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    Utility to easily create sample modules/projects/apps based on hints from existing modules.


    yarn global add make-sample


    npm i g make-sample


    Note The package installs the same executable under the aliases ms and make-sample.

    ms myproject mybase

    This will create a new template project in the directory ./myproject loading up the sample code in mybase but preserving your project name and a base version.

    Making sample projects

    Method 1: Define a /sampleapp directory in your project

    If you create files (including a package.json) in a directory called sampleapp of your module, that code will get copied to the new templated sample. The exeption is package.json, for which the author, version and name will not get rebased.

    This is probably the easiest way to get started.

    Method 2: Create a separate project with nothing but sample code

    All you need to do is specify this project using usual npm syntax (e.g. path, URI, github reference, NPM package name) and it will work. Example:

    ms rnas rhdeck/react-native-arkit-sample

    Method 3: Specify a module containing your sample code in your project

    Edit your package.json for this. Example here.


    Then you get the benefits of simple pointing with the isolation of your sample in a separate application!

    Method 4: Specify a different subdirectory with your sample code

    If you want your sample code elsewhere in your tree, specify the path member of sampleApp instead:


    This seems more a corner case, but here to cover the corners!


    When you install your app, there will be five phases:

    1. Merging the package.json
    2. Running the initial install (npm i or yarn add, depending on which you have, thanks to yarnif)
    3. Pre-installation - running the sampleApp.preInstall commands specified in either your sample project or any dependencies installed in phase (2).
    4. Copy your other sample files
    5. Post-installation - running the sampleApp.postInstall commands.

    See react-native-sample for examples of how you can use preInstall and postInstall to take care of setup and preparation for use. In that case, it initializes the react-native "hello world" project in pre-install, so your override application code goes on top of it, and runs react-native link on the back, to take care of any native modules that got installed in the course of building the sample.




    npm i make-sample

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