disposables])

    Alias of remove(), included for parity with Map objects.

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    key Any None Required
    ...disposables Any None Optional, variable-length


    Clear the contents of the MappedDisposable.

    Individual disposables are not disposed of.


    Returns: Boolean

    Determine if an entry with the given key exists in the MappedDisposable.

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    key Any None Required


    Returns: CompositeDisposable | undefined

    Retrieve the disposables list keyed to an object.

    If the MappedDisposable has been disposed, the method returns undefined.

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    key Any None Required

    set(key, value)

    Replace the disposable that's keyed to an object.

    A TypeError is thrown if the value argument lacks a dispose method.

    Parameter Type Default Attributes
    key Any None Required
    value Disposable None Required

    Instance properties


    Default: false
    Type: Boolean

    Whether the instance has been irrevocably disposed of.


    Default: 0
    Type: Number

    Number of entries (key/disposable pairs) stored in the instance.


    npm i mapped-disposable

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