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A Node Js API for three stage email validation including the following;

  • email pattern validation,
  • MX mail server existence,
  • mailbox existence.

NOTE: True mailbox existence may only be performed, with certainty, by sending a verification email and having the user verify their email.


# yarn 
yarn add mail-confirm
# npm 
npm i mail-confirm


Usage Notes

  • Ensure you execute this in an environment where SMTP port 25 is accessible. Failing to do so will throw error Mailbox check failed.
  • Internal instance methods are exposed as Static methods. If you wish to build your own email verification routine, or only require one of these staged methods, simply call MailConfirm.[methodName]. See API Documentation below.
import MailConfirm from 'mail-confirm'
// promises
const email = new MailConfirm({
    emailAddress: '',
    timeout: 2000,
    mailFrom: '',
    invalidMailboxKeywords: ['noreply', 'noemail']
// async/await
const check = async (emailAddress) => {
        const email = new MailConfirm({ emailAddress })
        const result = await email.check()
        return result
        throw new Error(err)
output => 
    { emailAddress: '',
    timeout: 2000,
    invalidMailboxKeywords: [],
    mailFrom: '',
    mailbox: 'test',
    hostname: '',
    [ { exchange: '', priority: 5 },
        { exchange: '', priority: 10 },
        { exchange: '', priority: 20 },
        { exchange: '', priority: 30 },
        { exchange: '', priority: 40 } ],
    [ { command: 'HELO',
        message: '220 ESMTP n6si1346674qtk.310 - gsmtp\r\n',
        status: 220 },
        { command: 'MAIL FROM: <>',
        message: '250 at your service\r\n',
        status: 250 },
        { command: 'RCPT TO: <>',
        message: '250 2.1.0 OK n6si1346674qtk.310 - gsmtp\r\n',
        status: 250 } ],
    isValidPattern: true,
    isValidMx: true,
    isValidMailbox: true,
    result: 'Mailbox is valid.' }

API Documentation


Kind: global class

new MailConfirm(config)

Email address validation and SMTP verification API.

Param Type Description
config Object The email address you want to validate.
config.emailAddress string The email address you want to validate.
[config.mailFrom] string The email address used for the mail from during SMTP mailbox validation.
[config.invalidMailboxKeywords] Array.<string> Keywords you want to void, i.e. noemail, noreply etc.
[config.timeout] number The timeout parameter for SMTP mailbox validation.

mailConfirm.check() ⇒ Object

Runs the email validation routine and supplies a final result.

Kind: instance method of MailConfirm Returns: Object - - The instance state object containing all of the isValid* boolean checks, MX Records, and SMTP Messages.

MailConfirm.resolvePattern(emailAddress, [invalidMailboxKeywords]) ⇒ boolean

Determines if the email address pattern is valid based on regex and invalid keyword check.

Kind: static method of MailConfirm

Param Type Default Description
emailAddress string The full email address ypu want to check.
[invalidMailboxKeywords] Array.<string> [] An array of keywords to invalidate your check, ie. noreply
, noemail, etc.

MailConfirm.resolveMx(hostname) ⇒ Array.<Object>

Wrap of dns.resolveMx native method.

Kind: static method of MailConfirm Returns: Array.<Object> - - Returns MX records array { priority, exchange }

Param Type Description
hostname string The hostname you want to resolve, i.e.

MailConfirm.resolveSmtpMailbox(config) ⇒ Array.<object>

Runs the SMTP mailbox check. Commands for HELO/EHLO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO.

Kind: static method of MailConfirm Returns: Array.<object> - - Object of SMTP responses [ {command, status, message} ]

Param Type Description
config Object Object of parameters for Smtp Mailbox resolution.
config.emailAddress string The email address you want to check.
config.mxRecords Array.<object> The MX Records array supplied from resolveMx.
config.timeout number Timeout parameter for the SMTP routine.
config.mailFrom string The email address supplied to the MAIL FROM SMTP command.

Title: MailConfirm
Author: Elias Hussary
License: MIT
Copyright: (C) 2017 Elias Hussary


npm i mail-confirm

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