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    Made in Turkey

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    A list of neat projects made in Turkey



    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    4607 @needim/noty noty is a jQuery notification plugin that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. ↗️
    748 @f/delorean An Agnostic, Complete Flux Architecture Framework ↗️
    594 @fatiherikli/react-designer Easy to configure, lightweight, editable vector graphics in your react components. ↗️
    573 @fatiherikli/klassify Bayesian Text classification service based on Redis. Built on top of Tornado and React.js
    549 @fatiherikli/fil A playground for in-browser interpreters. Built with React/Redux. ↗️
    467 @fatiherikli/mockup-designer The mockup tool that uses your local storage as backend. ↗️
    436 @eserozvataf/laroux.js Micro jquery substitute for modern browsers ↗️
    310 @fatiherikli/dbpatterns Dbpatterns is a service that allows you to create, share, explore database models on the web. Built on top of Django, Backbone. Patterns are stored on MongoDB, and uses Lettuce for BDD approach. ↗️
    218 @fatiherikli/brainfuck-visualizer Javascript Brainfuck Interpreter and Visualizer. Built with Backbone.js ↗️
    189 @anonrig/slack-manager Agile Development tool for Slack. Basically, "Standup Meetings in Slack".
    130 @fatiherikli/scrumboard scrumboard application with backbone.js, django and tastypie. ↗️
    83 @fatiherikli/backbone-autocomplet… An auto-complete widget built with Backbone.js ↗️
    79 @f/pq Human Readable Promise Chains
    79 @sercaneraslan/grabs Front-End Development Environment ↗️
    51 @irfan/jquery-star-rating jQuery Star Rating Plugin ↗️
    48 @sercaneraslan/haller.js İsmin Hallerini Bulan Kütüphane ↗️
    46 @eserozvataf/sey Simple JavaScript build tool with declarative and easy configuration
    45 @hmert/jquery-event-playbac… Records and plays back mouse movements and events (useful for interactive demonstrations or tours)
    45 @Sly777/Jquery-Alpha-Image This plugin can change selected colours to transparent and give result as image or imagedata. This plugin works IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
    44 @fatiherikli/backbone-notificatio… Global notification mechanism for Backbone ↗️
    43 @yasaricli/nes 📺 Nes Emulator for meteor application. ↗️
    41 @fatiherikli/markov-chain-demo Endless story with Markov Chains ↗️
    40 @f/kemal-react-chat This demonstrates how easy it is to build Realtime Web applications with Kemal. ↗️
    39 @f/xtract Extract data from DOM, easily.
    32 @fatiherikli/humorsuz Rastgele manşet üreteçi ↗️
    30 @f/ufcs DLang's Universal Function Call Syntax port to JavaScript
    29 @Sly777/Chat-Tutorial-with-N… This is sample project to show how to create chat system with Node.js, and Express. ↗️
    29 @needim/wdtLoading Asana like application loading screen ↗️
    26 @fatiherikli/backbone-editinplace Edit-in-place functionality for backbone models ↗️
    20 @hmert/love ❤️
    20 @fatiherikli/backbone-sortable A sortable widget that uses HTML5 Drag and Drop API for your collections. ↗️
    20 @f/postcss-inline-image PostCSS plugin that puts images as data URIs into your CSS
    19 @rahmanusta/ssh-on-web SSH Web Client written in Java
    18 @destan/github-label-manager Manage and migrate your Github labels ↗️
    17 @yasaricli/blaze Easy reactive templating. ↗️
    15 @eserozvataf/scabbia1 Scabbia PHP Framework (1.x branch)
    15 @f/dont-fail-me-again Node.js Error Handler by The Dark Side
    14 @fatiherikli/ Gürültü patırtı as a service ↗️
    14 @rahmanusta/java-mimarisiyle-kur…
    13 @f/deasciifier Deasciifier yabancı metinleri Türkçeye çevirmenize yarayan bir uygulamadır.
    13 @fatihacet/Umlgenerator.kdapp UML generator application for Koding.
    12 @sercaneraslan/genius Genius - The Mind Game ↗️
    12 @ramesaliyev/gerzek Talented bot for Slack.
    11 @f/veznedar Arapça Kök Üreteci
    11 @yasaricli/meteor-slugify Remove special characters from a string ↗️
    11 @ramesaliyev/mountains Mountains web blog prototype. Simple web blog demonstration where you can earn badges.
    11 @hasantayyar/yalan sektöre özel yalan üretici aparat
    10 @fatiherikli/takke Takke app ↗️
    9 @f/safran-cli için command line okuyucu.
    9 @hmert/inline-search jQuery inline search plugin ↗️
    9 @yasaricli/electron-nes Emulator of NES written in javascript for electron.
    9 @f/jackpack JackPack
    9 @eserozvataf/tr2utf8 Simple tool to convert turkish-encoded files into utf-8 encoded ones.
    8 @f/backbone-presentatio… Backbone.js Presentation (Turkish)
    7 @eserozvataf/pm A basic project management tool
    7 @eserozvataf/apibone An unified platform for queryable services.
    6 @eserozvataf/ts-spa-boilerplate TypeScript SPA Boilerplate
    6 @yasaricli/admin Meteor very simple admin. ↗️
    6 @ozziest/mavidurak-blog-chrom… Mavidurak-IO Blog Reader For Chrome
    6 @sercaneraslan/angular-disqus-direc… Angular Disqus Directive
    5 @f/knockbone Knockout.js and Backbone.js Entegration
    5 @eserozvataf/eser
    4 @Sly777/Multiplayer-Canvas-P… Multiplayer Canvas Paint tutorial with Node.js, and Node-Static.
    4 @ozziest/turkLirasiMaskesi Türk Lirası girişlerinde kullanılacak basit maskeleme kütüphanesi.
    4 @eserozvataf/jseditor
    4 @yasaricli/meteor-nginx-conf Meteor package for interacting programmatically with an nginx configuration file ↗️
    4 @fatiherikli/kankim Simple social networking application ↗️
    4 @f/puremise.js Yet another purely functional Promise Monad implementation
    4 @sercaneraslan/angular-prism-direct… Angular Prism Directive
    4 @sercaneraslan/grunt-github-pages-f… This Grunt plugin is create folders recursively for Github URL paths.
    4 @f/twittersearch Workshop Project for Ozgur Web Gunleri 2012
    4 @vigo/git-tips Git versiyon kontrol sistemi ile ilgili Türkçe dökümantasyon ve ipuçları ↗️
    3 @fatiherikli/kule-backbone-demo Sample kule app with Backbone ↗️
    3 @ahmet/grunt-macaron Grunt plugin for Macaron
    3 @f/plug jquery plugin generator.
    3 @anonrig/url-shortener Url Shortener with MEAN stack
    3 @anonrig/varmigelen Car pooling platform built with PHP and MySQL
    3 @Sly777/C2DM-Android-Sample-… C2DM Android App with Phonegap and Urban Airship
    3 @ozziest/cron-manager Cron Manager is a manager which you can define cron jobs easily without think about the cron regex.
    3 @fatiherikli/twister.js WAMP Client Implementation
    3 @eserozvataf/personal-homepage My personal homepage
    2 @muratcorlu/eksigator-fox Ekşigator için Firefox eklentisi ↗️
    2 @muratcorlu/istanbus-frontend Web frontend for @challenge's istanbus project ↗️
    2 @anonrig/iap-middleware
    2 @gmertk/rotten-tomatoes-node Rotten tomatoes api for node.js
    2 @yasaricli/wayd Social sharing. ↗️
    2 @hasantayyar/bimbul hiç belli olmaz
    2 @hasantayyar/getname generate a name for anything ↗️
    2 @destan/node-webServer A web server template, ready for RESTful services and serving static content using Restify framework
    2 @yasaricli/good A photo sharing Mobile app built using meteor.
    2 @ozziest/ms-logger This is a logger which is separated from whole project and you can use as a microservice.
    2 @ozziest/vuejs-example
    2 @Sly777/Pac-Chapull Pacman Clone Game - Gezi Parkına Sahip Çık ↗️
    2 @eserozvataf/consultant
    2 @eserozvataf/pullyn One click to pull latest changes from repositories.
    2 @fatiherikli/fejax jQuery Easy Ajax Plugin ↗️
    2 @eserozvataf/maester
    2 @onokumus/handlebars-helper-hr {{hr}} Handlebars helper. Adds <hr> tags to generated HTML. Great for prototyping.
    2 @irfan/jquery-slider-plugin Simple & Fast jQuery Slider Plugin ↗️
    2 @fatihacet/google-closure-libra… Bootstrap repo for Google's Closure Library and Tools. This repo is ready to develop web application using Google Closure Library, Closure Compiler, Closure DepsWriter, Closure Linter, Closure Templates and Closure Stylesheets.
    2 @sercaneraslan/angular-codepen-dire… Angular Codepen Directive


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    1285 @iammert/MaterialIntroView Material Intro View is a showcase android library.
    809 @iammert/MusicPlayerView Android custom view and progress for music player
    621 @iammert/InteractivePlayerVie… Custom android music player view.
    604 @iammert/ProgressLayout custom progress layout view for Android
    308 @iammert/MaskProgressView Yet another android custom progress view for your music player
    241 @iammert/FastGCM Fast Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) integration for Android. Receive push notification easily.
    102 @iammert/RadioPlayerService Android service library which uses AAC Player. Ready to use Radio Player Service.
    62 @iammert/CollapsingToolbarExa… Material collapsing toolbar and floating action button demonstration
    59 @iorixxx/lucene-solr-analysis… Turkish analysis components for Apache Lucene/Solr
    22 @iammert/WaterWatchFace Android wear watchface
    18 @halilkaya/golbat Golbat is an Android library that helps you on working with camera, gallery and output and its encoded types.
    12 @onurgurbuz/Stok-Takip-Otomasyonu Java ile geliştirilen Stok Takip Otomasyonu
    10 @iammert/DotLineWatchface Android wear watchface
    8 @mulderbaba/EWALectureNotes Slides and Lecture Notes notes for Enterprise Web Architecture Lecture for Hacettepe University
    8 @iammert/Dagger2Example Basic Dagger 2 Dependency Injection example
    7 @iammert/hoychatapp Hoy app let you meet random people all over the world. It is already published on app market. But if you want to add some feature, you are free to steal anything.
    6 @halilkaya/ab2016-1 AB2016 Android Uygulama Gelistirme Egitimi 1. Gun
    4 @mehmetakiftutuncu/MyKentKart My KentKart is an Android application for KentKart.
    4 @mehmetakiftutuncu/eshotroid-legacy An Android application to check bus times for ESHOT İzmir
    4 @fehmicansaglam/cacheman Simplifies Play! Framework 1.2.x Cache Management
    4 @mulderbaba/http-requester Apache HTTP Client based requester that generates heavy-load HTTP requests
    3 @iammert/HolyWatchFace Holy Shit Watchface
    3 @ahmetgurel/Permit-Tracking-Syst… The permit tracking system developed with java
    2 @accavdar/DroidTranslate DroidTranslate is a Turkish-English translator for Android. It uses Tesseract Tools as an OCR library.
    2 @mulderbaba/cassandra-netty-rest… Hello World REST web service deployed on Netty inserting a Person object to Cassandra when invoked
    2 @mulderbaba/JavaEE7Session Sample Code Snippets for JAVA EE 7 Session of AnkaraJUG
    2 @fehmicansaglam/mazlum Very very simple nonblocking http server implementation
    2 @mehmetakiftutuncu/Muezzin An Android application for Islamic prayer times
    2 @mertkahyaoglu/android-login-regist… Built with node.js(express.js) and mysql on the server-side and Android Volley HTTP library on the client side for transmitting network data
    2 @iammert/yemeksepetiparser
    2 @mulderbaba/8GreatlyUnderusedFea… Java Magazine Article Examples for 8 Essential Features of JUnit


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2464 @aspnetboilerplate/aspnetboilerplate ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate - Application Framework ↗️
    153 @emreeren/SambaPOS-3 Touch Screen Restaurant POS ↗️
    35 @Jaex/ImageVisualizer Visual Studio 2015 Image Visualizer
    10 @detaybey/MimeBank A small file type checker for dotnet
    9 @fatihboy/RPI.GPIO Enterprisecoding Raspberry Pi C# GPIO library
    7 @fatihboy/Robosapien Remote Control your Robosapien with usb-uirt and Kinect ↗️
    7 @efaruk/playground Playground
    5 @detaybey/WrapYoutubeDl C# wrapper for YouTube-Dl
    5 @ardaozkal/YoloNet-GTAV A .Net, more specifically C# based GTA V menu, based on ScriptHookVDotNet, containing (small) referances to dank memes.
    4 @alperkonuralp/AdoNetOrnekleri Ado.Net derslerinde yapmış olduğumuz örnekleri paylaşacağımız proje.
    4 @emreeren/SambaPOS-2
    4 @detaybey/PressControl
    3 @VoxelBoy/Useful-Unity-Scripts Just a collection of scripts that are handy at times.
    3 @alperkonuralp/NetBlog Asp.Net Blog System
    2 @btungut/Cruder.Net Cruder is the usefull, generic and authorization supported Asp.Net MVC framework which is allows you to create CRUD based applications quickly.
    2 @ardaozkal/ownshot Wanna setup your own LightShot, puush or gyazo? Here you go!
    2 @Jaex/Chat Simple chat client/server. Was very old project, trying to clean codes.
    2 @ardaozkal/Steam_Easy_Key_Activ… Bought a bundle and got tons of codes? Ain't nobody got time for that? Then SEKA is for you.
    2 @alperkonuralp/WinFormOrnekleri Windows Forms derslerinde yapmış olduğumuz örnekleri paylaşacağımız proje.
    2 @alperkonuralp/WCFOrnekleri WCF derslerinde yapmış olduğumuz örnekleri paylaşacağımız proje.
    2 @alperkonuralp/AspNetOrnekleri Asp.Net derslerinde yapmış olduğumuz örnekleri paylaşacağımız proje.
    2 @alperkonuralp/CssOrnekleri Css derslerinde yapmış olduğumuz örnekleri paylaşacağımız proje.
    2 @alperkonuralp/CSharpOrnekleri C# derslerinde yapmış olduğumuz örnekleri paylaşacağımız proje.
    2 @Jaex/IRCLib C# IRC library and simple IRC client


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    13 @baransomakli/softgrid Soft Grid CSS Framework
    7 @webexxe/step.js Step by step form interface
    2 @livacengiz/flat-menu flat menu design for background color
    2 @baransomakli/flexiblegs-sample


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @dotKa/imagescrape Görsel Çekme Botu
    3 @deralation/socialbug
    2 @altugyigit/BioMatch Matching Algorithms
    2 @deralation/test-repo


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    68 @abdsec/CVE-2016-0801
    4 @dirtybit/event-capture Android input event capture/replay tool
    2 @ergenekonyigit/Number-Mind Project Euler Problem 185
    2 @kyasar/apkg Atlas Package Manager - A lightweight embedded package manager application and library


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    7 @cagdasc/BeagleBoneBlack-I2C BeagleBone Black I2C Library ↗️
    2 @onuryurtturk/MazeGame Maze Game developed with C Programming Language
    2 @bilalcorbacioglu/Secret-Sharing Shamir's Secret Sharing(Image) Algorithm


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @serbulent/flex-interactive-cal… flex-interactive-calendar ↗️
    3 @alinakipoglu/Litespell-GameEngine A Actionscript based GameEngine
    3 @alinakipoglu/Actionscript-PathUti… A Path utility classes for working with quadratic, bezier and line sequences


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    22 @aligoren/gofret gofret is a Download Manager written in Go. ↗️
    3 @muratsplat/highLevelStat A basic Go package that gets informations of system status on only Gnu/Linux Os
    3 @otsimo/simple-notifications Push, Email, SMS notifications with multiple backends
    2 @fatihpense/goritmic Google Codejam Solutions
    2 @otsimo/listener Otsimo Analysis Event Listener
    2 @otsimo/grpc-health Grpc Health Check Sidecar for Kubernetes
    2 @otsimo/distribution


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    9 @aycanirican/hlibev FFI interface to libev
    8 @aycanirican/hweblib Haskell Web Library
    3 @picussecurity/haskell-cef This library is used to produce CEF log lines


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    31 @deniza/Ad-Mediator-for-Coro… Client side ad mediation module for Ansca Corona ↗️
    12 @SilentStar/BoLScripts Scripts
    7 @sekodev/starter_template_cor… Corona SDK Empty Project Template
    7 @Sophylax/ensage-scripts
    3 @deniza/TapIt-Corona-SDK a module to use TapIt ads on your corona applications
    2 @bwh/ZebraKarmaFrames Experimental Karma Loot Time Optimization Frames


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    4 @gokhanozbulak/Harris-Detector A Harris corner detection implementation written in Matlab.
    2 @OzlemTugrul/Matlab.code
    2 @hkayabilisim/TSCU Time Series Classification Utility


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    937 @iltercengiz/ICViewPager A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.
    228 @skizilkaya/SKNavigationControll… Custom UINavigationController
    30 @ahmetkgunay/LinkedinIOSHelper LinkedIn iOS Fetch Member Information Library
    28 @yillars/BestSoapTool Xcode Objective - C WSDL Best Soap Tool
    16 @anlcan/Happy-Download ASIHttpRequest mutliple request file Download ↗️
    12 @muratgurel/Jenkins-Watcher Jenkins job status displayer and helper for Mac OS X.
    10 @rocxteady/SlidingMenu
    8 @yillars/SYTimer Simplify Basic NSTimer Timer with block
    7 @iltercengiz/NavigationMenuContro… A UINavigationController subclass that adds a menu button in navigation bar to navigate through view controllers from a dropdown menu.
    6 @yillars/BestSoapToolWithAFNe… BestSoapToolWithAFNet updated
    5 @rocxteady/ComboBoxExample
    4 @iltercengiz/AlternativeButton An image above the title button for iOS.
    4 @kkocabiyik/KKBadgeViewSample
    3 @kkocabiyik/KIngstagram KIngstagram is an Instagram API wrapper for iOS.
    3 @away4m/Scalf Json mapper for Realm to allow partial, incremental updates
    3 @rocxteady/PullButton Kind of a button which sends action when it is pulled to the left side of its view.
    3 @erogol/Neural_Network_Matla… Some neural network pradigms implemented in Matlab
    3 @anlcan/GoldenRatioRuler Golden ratio (Fibonacci spiral) ruler for views in iOS.
    3 @gokselkoksal/EruTextValidation A text validation library for iOS.
    2 @anlcan/Happy-Containers UIscrollview subclass to handle vertical and horizontal expandable elemets add/remove
    2 @anlcan/Happy-Akordeon iOS akerdon menu implementation
    2 @kkocabiyik/SelfSizingCellExampl… This is an example of Self Sizing-Cells example that is introduced with iOS8 using Auto Layouts. ↗️
    2 @mstfy/AsyncPager Keeps track of pagination for tableview and collection view
    2 @iltercengiz/SlideToUnlock 'slide to unlock' implementation of iOS.
    2 @iltercengiz/Packathon.iOS Voting app for Packathon Hackathon
    2 @iltercengiz/CommonFormattersKit Common formatters we use in almost every project
    2 @iltercengiz/ICParallaxViewContro… A parallax header implementation with collection view
    2 @iltercengiz/SSL SSL test with AFNetworking and SocketRocket


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    164 @o/sitemap-php Library for generating Google sitemap XML files
    29 @o/crypt-php Library for encrypting and decrypting data with symmetric encryption
    25 @xsuperbug/g0yg0y
    22 @ekrembk/sanal-pos EST ve Posnet destekli sanal pos paketi. Desteklenen bankalar: Akbank, Finansbank, Halkbank, Türkiye İş Bankası, Anadolubank ve Yapı Kredi. ↗️
    16 @xsuperbug/payloads
    14 @o/rest-api-test-exampl… Testing REST API's with Guzzle (3 4) and PHPUnit
    13 @muatik/mysqlDiff displays schema differences between two versions of same mysql database (I am embarrassed of this code.)
    10 @o/redis-info Web-based interface for monitoring redis servers
    9 @muhittin/fuelphp_excel PHPExcel Library for FuelPHP
    8 @o/EasyRestBundle Symfony2 bundle for restful applications
    8 @o/heatbeat Time-series data logging/graphing framework top of RRDTool
    7 @o/zend-twig Zend_View compatible Twig integration for Zend Framework 1
    7 @kemalkanok/generators laravel5 mvc generator
    6 @ekrembk/vakifbank-pos Vakıfbank sanal posu için PHP library.
    6 @muatik/kelimeci yabancı dildeki kelimelerin öğrenilmesini kolaylaştıran araç ↗️
    5 @worlds/Mutasyon2 Musteri Takip ve Stok Yonetimi
    5 @mustafauysal/wph-breaking-news Breaking news plugin for WordPress ↗️
    3 @kemalkanok/blog-with-xml blogs wich using xml as a db with ajax and seo optimization
    3 @asilbalaban/tutorial-cuzdan
    3 @muhittin/fuelphp_recaptcha Re-Captcha Package for FuelPHP Framework
    3 @muatik/phpMysqlBackup ↗️
    2 @muatik/logmon yet another web based text log monitor tool
    2 @muatik/wordnetCrawler2 tdk, zargan, seslisozluk sitelerindeki tüm kelimeleri en küçük detayına kadar çeken örümböcük
    2 @asilbalaban/Nested-Navigations backend for jquery nestable plugin
    2 @o/putio PHP library for Putio API
    2 @o/apc-stats UNMAINTAINED! - Web script that shows information about Alternative PHP Cache
    2 @o/serverinfo-old Web-based script that shows various information about your server, no longer maintained
    2 @o/seven Web-based interface for browsing subversion repositories
    2 @hdogan/HTAdmin Ancient code of HTAdmin a simple PHP tool for administrating Apache .htpasswd files.
    2 @o/metric-collector Library for collecting local and remote system performance statistics
    1 @labkod/laravel-config Laravel JSON Config Package


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2531 @emre/storm Manage your SSH like a boss. ↗️
    377 @kadirpekel/hammock rest like a boss ↗️
    234 @emre/kaptan configuration manager in your pocket. ↗️
    188 @emre/django-stackoverflow… Django error page w/ a stackoverflow search link.
    168 @emre/redis-router A redis sharding library/api for your sharding needs. ↗️
    144 @kadirpekel/komandr Coolest command-line interface on this planet
    120 @emre/macster You're in a starbucks thinking about to build the next killer-app with node.js and mongodb but you don't have a mac? ↗️
    85 @halitalptekin/doorman Keeps your secret things ↗️
    76 @emre/relationships redis backed user relationships on its simplest form.
    70 @BYK/pyresto A generic ORM framework for RESTful APIs ↗️
    68 @doganaydin/themoviedb wrapper for api v3 ↗️
    55 @eoyilmaz/stalker Production Asset Management System
    53 @ybrs/pydisque disque python client
    50 @emre/storm-indicator SSH shortcut menu for ubuntu. (NO LONGER MAINTAINED.)
    44 @ybrs/single-beat ensures only one instance of your process across your servers
    42 @ozcanesen/terra-terminal Terra is a GTK+3.0 based terminal emulator with useful user interface, it also supports multiple terminals with splitting screen horizontally or vertically. New features will be added soon. It's very new and experimental project, if you want to contribute just checkout and try.
    38 @kozdincer/binali /bin/ali is a script which echo well-known quotes from binali.
    35 @eoyilmaz/anima VFX & Animation Pipeline Library
    34 @emre/lurker a tiny wrapper for mySQLDB ↗️
    34 @emre/PharmacyOnDuty Pharmacy on duty api for Istanbul. ↗️
    33 @emre/ facebook development kit for Django
    30 @emre/lama a linux/mac app to take screenshots and upload to imgur.
    30 @halitalptekin/python-for-hackers Python for hackers workshop
    28 @RedXBeard/kivy-1010 1010! game on Kivy
    27 @emre/unicode_tr a python module to make unicode strings work as expected for turkish chars. solves the turkish "İ" problem. ↗️
    26 @ybrs/putio-ftp-connector transfer your files from putio using your ftp client
    24 @ybrs/project-switcher hassle free project switching
    22 @emre/ nutella price ticker on your command line.
    20 @emre/storm-gui cross platform wxpython interface to stormssh.
    17 @emre/conqueue conqueue is a queue manager library built on the top of redis. ↗️
    17 @RedXBeard/pomodoro Pomodoro GUI
    15 @ybrs/putio-xbmc-v2 xbmc addon with api v2
    12 @kadirpekel/liquer Query your objects for two cents!
    11 @mastizada/dbConnect MySQL for Humans ↗️
    11 @ybrs/redis-clones dummy redis clones implementation in different languages/frameworks
    10 @halitalptekin/kandilli Kandilli last earthquakes api
    10 @kozdincer/python-haproxy-tools Python Library for managing HAProxy
    10 @ybrs/assh
    9 @emre/digitalocean_to_sshc… all your droplets belong to your ssh config™
    9 @halitalptekin/isip Interactive sip toolkit for packet manipulations, sniffing, man in the middle attacks, fuzzing, simulating of dos attacks.
    9 @ybrs/trpy An attempt to make a programming lang. in Turkish / Türkçe programlama dili denemesi
    9 @halitalptekin/dotfiles my *nix dotfiles
    8 @tayfun/bilgisayfam A start of something new
    8 @RedXBeard/pygram Telegram messaging from your terminal.
    7 @kadirpekel/hodri Monitoring tools for jira folks
    7 @erayarslan/BasicSelfieModel-Pyt… @ahmetozantekin BasicSelfieModel inspired Python thing
    6 @ybrs/putio-plex-v2 Putio Plex with v2 api
    6 @RedXBeard/RomanNumbers Numeral systems convertions each other
    6 @aslanon/konsoling Remote command dispatch system for Linux
    6 @RedXBeard/kivy-mines mines game written in python kivy
    6 @bahadir/packathon2016 2016
    5 @emre/lkd-courses LKD bunyesinde gerceklestirilen kurslar icin yonetim yazilimi.
    5 @halitalptekin/codebook Personal code snippets and notes
    5 @emre/safran reader - on your command line.
    5 @ozgebarbaros/helpdesk Helpdesk is a web application written in Python/Django
    5 @RedXBeard/PictureViewer
    5 @ybrs/terminator-forked just added a couple of things to python-terminator
    5 @ozcanesen/spotify-indicator Spotify Indicator replacement for Pantheon Desktop Environment.
    5 @tdgunes/pyplyn Only one-way pipeline (pyplyn) for data handling in Python
    5 @aladagemre/django-friendship-ne… Django Friendship module with Neo4j infrastructure
    4 @ybrs/mongomodels a python object mapper for mongodb (pymongo)
    4 @kadirpekel/dudu get things done!
    4 @halitalptekin/PyTr Another Django Project ↗️
    4 @bahadir/dj Command line tool for Django developers.
    4 @RedXBeard/deployapp Deployment Tool
    3 @emre/btcturk-client api client
    3 @ybrs/tree-writer draws n-tree in ascii - like a type writer
    3 @ybrs/pydnode dnode protocol implementation in python
    3 @kadirpekel/gistory What if your gist revision history makes sense.
    3 @ybrs/hazelcast-python hazelcast python client
    3 @doganaydin/themoviedb-json Unofficial python api wrapper
    3 @ozgebarbaros/ab2015PythonKurs Akademik Bilişim 2015'te kursta anlatılan örnekleri içerir
    3 @kozdincer/rabbitmq_collectd_pl… Collectd Plugins
    3 @kozdincer/hapra Haproxy Restful Api
    3 @bahadir/ldap_wrapper LDAP Wrapper Library for Python (obsolete) ↗️
    3 @kadirpekel/wrest thin rest client
    3 @yasinyaman/Harita Linux kullanıcıları haritada
    3 @RedXBeard/gitwatcher-ui git repo watcher pull push commit fetch commands are all in one app.
    2 @aladagemre/misc Small scripts for various purposes.
    2 @aladagemre/teleskop Queued image resizer. Requirements: Python 2.6+, PyQt4, PIL libraries and ImageMagick (mogrify command)
    2 @faraday/odp-extract Scripts to extract clustering datasets from Open Directory Project (ODP), similar to ODP 239
    2 @aladagemre/windrose-drawer Windrose drawer software
    2 @ozgebarbaros/jawmail Just another web mail written in python and django
    2 @yasar11732/Lexer-Parser A simple python lexer and parser that I wrote for my blog posts
    2 @makiftasova/telegram-twitter-bot a simple bot for streaming tweets to telegram
    2 @akarca/django-fastcart Django shopping cart application
    2 @mastizada/mozillaz Mozilla Azerbaijan Website + API
    2 @tayfun/sudoku Sudoku Solver
    2 @halitalptekin/coder Project for my school
    2 @halitalptekin/camserver Simple webcam server
    2 @emre/semaphores Semaphore puzzles and solutions.
    2 @halitalptekin/Araci My first PyQt application(Simple text searcher in file)
    2 @emre/btcturk-ticker bitcoin price ticker for your command line.
    2 @tdgunes/tdgsync Tracks your computer's internet ip, syncs it to a defined ftp server if anything changes. And also sends tweets about your computer's status!


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    79 @marjinal1st/medium-editor-rails Medium Editor integrated in Rails Asset Pipeline
    56 @emrekutlu/paperclip-compressio… image compression processor for Paperclip
    52 @sbagdat/turkish_support Turkish character support for core ruby methods.
    48 @askn/tisikkirlir
    25 @emrekutlu/notify_bar A twitter like notification bar using jQuery for Ruby on Rails
    19 @jballanc/shoes-tmbundle A tiny TextMate bundle for the tiny toolkit
    15 @enderahmetyurt/bilisim_sozlugu Translating computer words from English to Turkish
    15 @enderahmetyurt/turkish_banks All Turkish Banks and Their Branches
    15 @seyhunak/docker-rails Easy usable, complete docker configuration for rails applications. Less configuration, all-in-one stack.
    13 @sbagdat/rubykitabi Ruby Kitabı - Örnek Kod Deposu
    8 @emrekutlu/discover_oembeds A Ruby on Rails plugin which discovers oembeds in your models and saves them to database.
    8 @muratguzel/varyemez Varyemez Kişisel Finans Takip Yazılımı
    5 @seyhunak/jquery-bootstrap-rai… JQuery Bootstrap for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline ↗️
    3 @tukan/acts_as_premoderatab… This act gives an Active Record model the ability to act as a premoderatable document.
    3 @jballanc/Evolver A toy model of simple single celled evolution
    3 @muratguzel/tckimlikdogrulama TC Kimlik Numarası Doğrulama ↗️
    3 @ozgun/oktest testing..
    2 @ozgun/social_icons A rails plugins to display social network icons easily in your web applications.
    2 @ozgun/railsmovies a simple rails based move database
    2 @hamitturkukaya/exchangeservice
    2 @ismailakbudak/sql-query Advanced relational model and sql-query example with Ruby on Rails
    2 @askn/code my code
    0 @muratbsts/tw-destroyer Eski tweet'leri filtreleyip silebileceğiniz bir rails uygulaması.
    14 @muratbsts/kaca Basit bir döviz çevirme uygulaması. Kaca X alabilirsiniz / satabilirsiniz, favori cli'nizden öğrenin.
    4 @muratbsts/ruby-autolinker Find and replace urls with html link tag in given string.
    18 @muratbsts/tors Yet another torrent searching application for your command line. But this has an option for automatically download the best torrent.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    27 @oyediyildiz/scala-oauth2-provide… Example db schema and DataHandler.scala implementation for nulab scala-oauth2-provider
    19 @agaoglu/udp-kafka-bridge Simple daemon to pass UDP messages to Kafka
    2 @ferhtaydn/sbt-skeleton.g8 yet another giter8 template for sbt/scala projects


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    16 @lemiorhan/git-extras Commands for extending your git experience
    11 @nomadturk/vpn-adblock Adblocking with DNSMasq on a SoftEther VPN. ↗️
    9 @onury/alfred-video-downloa… Video Downloader is an Alfred workflow written in Bash/Shell for easily downloading videos (and/or extracting audio) from various websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and more...
    4 @can/TeknikBlog.old kişisel siteler için 19 jekyll şablonu ↗️
    4 @nomadturk/openresty-install A bash script to install FFMpeg, ImageMagick, Php5.5 OpenResty Nginx with SPDY, ngx_pagespeed, RTMP support and extra modules.
    2 @narzac/dotfiles bash aliases, scripts and miscellaneous config files.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    78 @yemeksepeti/YSSegmentedControl Android style segmented control written in swift.
    Fully customisable.
    25 @yemeksepeti/EmoticonParticles create particle effects on UIView's with any character including emoticons
    5 @yemeksepeti/YSForms create customisable registration forms for ios quickly with validation. written in swift.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2 @mkatircioglu/dotfiles

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