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    Node mailinator client

    Mailinator client library for nodejs. Access a public disposable email inbox, based on a username, and read emails. Does not require an API key.


    npm install --save mailinator-inbox


    import {Inbox} from "mailinator-inbox"
    //Access the inbox of johnny@mailinator.com
    const inbox = new Inbox("johnny");
    //Load emails
    await inbox.refresh();
    //Get the header ( from, subject, ...) of the first email
    const firstEmailHeader = inbox.emailHeaders[0];
    //Retrieve the whole email, including body
    const firstEmail = await inbox.getEmail(firstEmailHeader.id);
    //Wait for new emails from ana@gmail.com
    const futureEmails = await inbox.waitForEmailsFrom("ana@gmail.com", 15000);
    //Iterate over the headers of the new emails from ana
    futureEmails.foreach(async (emailInfo) => {
    	const email = await inbox.getEmail(emailInfo.id);
    	console.log("From Ana:", email.subject, email.textBody)


    Class Inbox

    new Inbox(username: string)

    Creates a new inbox for the given username

    emailHeaders: EmailInfo[]

    Array with the headers of all the emails in the inbox. These are not the full email, only metadata. You need to call getEmail() to load the body and any additional data.


    Obligatory to call before trying to access emails, as this loads the initial email headers. You can call this anytime to refresh the inbox with new emails.

    .getEmail(id: string): Email

    Retrieves the whole email with the given id. Use the id from emailHeaders.

    .getEmailsFrom(address: string): EmailHeader[]

    Return a list of all the email headers from the specified address. Does not refresh the emails.

    .waitForEmailsFrom(address: string | RegExp, timeout: number): Promise<EmailHeader[]>

    Poll for new emails from the given address, can be a regex. Waits until timeout runs out. Stops after the first encounter of a new mail. Returns a list of email headers because there may be multiple new emails, or null if timed out.


    interface EmailHeader {
    	id: string;
    	subject: string;
    	//Email address that sent the email johnnydoe@gmail.com
    	fromEmail: string;
    	//Johhny Doe
    	fromName: string;
    	//Epoch time when email was received
    	time: number;
    	//Raw email heaeder as received from mailinator
    	mailinatorHeader: MailinatorEmailHeader;


    class Email {
    	id: string;
    	subject: string;
    	//Epoch time when mail was received
    	time: number;
    	//Email address that sent the email johhnydoe@gmail.com
    	fromEmail: string;
    	//Johhny Doe
    	fromName: string;
    	//Email body as text, not always present
    	textBody?: string;
    	//Email body as HTML
    	htmlBody: string;
    	//All the URL links from the email
    	links: string[];
    	//Raw email object as received from mailinator
    	mailinatorMail: MailinatorEmail;




    npm i mailinator-inbox

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