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    Made in Russia

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    A list of neat projects made in Russia

    ☁️ Installation

    # Using npm 
    npm install --save made-in-russia
    # Using yarn 
    yarn add made-in-russia



    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    4449 @sergeche/emmet-sublime Emmet for Sublime Text ↗️
    2820 @VodkaBears/Vide Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds. ↗️
    2094 @VodkaBears/Remodal Responsive, lightweight, fast, synchronized with CSS animations, fully customizable modal window plugin with declarative configuration and hash tracking. ↗️
    1981 @zloirock/core-js Standard Library
    340 @ealeksandrov/NodeAPI Simple RESTful API implementation on Node.js + MongoDB.
    327 @VodkaBears/Interdimensional Spatial scrolling for your web pages. ↗️
    267 @sergeche/eclipse-zencoding Native Zen Coding plugin for Eclipse ↗️
    252 @sgrebnov/jqmobile-metro-theme My attempt to implement Metro theme for jQuery Mobile
    240 @sergeche/xmlview Powerful XML viewer for Google Chrome and Safari
    228 @Sannis/node-mysql-libmysqlc… Asynchronous MySQL binding for Node.js ↗️
    215 @sergeche/codemirror-movie A plugin for CodeMirror for code demos ↗️
    209 @veged/xjst Extensible JavaScript Transformations ↗️
    204 @lahmatiy/component-inspector Component DOM inspector
    174 @artzub/GitHubVisualizer Visualization the history of repository changes based on data from GitHub ↗️
    159 @sergeche/tx-content-assist Content assist for textarea
    153 @artpolikarpov/scrollyeah Puts floats in single line.
    108 @VodkaBears/galereya Responsive, easily customizable gallery with a masonry layout ↗️
    101 @koistya/gulp-csscomb CSScomb plugin for Gulp.js. Formats CSS according to a pre-defined coding style. ↗️
    95 @veged/krasota.js Syntactic transformations of JavaScript code, with taking care of whitespaces and comments. ↗️
    71 @artpolikarpov/Flags Flag icons in sprite ↗️
    68 @artzub/blackhole.js Library for dinamyc visaulization such as code_swarm. Sandbox: ↗️
    64 @VodkaBears/MotionDetector.js JS library for motion detection.
    62 @artpolikarpov/fuckyeah $('#sexy').slideDown('slow').fuckYeah();
    58 @VodkaBears/another-one-fucking-… Yes, another one JS boilerplate.
    52 @artpolikarpov/upyachka.js Reserve the place where responsive images are going
    41 @outpunk/postcss-each PostCSS plugin to iterate through values
    37 @lahmatiy/postcss-csso PostCSS plugin to minify CSS using CSSO
    35 @koistya/demos Demo projects and code recipes featuring React, Redux, Relay... ↗️
    35 @mishanga/bem-vcard Yandex Staff Visiting Card ↗️
    32 @lahmatiy/es6-promise-polyfill ES6 Promise polyfill
    31 @sergeche/jsdt-docs Some JSDoc files for Eclipse JSDT for popular libraries: underscore.js, Zepto, Node.js etc.
    31 @sgrebnov/cordova-plugin-backg…
    30 @sergeche/grunt-frontend CSS and JS minifier that respects source modification
    29 @arikon/npm2debian Utility to convert npm packages to Debian packages
    29 @dvv/underscore-data data querying and validating tools based on underscore.js
    27 @koistya/git-push Use git-push to deploy your website to Azure, Heroku, GitHub Pages or any another hosting provider supporting Git-based deployments.
    27 @artpolikarpov/stickyeah Makes blocks stick to the top of the screen while scrolling down the page
    26 @arikon/mocha-istanbul
    25 @sergeche/webkit-css Hack to display CSS rule line number in Safari/Webkit/Chrome Web Inspector
    24 @Sannis/node-ubjson Universal Binary JSON packer/unpacker for Node.js ↗️
    23 @outpunk/gulp-evil-icons Gulp plugin to use Evil Icons in your project
    22 @koistya/gulp-render Pre-render React components at compile time. E.g. SomePage.jsx -> some-page.html
    21 @brainfucker/nodejs.ru open source web site
    21 @Mithgol/phido Fidonet browser with a GUI.
    21 @sergeche/rocon Fast cross-browser library for rounded corners creation
    21 @sgrebnov/jqmobile-wp8-theme
    20 @voischev/bem-full-stack express bem bemtree bemhtml project stub
    19 @VodkaBears/colormotion Nice looking motion detection with an experimental HTML5 getUserMedia API. ↗️
    18 @dvv/stereo A naive multi-core node application controller
    18 @Panya/tinymce_pasteimage Плагин для вставки картинок из буфера обмена
    17 @lahmatiy/open-in-editor Open file in editor
    16 @Mithgol/nwglobal Node.js globals for node-webkit's HTML5
    16 @Sannis/node-mysql-benchmark… Benchmarks for MySQL client modules for Node.js ↗️
    16 @dvv/farm haproxy + stud made easy, socket.io ready
    14 @sergeche/ant-tools Набор Ant-задач для сборки веб-проектов
    13 @brainfucker/node-comet Comet client and server libraries for Node.js ↗️
    13 @veged/shmakowiki Yet another wiki dialect, inspired by WackoWiki and WikiCreole ↗️
    13 @outpunk/grunt-evil-icons Grunt plugin to use Evil Icons in your project
    12 @SamuraiJack/Shotenjin Post-modern javascript templating system ↗️
    11 @dvv/luvit-app A simple framework
    11 @voischev/posthtml-retext PostHTML Retext plugin
    11 @sergeche/xsl-tracer Service for tracing XSL transformations
    10 @SamuraiJack/KiokuJS Persistence layer for Joose, mostly targeting NoSQL backends (port of KiokuDB to Joose)
    10 @voischev/posthtml-textr Textr for PostHTML ↗️
    10 @koistya/graphql-express-mong… A minimalistic GraphQL server example built with Node.js, Express, MongoDB Native Driver, and ES2015 async/await syntax via Babel ↗️
    10 @Mithgol/node-fidonet-jam Fidonet JAM echomail base access for Node.js
    9 @mishanga/serp Simple Yandex SERP based on BEM (bem-bl)
    9 @lahmatiy/express-open-in-edit… Express extension to open file in editor
    9 @veged/ometa-highlighter Code highlighter based on Ometa/JS (little inspired by Pygments)
    9 @andreyvit/majority.js Master election protocol for master-slave cloud services in Node.js
    9 @xboston/phalcon-users-auth ↗️
    8 @Mithgol/FGHI-URL Fidonet Global Hypertext Interface — Uniform Resource Locators
    8 @dvv/socket.io-context An updatable JS object over socket.io connection
    8 @artpolikarpov/jquery.formyeah.js Persist form’s data locally
    8 @veged/bem-components-react EXPERIMENT, DO NOT USE
    8 @andreyvit/plist-to-json A tiny command-line tool to convert (xml) .plist files to JSON format
    8 @SamuraiJack/Task-Joose-NodeJS Joose, packaged with NodeJS flavour ↗️
    8 @dvv/schema2form Given a JSON schema and optionally the data, render an HTML form
    8 @koistya/git-repository A Promise-based JavaScript wrapper library for working with Git CLI
    8 @veged/yajsh Yet Another JavaScript Highlighter
    7 @dvv/simple-geoip barebone GeoIP, see https://github.com/dvv/simple-geoip/wiki for details
    7 @VodkaBears/sensitive-particles HTML5 experiment with motion detection and particles. ↗️
    7 @sergeche/emmet.chocmixin Emmet mixin for Chocolat editor
    7 @dvv/sockjs-luvit WebSocket emulation - Luvit server
    7 @dvv/underscore.query Language to declaratively operate on arrays/hashes of objects
    7 @Sannis/wikimapia-api-client… Bunch of clients for Wikimapia API
    7 @artpolikarpov/audiofade Набор плагинов для плавного включения и выключения аудио
    7 @Mithgol/simteconf Simple text configuration reader (for Node.js)
    7 @SamuraiJack/Syncler Real-time, optimistic replication backend for KiokuJS, based on Socket.IO
    7 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-Role-Paramete… Implementation of parameterized roles for Joose ↗️
    7 @dvv/luvit-engine.io Engine.IO made in Luvit
    7 @veged/tinyjira Tiny interface for Atlassian JIRA based on JSON-RPC
    7 @Mithgol/node-singlebyte Supports more 1-byte encodings than Node.js Buffer
    7 @dvv/meta-fs Higher level filesystem utilities for Node.js
    6 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-Namespace-Dep… Dependencies handling implementation, integrated with Joose3 ↗️
    6 @mishanga/bem-form Form widgets based on jz-forms and BEM tech ↗️
    6 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-CPS Some syntax sugar for 'Continuation Passing Style' in Joose ↗️
    6 @SamuraiJack/JSON2 json2 / native JSON normalizer for Joose
    6 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-Attribute Additional features for Joose attributes ↗️
    6 @Sannis/node-pinba Pure node.js Pinba client
    6 @mishanga/bemchan Image board BEM-based engine
    6 @dvv/u-gotta-luvit experimental http stack for luvit
    6 @voischev/bem-mail bem-mail
    6 @artpolikarpov/grunt-gh-release Create relases on GitHub from Grunt task.
    5 @dvv/ua Dirt cheap User-Agent: parser
    5 @vpavlenko/pastegraph Share graph plots ↗️
    5 @Mithgol/node-fidonet-fidohtm… Makes HTML code out of a Fidonet message.
    5 @artzub/clearspending Для конкурса ГосЗатраты ↗️
    5 @sgrebnov/Html5ImageEditor Demo application for Devcon12
    5 @lahmatiy/css-parser CSS parser
    5 @Mithgol/node-uue UUE decoder and encoder for Node.js
    4 @SamuraiJack/ExtX.Layout Collection of layouts for ExtJS
    4 @VodkaBears/vodkabears.github.co… http://vodkabears.github.io
    4 @dvv/luvit-sockjs SockJS server in Luvit
    4 @kovaldn/magazinorehov Nuts store ↗️
    4 @SamuraiJack/joosex-bridge-ext Bridge from Joose to Ext3 ↗️
    4 @koistya/csscomb-loader CSScomb loader for Webpack. Allows to format CSS coding style at a build time and/or lint your CSS
    4 @brainfucker/manager manager for daemons
    4 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-Observable Observable pattern as Joose role ↗️
    4 @zloirock/dtf Date formatting
    4 @outpunk/adaptive-evil-blocks Adaptivity support for Evil Blocks
    4 @SamuraiJack/ShareBoard Collaborative sketching
    4 @artpolikarpov/responsivr.js A small piece of JavaScript that makes sites more responsive even if they are completely fixed ↗️
    4 @artpolikarpov/grunt-example Простой пример конфигурации Гранта для склейки стилей и скриптов
    4 @arikon/bower-npm-install Run npm install on every bower dependency
    4 @veged/jscreole JavaScript Creole 1.0 Wiki Markup Parser ↗️
    4 @arikon/tpl-cli Project template for the command line COA-based applications.
    4 @andreyvit/grunt-typescript-exp… Concat .d.ts from multiple files to provide an implicit module declaration for a npm package implemented in TypeScript
    4 @dvv/connection WebSocket messaging made easy
    3 @arikon/samurai Samurai build platform
    3 @artzub/Downloader-Chrome-Ex…
    3 @SamuraiJack/HTTP-Request-Provide… Cross-platform HTTP request implementation
    3 @dvv/luvit-checkit A simple test runner
    3 @sgrebnov/incubator-cordova-wp… Mirror of Apache Cordova WP8
    3 @artzub/minfin minfin ↗️
    3 @andreyvit/tarantsov.com ↗️
    3 @sgrebnov/cordova-plugin-ev3 Apache Cordova plugin to control Lego EV3 via Bluetooth
    3 @SamuraiJack/JooseIt Joose.it website, business card of Joose project ↗️
    3 @Panya/reflow-tests Автоматические тесты рендеринга (reflow/repaint) страниц
    3 @kovaldn/form ajax form on bootstrap with serverside email validate
    3 @Mithgol/fido2rss Makes RSS feeds out of Fidonet echomail.
    3 @kovaldn/counter-7days counter is reset every 7 days
    3 @Mithgol/node-abstract-syntax… An implementation of AST (abstract syntax tree) for Node.js. Can be used to build renderers of markup languages.
    3 @kovaldn/dz-port
    3 @voischev/bem-font Fonts lib in bem methodology ↗️
    3 @lahmatiy/knockout-data-flow Experimental basis.js data flow adaptation for knockout
    3 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-SimpleRequest Simple XHR request abstraction ↗️
    3 @SamuraiJack/KiokuJS-Backend-Batc… Batching backend for KiokuJS
    3 @SamuraiJack/KiokuJS-Backend-Couc… CouchDB backend for KiokuJS
    3 @lahmatiy/clap Command line argument parser and staff
    3 @mishanga/bem-jz-forms BEM-wrapper for jz form validation framework ↗️
    3 @VodkaBears/Sop Small library for parsing stringified properties or converting properties to the string representation.
    3 @sergeche/codemirror-codecompl… Code Complete abstract layer for CodeMirror2
    3 @veged/jquery.hashhistory jQuery hash change event ↗️
    3 @sergeche/html-transform Streamed transform of HTML documents on DOM level
    3 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-Meta-Lazy Role to make metaclass 'lazy' ↗️
    3 @SamuraiJack/Data.UUID Provides RFC4122v4 complaint UUIDs
    3 @artemeff/yam Yet Another Music Player / Yandex.Music Desktop Client ↗️
    2 @Mithgol/fidorest Fidonet RESTful API
    2 @veged/ometa-js-old Fork http://www.tinlizzie.org/~awarth/svn/ome… ↗️
    2 @veged/json4xml Yet another JSON to XML convention
    2 @VodkaBears/jquery-expandingForm Expanding form widget for jquery
    2 @veged/odessajs-bem My talk for OdessaJS 2015 ↗️
    2 @sgrebnov/phonegap-plugins-wp7 Temporary place for facebook connect and twitter plugins for Windows Phone
    2 @koistya/jest-sandbox
    2 @voischev/bem-blog Blog in expressjs / mongo / bem full stack
    2 @arikon/q-wrap Utility library to wrap async functions with last callback argument to promise returning functions
    2 @outpunk/gulp-rails-assets Rails assets manifest management for Gulp
    2 @veged/touchide Programming on iPhone
    2 @artzub/olyspace Visualization statistics of the Olympic Games named "Space of Olympic Games" ↗️
    2 @veged/bem-i18n BEM internationalization
    2 @andreyvit/autoesc.js Error Short Circuiter (ESC) function decorator
    2 @sergeche/state-machine A very simple and basic state machine implementation, inspired by Machina.js
    2 @Panya/durilka Simple tool for making data URIs from images in CSS files
    2 @Mithgol/npmtree Outputs the tree of dependencies of a given npm package in Markdown form.
    2 @brainfucker/skdy ide experiment on top of node.js and bespin
    2 @Mithgol/node-large-split A collection of methods that split large Buffers and files.
    2 @SamuraiJack/ExtX-Shotenjin Shotenjin templates for ExtJS components ↗️
    2 @Mithgol/agedays Reports a given file's age (in days).
    2 @SamuraiJack/Raphael JSAN-compatible distribution of the Raphael library ↗️
    2 @dvv/simple-example proof of concept for 'simple'
    2 @SamuraiJack/Request.flXHR JSAN wrapper for flXHR project
    2 @dvv/o4epegb A proto for socket.io new wave broadcasting. Name mimicks translit for russian "очередь" (queue)
    2 @SamuraiJack/digest-md5 digest md5
    2 @dvv/irclog IRC logging bot
    2 @SamuraiJack/ExtX-Reference-Slot ExtJS extension for accessing components hierarchy with mnemonic names ↗️
    2 @dvv/wscomm real-time shared context between browser and node
    2 @SamuraiJack/extjs4
    2 @dvv/express-mimic Derive accepted MIME from URI extension
    2 @SamuraiJack/Task-Joose-Stable Stable Joose distribution, required only for bootstraping purposes ↗️
    2 @dvv/banka RESTful mongodb server with RQL support
    2 @SamuraiJack/Scope-Provider Cross-platform (browser/NodeJS) JavaScript scope provider ↗️
    2 @Mithgol/node-gamayun A server that serves answers.
    2 @SamuraiJack/JooseX-Class-SimpleC… A trait for class, making the 'new' keyword optional during instantiation
    2 @lahmatiy/fixed-width-string Ansi-aware string padding/ellipsing function
    2 @miripiruni/rit2012-schedule Unofficial mobile version schedule of RIT++ 2012 conference. ↗️
    2 @SamuraiJack/Johnny-Mnemonic Yet another ajax back button implementation, on Joose3, with the test suite and no required page markup at this time


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2292 @Prototik/HoloEverywhere NO LONGER MAINTAINED. DEVELOP FOR 4.X+ DUDE.
    1217 @johnkil/Android-AppMsg In-layout notifications. Based on Toast notifications and article by Cyril Mottier (http://android.cyrilmottier.com/?p=773)… ↗️
    1186 @thest1/LazyList Lazy load of images in Android ↗️
    993 @antonkrasov/AndroidSocialNetwork… Library for easy work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google on Android
    772 @johnkil/Android-ProgressFrag… Implementation of the fragment with the ability to display indeterminate progress indicator when you are waiting for the initial data. ↗️
    681 @johnkil/Android-RobotoTextVi… Implementation of a TextView and all its direct/indirect subclasses with native support for the Roboto fonts, includes the brand new Roboto Slab fonts. ↗️
    328 @antonkrasov/AndroidProgressLayou… Android View to simplify working with ProgressBar
    327 @johnkil/SideNavigation Implementation of "Side Navigation" or "Fly-in app menu" pattern for Android (based on Google+ app) ↗️
    248 @amaembo/streamex Enhancing Java 8 Streams
    159 @shipilev/java-object-layout Low-level Java object layout dumpers
    144 @johnkil/Print A lightweight Android library for use iconic fonts. ↗️
    125 @thest1/Android-VKontakte-SD… Android SDK for vkontakte.ru social network ↗️
    117 @johnkil/Android-CollapsibleS… Implementation of the SearchView is compatible with Android below 3.0. This library allows developers to easily integrate search menuItem in an Android application. ↗️
    73 @sviperll/adt4j adt4j - Algebraic Data Types for Java
    54 @amaembo/huntbugs Java bytecode static analyzer
    42 @abashev/vfs-s3 Amazon S3 driver for Apache commons-vfs (Virtual File System) project
    38 @4ntoine/JavaFxDialog Standard Dialogs for JavaFX 2
    34 @barancev/webdriver-extensions
    34 @ivmai/JCGO Java source to C code translator (JCGO) ↗️
    32 @shipilev/jdk8-lambda-samples JDK8 Lambda Samples
    32 @johnkil/SpySMS Interceptor sms for android
    31 @fomkin/adt-maven-plugin Adobe AIR SDK adt tool runner. Build air, apk and ipa packages with your maven!
    29 @4ntoine/Firmata Firmata pure Java implementation
    26 @peterarsentev/java-courses Практический Java курс. Бесплатно. ↗️
    19 @illuzor/Android-Sharing-Exte… Android ANE for sharing text and images
    18 @samolisov/spring-vs-ejb-vs-cdi… The JMH-based benchmark of Spring MVC vs EJB vs CDI RESTful web-service implementations
    17 @Frostman/trident-cassandra Cassandra state implementation for Twitter Storm Trident API
    16 @shipilev/timers-bench Timers bench
    15 @johnkil/Android-JSONCompare Comparison of JSON parsers performance on Android ↗️
    12 @fewizz/NotEnoughIDs Extends hardcoded ID limits
    12 @sviperll/static-mustache Template engine for java with statically checked and compiled templates. Compilation is performed alone with java sources.
    11 @johnkil/MockGPS The application to emulate the location
    11 @kuksenko/quantum "Quantum Performance Effects" demo
    10 @johnkil/RecipeBook Recipe Book for Android
    10 @shipilev/cikrf-spider Spider/Parser for gathering the election data from Russian Election Committee website
    10 @Frostman/dropbox4j Dropbox API Java implementation ↗️
    9 @peterarsentev/Spring-Security-Acl-… This project implements the Spring Security ACL mechanism. It uses the MongoDB as persistent store
    9 @samolisov/samolisov-demo Some small demos for my blog ↗️
    9 @shipilev/article-method-dispa… Code for Method Dispatch article
    8 @ternsip/Placemod Fast Schematic Spawning System in Minecraft based on Forge API
    8 @Vany/bcut mod for minecraft
    7 @illuzor/Android-Communicatio… Android ANE. Phone, SMS, Email functionality.
    7 @abashev/spring-workflow Updating spring-workflow for Spring 3 and fix some bugs
    7 @johnkil/Android-ProgressFrag… The sample project that uses Android-ProgressFragment via Gradle.
    7 @johnkil/CookApp Android application of cooking
    7 @johnkil/Metro Modern subway maps of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
    6 @sviperll/ozymandias Collection of maven plugins, extensions and other generally useful artifacts
    6 @johnkil/Steganography Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity. ↗️
    6 @zstudent/JavaFall2015_01
    6 @ternsip/Placemod-1.7.10 Fast Schematic Spawning System in Minecraft based on Forge API
    6 @sviperll/writejava4me Simple and easy Java code-generator
    5 @shipilev/dedup-estimator FS Deduplication/Compression Offline Estimator
    5 @udalov/settlers
    5 @illuzor/Android-File-Extensi… Android ANE for open local files in native app.
    5 @4ntoine/protobuf-ble-rpc Android protobuf rpc implementation over BLE
    5 @ternsip/Placemod-1.8 Minecraft mod that spawns various structures taken from schematics during world generation
    5 @sviperll/chicory Simple Java library to cover the shortcommings of JDK
    4 @shipilev/disrupting-fjp Disruptor vs ForkJoinPool playground
    4 @illuzor/Android-Notification… Android ANE. Toast, alert dialog, list dialog
    4 @sviperll/multitasking4j Java multitask programming library
    4 @shipilev/article-compress-me Benchmarks for "Compress Me ..." talk
    4 @abashev/videojs-for-gwt GWT wrapper for video-js library
    4 @johnkil/DoubleBackExample Example: double back to exit
    4 @fewizz/BetterMining
    4 @VladRassokhin/intellij-annotations… IntelliJ IDEA annotations instrumenter maven plugin
    4 @t3hk0d3/SpoutLayout XML Layouting library for wonderful Spout framework
    4 @illuzor/NotificationExtentio… Android AIR native extention for show Alert and Toast
    3 @shipilev/article-exception-be… Exception benchmarks for the exceptions performance article
    3 @sviperll/repository4j Java code-driven (no annotations) ORM.
    3 @VladRassokhin/eclipse-from-idea-de… Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA for painless Eclipse plugins development
    3 @barancev/testng_samples Samples fot TestNG training
    3 @4ntoine/ServiceDiscovery-jav… Simple service discovery framework (Java)
    3 @4ntoine/Stalker-robot Project repository
    3 @johnkil/GeocoderExample Example of a geocoder to Android
    3 @VladRassokhin/CMake-runner-plugin CMake support for TeamCity ↗️
    3 @shipilev/jmm-benchmarks Benchmarks for JMM talk
    3 @samolisov/spring-4x-demos My demos of Spring Framework leveraging and optimization
    3 @shipilev/article-java-scala-d…
    2 @abashev/logback-newrelic-app… Logback appender for sending error messages directly to NewRelic monitoring
    2 @sviperll/maven-profiledep-ext… Moved to ozymandias project https://github.com/sviperll/ozymandias
    2 @Prototik/HoloEverywhere-Addon… Roboguice addon for HoloEverywhere library
    2 @barancev/junit_samples Samples for JUnit training
    2 @barancev/selen-confetqa-2013
    2 @kuksenko/quantum2
    2 @ternsip/StabilizerMod Minecraft IC2 BuildCraft power converter
    2 @ternsip/Placemod-1.9 Fast Schematic Spawning System in Minecraft based on Forge API
    2 @Frostman/jadecife Distributed computing experiments for my coursework
    2 @Frostman/storm-wordcount
    2 @barancev/webdriver-junit-arch… Archetype for a Maven project that can be used as a start point to develop tests in Java with WebDriver and JUnit
    2 @Frostman/kindlepush
    2 @barancev/webdriver-testng-arc… Archetype for a Maven project that can be used as a start point to develop tests in Java with WebDriver and TestNG
    2 @fewizz/AT [1.9.4]
    2 @udalov/settlers-web
    2 @zstudent/metrics
    2 @barancev/webdriver-factory An utility to manage WebDriver instances
    2 @shipilev/benchmarks-scratch Scratch throw-away benchmarks
    2 @4ntoine/CoffeeCatchDemo Test project for coffeecatch lib


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    176 @Maxx53/SCMBot Steam Community Market auto-buying bot ↗️
    125 @controlflow/resharper-postfix ReSharper Postfix Templates plugin
    103 @chromealex/Unity3d.UI.Windows Unity 3D UI (uGUI) Windows Extensions ↗️
    78 @controlflow/resharper-heapview ReSharper Heap Allocations Viewer plugin
    57 @Athari/CsCss CSS parsing library for C# based on Mozilla Firefox code [MPL]
    56 @nicloay/Node-Inspector Unity graph editor extension.
    37 @nicloay/colorus Unity3d ColoringBook web/ios
    34 @Maxx53/NoCableLauncher Rocksmith 2014 Launcher for playing without RealTone cable (nocable fix)
    28 @nicloay/unity-spine-importer Bring data from spine (EsotericSoftware) in to the unity3d
    23 @controlflow/resharper-gotoword ReSharper Go to Word navigation plugin
    19 @Athari/XnaConvert Utility for converting XNA XNB files (Texture2D to PNG images) [New BSD]
    17 @Konard/LinksPlatform Holistic system for storage and transformation of information based on associative model of data. Целостная система для хранения и обработки информации основная на ассоциативной модели данных.
    15 @Athari/Alba.Jaml JAML = WPF XAML − XML.verbosity + JSON.elegance [Simplified BSD]
    10 @jeanfabre/PlayMaker--Unity--UI PlayMaker
    9 @jeanfabre/PlayMakerCustomActio… PlayMaker Custom Actions for Unity 4, as part of the PlayMaker ecosystem effort
    8 @Athari/Alba.Framework Framework for private projects [Public Domain + other]
    7 @roman-yagodin/R7.Documents Redesigned version of DNN Documents module
    6 @jeanfabre/PlayMaker--UnityLear…
    6 @jeanfabre/PlayMakerCustomActio… PlayMaker Custom Actions for Unity 3, as part of the PlayMaker ecosystem effort
    5 @ForNeVeR/CyclopsChat WPF-based XMPP chat application.
    5 @nicloay/atlasToCube Unity3d utility to put any texture from atlas to different faces of cube
    5 @chromealex/ME.Macros Unity 3D Macros System
    5 @controlflow/Parse.Sharp Yet another C# parser combinator library
    4 @Athari/CsConsoleFormat .NET C# library for advanced formatting of console output [Apache]
    4 @xakepru/x14.05-coding-decapt… Пример приложения для расшифровки капчи на базе Tesseract OCR и FANN
    4 @roman-yagodin/R7.University Modules and base library for DNN Platfrom designed to present and manage various assets (e.g. divisions, employees, educational programs, documents) for high school educational organization website, compatible with obrnadzor.gov.ru microdata requirements.
    3 @ForNeVeR/hell-api Miranda IM managed plugin API adapter for .NET.
    3 @roman-yagodin/R7.DotNetNuke.Extens… A library for DNN Platform extensions development
    3 @controlflow/resharper-checker ReSharper.Checker MSIL weaver that emit null checks from [NotNull] annotations
    2 @ForNeVeR/TankDriver Simple game in XNA.
    2 @roman-yagodin/R7.Epsilon Highly customizable, multiportal, responsive skin for DNN Platform
    2 @roman-yagodin/R7.News News subsystem for DNN Platform
    2 @ForNeVeR/BetterFuck Brainfuck language compiler for CLR.
    2 @intagger/SerializersRace A performance testing tool for .NET serializers.
    2 @jeanfabre/PlayMakerBetaActions… PlayMaker Beta Actions, as part of the PlayMaker ecosystem effort
    2 @Maxx53/IzickLanCoop Lan Cooperative for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    2 @ForNeVeR/ImapSlack Integrate Slack with IMAP email server.
    2 @nicloay/persistentSingleton Unity plugin which store/read properties from/to singleton to UserPrefs
    2 @roman-yagodin/R7.DnnLocalization Localization of DNN Platform static resources (language pack) - русский перевод DotNetNuke


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @tsergeytovarov/gulp-project Базовый шаблон проекта на Gulp ↗️
    2 @tsergeytovarov/grunt-project Базовый каркас проекта ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    11 @spalt08/TweenSprite Sprite animation plugin for TweenMax.js


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    212 @nekromant/esp8266-frankenstein Alternative firmware for ESP8266 modules
    191 @nekromant/antares antares uC buildsystem
    59 @tony2001/pinba_extension Pinba PHP extension ↗️
    46 @LongSoft/PMPatch Utility to patch UEFI BIOS PowerManagement module to be compatible with MacOS X SpeedStep implementation
    37 @rtsisyk/msgpuck A simple and efficient MsgPack binary serialization library in a self-contained header file
    36 @tony2001/ngx_http_pinba_modul… Pinba module for nginx ↗️
    32 @akalend/amqp-rest the light HTTP gate (rest) for amqp broket
    28 @moteus/lua-lluv Lua binding to libuv
    22 @illarionov/sqlite3-unicodesn SQLite unicode full-text-search tokenizer with Snowball stemming
    17 @leshak/i5700-leshak-kernel Linux kernel 2.6.29 for Samsung Spica i5700 with Android 2.x
    16 @astarasikov/iconia-gnu-kernel Port of Iconia A500 to chromium and vanilla linux
    16 @akalend/click-server the light HTTP server for accounting clicks (using in banner system)
    15 @nekromant/scam-o-matic A tool to salvage usable space from crappy memory cards. ↗️
    14 @tony2001/rfc5766-turn-server [SVN copy of..] High-performance free open source TURN and STUN Server implementation. VoIP media traffic NAT traversal and gateway.
    13 @nekromant/pl2303gpio PL2303HX Userspace GPIO control tool
    12 @moteus/lua-AesFileEncrypt A simple file encryption library
    10 @nekromant/linux-rlx-upstream Initial effort to port upstream linux kernels to MIPS RLX variant used in RTL8196/RTL8198
    10 @LongSoft/FD44Copier Utility to copy BIOS data from one ASUS BIOS image file to another
    10 @akorotkov/pgsphere
    9 @tony2001/eaccelerator eAccelerator fork
    9 @nofearnohappy/android_device_xiaom…
    9 @rtsisyk/mininb Mini NoSQL Benchmark
    8 @infofarmer/hashtypes sha1, md5 and other data types for PostgreSQL
    8 @tony2001/pidgin-libnotify libnotify plugin for Pidgin
    7 @nekromant/tinypowerswitch Firmware source for attiny2313-based power switcher
    7 @LongSoft/InsydeImageExtractor Utility for extracting UEFI image from InsydeFlasher executable file
    6 @tony2001/leptonica PHP bindings for Leptonica library
    6 @nekromant/usniffer Necromant's UART sniffer
    6 @illarionov/rdr2netflow Cisco SCE RDRv1 to Netflow v5 converter
    6 @leshak/i5700-leshak-kmodule… Kernel modules for i5700 with Android 2.x
    6 @tony2001/arrr PHP extension embedding R language
    5 @vm03/android_kernel_lge_m…
    5 @akorotkov/postgres
    5 @LongSoft/UBU-helpers Set of helper utilitites for UEFI BIOS Updater project
    5 @tony2001/memtrack
    5 @moteus/lua-odbc ODBC Library for lua
    5 @cfr/assimp-ios Open Asset Import Library (iOS)
    4 @moteus/lua-luq Light userdata queue
    4 @astarasikov/device_kovsky HTC Kovsky device tree for CyanogenMod
    4 @nofearnohappy/custom_kernel_hermes
    4 @astarasikov/libARMCopro A library to disassemble ARM architecture coprocessor access instructions
    4 @illarionov/SpatiaLite SpatiaLite 4.0.0 mirror
    4 @illarionov/sirfdump Sirf binary dumper
    4 @LongSoft/AddrInfo Utility to find addresses of different data structures in ASUS BIOS image files and to store them in INI-formated file
    3 @illarionov/des21xx D-Link DES-2108/2110 console management utility. ↗️
    3 @astarasikov/mkbootimg-mtype-hack… A patched version of android's mkbootimg to allow patching mtype
    3 @akalend/mtserver the example multithreading server by libev
    3 @akalend/ngx_http_stat_module The ngx_http_stat_module is addon for nginx HTTP server. The addon send data to stat daemon by UDP. The stat daemon collection, accumulation and processing statistics.
    3 @illarionov/sirfmemdump Sirf GPS chipset memory dumper
    3 @tony2001/libspindle Small library providing thread pooling capabilities
    3 @nekromant/aura Universal RPC library for interfacing with your favourite hardware ↗️
    3 @tony2001/funcprof PHP extension to help function profiling
    3 @astarasikov/uboot-bn-nook-hd-fas… U-boot for B&N Nook HD+ that boots directly to fastboot ignoring EMMC/SD
    3 @illarionov/OpenRRCP OpenRRCP is an open-source cross-platform RRCP-based toolset, that is able to configure and fetch status from such ethernet switches. ↗️
    3 @akalend/hhvm-msgpack The native HHVM msgpack (msgpack.org) module, It hasn't any dependencies
    3 @illarionov/ourfa Open source implementation of URFA (UTM Remote Function Access) protocol
    2 @nekromant/servomatic proof-of-concept: attiny2313 controlling 13 servos
    2 @nekromant/agilia-files My ABUILDs for Agilia linux
    2 @astarasikov/samsung-xmm6260-fw-l… Code for loading firmware to the modem on I9100 and I9250 (see libsamsung-ipc)
    2 @astarasikov/l4re-snapshot
    2 @nekromant/antares-examples Example projects for use with antares
    2 @moteus/luasqlite3 fork from http://lua.sqlite.org
    2 @akalend/sophiaDb The SophiaDb is memcached port to the key/value storage API Sophia (http://sphia.org/) based on the Fractional Cascading ideas.
    2 @rtsisyk/time-bench time_bench: time() / gettimeofday() / clock_gettime() benchmark
    2 @nofearnohappy/Custom_kernel_hermes…
    2 @tony2001/php-libevent PHP libevent extension
    2 @nekromant/ampe-sw-switch Kernel module for controlling usb host vbus lines on Allwinner A10 devices
    2 @tony2001/rrd PHP bindings to rrd tool system
    2 @szastupov/ustl ustl mirror (see no-exceptions branch) ↗️
    2 @Nazg-Gul/fm A GNU/Linux console-based file manager ↗️
    2 @tony2001/rabbitmq-c AMQP client library


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    340 @ddemidov/vexcl VexCL is a C++ vector expression template library for OpenCL/CUDA ↗️
    163 @lisitsyn/tapkee A flexible and efficient С++ template library for dimension reduction ↗️
    67 @ddemidov/amgcl C++ library for solving large sparse linear systems with algebraic multigrid method ↗️
    57 @Nerei/kinfu_remake Optimized and reworked version of Kinfu
    13 @CODeRUS/libaxolotl axolotl implementation in Qt
    12 @ddemidov/gpgpu_with_modern_cp… LaTeX source for "Programming CUDA and OpenCL: A Case Study Using Modern C++ Libraries" ↗️
    5 @tinybit/cocaine-fastcgi-prox… Cocaine FastCGI Proxy
    5 @ddemidov/mba Scattered data interpolation with multilevel B-Splines
    4 @CODeRUS/android-notification… Simple daemon adding sound (IM category), led and icon on lockscreen for android notifications.
    4 @tinybit/lsd Psycodelic persistant message queue and cocaine balancer
    4 @ddemidov/ev3dev-lang-cpp C++ language bindings for http://ev3dev.org
    3 @tinybit/generic-quadtree easily extensible quadtree, by default works with triangles, lines and axis aligned boxes
    3 @lisitsyn/formatting [Deprecated] A simple C++ formatter that resembles SLF4J and Python format
    2 @CODeRUS/powermenu Powermenu - fancy menu and configuration for power key actions
    2 @intelfx/Homework_2011 A toy virtual machine implementing a custom machine language and an ahead-of-time translator to x86_64.
    2 @CODeRUS/aliendalvik-control DBus daemon for controlling aliendalvik and sending commands


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    19 @mayakwd/as3-eaze-tween Eaze Tween: smart, fast, chainable and compact Flash AS3 tweening library
    13 @DmitriyYukhanov/XFLTool Tool designed to help with optimization, cleaning and overall maintenance of the Adobe Flash Professional projects
    10 @mayakwd/as3-vanilla-ice Extract strongly typed Objects from dynamic objects without writing a single line of code!
    6 @mayakwd/as3-json-formatter JSON Formatter ↗️
    5 @DmitriyYukhanov/fpresent Fast-written slideshow engine
    3 @kirillrybin/Unity-Flash-Socket-C… Sample projects for Unity and Flash aka Client-Server via Sockets
    2 @zlumer/as3-dataobject AS3 ORM
    2 @mayakwd/as3-rest Basic REST-Service framework


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    5635 @tonsky/FiraCode Monospaced font with programming ligatures
    2144 @tonsky/datascript Immutable database and Datalog query engine for Clojure, ClojureScript and JS
    141 @Flamefork/fleet Templating System for Clojure ↗️
    129 @tonsky/datascript-chat Sample SPA using DataScript and core.async ↗️
    90 @tonsky/net.async Network commucations with clojure.core.async interface
    49 @Flamefork/node-webkit-cljs ClojureScript wrapper for node-webkit Native UI API
    38 @tonsky/datascript-todo DataScript ToDo Sample Application ↗️
    32 @tonsky/41-socks Simple match game in cljs+om+react ↗️
    31 @tonsky/datascript-transit Transit handlers for DataScript database and datoms
    30 @tonsky/clojure.unicode Unicode symbols for Clojure
    21 @tonsky/cljs-skeleton Skeleton CLJS client/server app with WS, Transit, Rum
    18 @tonsky/bloknote Fast online notepad
    13 @tonsky/katybot Campfire bot written in Clojure
    12 @tonsky/boot-anybar A boot task reporting build status to AnyBar
    10 @Flamefork/widje Templating for ClojureScript
    9 @tonsky/clojure-future-spec A backport of clojure.spec for Clojure 1.8
    6 @tonsky/tongue Do-it-yourself i18n library for Clojure/Script
    4 @tmeits/99-clojure-exercises C-99: Ninety-Nine Clojure Problems
    3 @antonlogvinenko/jacket Jacket, yet another LISP on the JVM
    2 @zahardzhan/leica Downloader writen in lisp ↗️
    2 @ostronom/clj-googl Google URL shortener API implementation.
    2 @netvl/odh-exporter Org -> Docbook -> Habr markup translator


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    29 @KirillTemnov/node-pocket API bindings to getpocket.com
    22 @KirillTemnov/node-ocr ocr wrapper for abbyy finereader cloud api
    12 @KirillTemnov/strack Project/bug tracking system
    3 @nikita-volkov/Fury A platform independent library of higher order functions for function composing, overloading and asynchronicity in JavaScript and CoffeeScript
    2 @karudo/nodedbadmin nodeDBAdmin - mysql and MongoDB (and other databases in future) database administration tool
    2 @nikita-volkov/FuellSys Fuell library extension of system utilities for node.js
    2 @nikita-volkov/Fuell A platform-independent library for purely declarative functional programming in CoffeeScript/JavaScript with support for async actions and such niceties as function composing, overloading and memoization
    2 @nikita-volkov/Robusta A CoffeeScript transcompiler that introduces a packaging system and support for convenient import statements
    2 @KirillTemnov/bm-generator create bookmarklet project from shell command
    2 @KirillTemnov/market-req


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3179 @nsf/gocode An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language
    1527 @nsf/termbox-go Pure Go termbox implementation ↗️
    838 @disintegration/imaging Simple Go image processing package
    772 @disintegration/gift Go Image Filtering Toolkit
    365 @nsf/godit A very religious text editor
    180 @grafov/m3u8 Parser and generator of M3U8-playlists for Apple HLS. Library for Go language. ↗️
    102 @temoto/robotstxt The robots.txt exclusion protocol implementation for Go language #golang
    87 @nsf/gothic Tcl/Tk Go bindings
    79 @nsf/gollvm LLVM bindings for the Go programming language ↗️
    61 @nsf/gotris A classic tetris game written in Go programming language
    48 @grafov/streamsurfer Software for monitoring of HTTP video streams. ↗️
    47 @temoto/heroshi Heroshi – open source web crawler. ↗️
    44 @nsf/gogobject GObject-introspection based bindings generator
    39 @grafov/bcast Broadcasting library for Go. Broadcast message of any type on a set of channels.
    39 @bolknote/go-gd Go bingings for GD (http://www.boutell.com/gd/)
    34 @disintegration/quiet Photo hosting web application in Go
    28 @nsf/gocovgui A simple GUI wrapper for the gocov coverage analysis tool
    22 @temoto/dlock Distributed lock manager
    20 @nsf/bin2go Binary to Go source file converter
    15 @grafov/autograf Another way for building Grafana dashboards.
    12 @nsf/tulib Termbox Utilities Library
    12 @disintegration/charmap Character encodings in Go
    10 @nsf/gortfm Documentation generator for the Go programming language
    10 @nsf/libtorgo BitTorrent Go library
    10 @nsf/sexp S-expressions parser in the Go programming language
    8 @nsf/torgo BitTorrent client and a tool written in Go
    7 @nsf/jsondiff JsonDiff library
    6 @nsf/gomandel Go mandelbrot demo program
    5 @grafov/websocket-utils Simple utils for testing websocket connections.
    5 @grafov/shift-shift Simple Xorg keyboard switcher. Lshift for group1. Rshift for group2.
    5 @nsf/sqlrace SQL Race condition demo
    5 @bolknote/MakeCorner Переписываю свою утилиту MakeCorner на Go ↗️
    4 @nsf/shebang Shebang scripting language
    3 @lanior/upc Universal Problems Converter
    2 @dragon/dragonhome_test1
    2 @grafov/kiwi Strange logger & context keeper for Go language
    2 @grafov/mpegts Mpegts stream decoder
    2 @nsf/sx Sx file format
    2 @nsf/goal Go makefile templates system
    2 @nsf/vulkangen Vulkan C++ wrapper generator
    2 @grafov/wtfm Where's the fucking manual? (ok, let Write the Fabulous Manual)


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    202 @anton-k/ru-haskell-book учебник по Haskell
    44 @qrilka/xlsx Simple and incomplete Excel file parser/writer
    21 @l29ah/muesli An alternative apporach to Soylent
    19 @anton-k/processing-for-haske… Graphics for kids and artists. Processing implemented in Haskell
    17 @qnikst/imagemagick haskell imagemagick bindings
    10 @graninas/GraphServer GraphServer for Haskell code visualization
    10 @graninas/The-Amoeba-World The Amoeba World game
    8 @qnikst/okasaki solutions for book C. Okasaki purely functional data structures
    6 @qnikst/numeric-ode Haskell numerical ODE solvers
    5 @graninas/Adv2Game Advanced Adventure Game on Haskell
    5 @qnikst/TcpServers Skeleton for haskell tcpservers
    5 @knsd/crypto-pubkey-openss… OpenSSH keys decoder/encoder ↗️
    4 @l29ah/9ptorrent a bittorrent client with a filesystem interface
    4 @l29ah/Network-NineP A library providing one with a somewhat higher level interface to 9P2000 protocol than existing implementations. Designed to facilitate rapid development of synthetic filesystems.
    3 @Elemir/network-ninep High-level 9p haskell library
    3 @graninas/Quest-Tutorial-Code Quest Tutorial Code for Haskell Quest Tutorial articles
    3 @qnikst/distributed-process-… 0MQ backend for distributed-process.
    2 @qnikst/libvirt-hs libvirt haskell bindings
    2 @qrilka/yesod-crud-test Playing with yesod scaffolding and Yesod.Helpers.Crud
    2 @l29ah/monad-peel taking over andersk's hackage package
    2 @l29ah/9ph implementation of the 9P2000 protocol for haskell
    2 @dmatveev/mutators Automatically generate "setters" for complex data structures
    2 @l29ah/xmonad-config


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    136 @Shestak/ShestakUI User Interface for World of Warcraft ↗️
    10 @Shestak/ShestakUI_Extra Extra modules for ShestakUI ↗️
    8 @Disinterpreter/ClassicDM-MTA My test gamemod. Not recommend taking yourself :D
    5 @mniip/xsTPTIRC IRC client for The Powder Toy (http://powdertoy.co.uk)
    5 @mniip/yt youtube downloader in lua
    5 @claygod/Rumba Micro framework Rumba written in Lua language for web development faster and light sites or CMS that are hosted on Apache (with mod_lua module)
    2 @spike-spb/local-mexes
    2 @Shestak/ShestakUI_Media Extra media for third-party addons with LibSharedMedia ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    88 @Bihaqo/TensorNet
    7 @Bihaqo/TT-MRF


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    1866 @kolyvan/kxmovie movie player for iOS using ffmpeg
    1423 @kolyvan/kxmenu KxMenu is a vertical popup menu for using in iOS applications
    721 @Friend-LGA/LGSideMenuController iOS side menu view controller shows left and right views on top of everything by pressing button or gesture
    385 @Friend-LGA/LGAlertView Customizable implementation of UIAlertViewController, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet. All in one. You can customize every detail. Make AlertView of your dream! :)
    257 @Friend-LGA/LGPlusButtonsView iOS implementation of Floating Action Button (Google Plus Button, fab), that shows more options
    173 @EugeneTrapeznikov/ETFoursquareImages Places' top images page like in Foursqaure app.
    168 @kolyvan/kxtorrent torrent (bittorrent) client for iPhone
    162 @kolyvan/kxsmb KxSMB is objective-c wrapper for libsmbclient (samba.org) lib.
    142 @Friend-LGA/LGRefreshView iOS pull to refresh for UIScrollView, UITableView and UICollectionView
    119 @Friend-LGA/LGActionSheet Customizable implementation of UIActionSheet
    115 @opedge/DrawReport Report UI issues, live long, be happy.
    109 @Friend-LGA/LGFilterView View shows and applies different filters in iOS app
    107 @slavikus/Icy Icy is a lightweight DPKG-based installer for the iPhone.
    98 @opedge/OMAMovingAnnotations Moving annotations for iOS MapView
    69 @EugeneTrapeznikov/ETActivityIndicatorV… Windows Phone like activity indicator for ios
    67 @kolyvan/kxintro KxIntro is a small set of objective-c classes for showing of introduction in iOS app
    61 @Friend-LGA/LGDrawer iOS helper draws UIImages programmatically
    55 @Friend-LGA/LGPlaceholderView View covers everything inside view controller, and shows some alert text, progress bar or other view, when you need to hide content
    50 @Friend-LGA/LGViews Classes extends abilities of UILabel, UIButton, UITextField and UITextView
    38 @EugeneTrapeznikov/ETSwipeCell UITableViewCell's subclass with gestures
    33 @Kentzo/IKSegmentedControl OpenSource analog of UISegmentedControl. Allows you to customize segment view.
    32 @Friend-LGA/LGHelper iOS helper contains a lot of useful macrosses, methods and hints for every day
    29 @etolstoy/UIViewController-Rou… Better Navigation in iOS
    28 @mureev/CMDataStorage Simple and powerful API to work with NSData in IOS Cache, Documents and Temp folder.
    25 @mureev/CMSlideController UIViewController container with awesome iOS 7 slide menu, parallax menu and UIKit Dynamics.
    23 @mureev/CMActionSheet Beautifully done UIActionSheet replacement for iOS (Inspired by TweetBot, RDActionSheet and BlockAlertsAnd-ActionSheets repos)
    22 @Friend-LGA/LGRadioButtonsView iOS implementation of radio buttons
    22 @chebur/CHRTextFieldFormatte… Provides UITextField formatting masks. Such as phone number and credit card number formatters.
    21 @Friend-LGA/LGAudioStreamHelper iOS helper for easy recording audio stream, getting metadata and type of stream
    20 @slavikus/Hood Lightweight WiFi, GPRS, etc switcher for iOS
    16 @Friend-LGA/LGSharing iOS helper for easy sharing with email, message or social networks like facebook, twitter, google+ and vkontakte
    15 @etolstoy/ParseRevealer Pentesting apps using Parse as a backend
    14 @mureev/ObjCMacros ObjCMacros is set of macros and constants that speed up development without adding any new classes and categories.
    14 @Kentzo/IKNetworkActivityMan… The IKNetworkActivityManager class simplifies work with UIApplication network activity indicator. It turns your networkActivityIndicatorVisible = YES/NO code to add/removeNetworkUser:, so you don't need to remember about objects that can use network anymore.
    13 @Friend-LGA/LGHelper-NS iOS helper extends NSArray, NSData, NSDate, NSDictionary and other NS* classes
    13 @kolyvan/kxhtml simple and lightweight HTML renderer for iOS
    13 @Friend-LGA/LGViewControllers Classes extends abilities of UITableViewController, UICollectionViewController, and more
    13 @Kentzo/IKConnectionDelegate The IKConnectionDelegate class simplifies your NSURLConnection-related code by using GCD and blocks.
    12 @Friend-LGA/LGConnection iOS wrapper around AFNetworking makes it easy to use
    10 @Friend-LGA/LGHelper-UI iOS helper extends UIColor, UIImage, UILabel, and other UI* classes
    8 @kolyvan/kxtools a small collection of objective-c categories, classes and macros
    8 @kolyvan/kxgridmenu A grid menu with a blurred background for iOS 8.
    8 @Kentzo/IKApplicationPrefere… Simple and beautiful way to add preferences to your Mac application. Mac OS X 10.6+, 64bit, ARC
    8 @Kentzo/Xcode-Singleton-Temp… Xcode template for an NSObject Singleton subclass
    5 @chebur/ELActionCell An exact copy of the Mail.app cell behavior
    5 @Kentzo/Iceberg Unofficial git fork of Iceberg ↗️
    4 @Kentzo/DBPrefsWindowControl… Allows you to create preferences window like in Apple's apps. ↗️
    4 @etolstoy/MultipleStoryboardsS…
    4 @Kentzo/RecentlyClosedTabs This plugin allows you to keep history of closed tabs in Safari ↗️
    4 @Kentzo/ShortcutRecorderDemo Demo for ShortcutRecorder
    4 @ArtemKyslicyn/DivRssReader
    3 @kolyvan/DTCoreTextLab sample of DTCoreText
    3 @Kentzo/WhereAreYou App for topcoders competition http://www.topcoder.com/wiki/display/doc…
    3 @kolyvan/kxutils A set of useful components and categories for iOS
    3 @Kentzo/IKPowerSources
    2 @azimin/FoodlePayPal
    2 @kolyvan/kxvif2ne iOS application for viewing VIF2NE.RU forum


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    83 @berekuk/Ubic Polymorphic service manager. ↗️
    76 @kappa/yadisk-sync Linux syncronizer for Yandex.Disk
    24 @sharifulin/mojolicious-plugin-m… Mojolcious plugin for send mail ↗️
    15 @kappa/perl-httpd-benchmark… Searching for fastest small Perl httpd
    15 @sharifulin/mojolicious-plugin-s… Mojolicious::Plugin::ShareHelpers - A Mojolicious Plugin for generate share urls, buttons and meta for Twitter, Facebook, VK, MyMailRU and Google Plus
    13 @olegwtf/proxyhunter Yet another proxy hunter
    12 @GreenKakadu/mojolicious-plugin-d… simple DBI plugin for Mojolicious
    11 @xoma/Russian-translate-of… Перевод документации и рецептов для Perl-фреймворка Mojolicious ↗️
    10 @kappa/App-ThinPacker Make scripts autoinstall their dependencies ↗️
    9 @kappa/checkvist-backup A tool to backup your checkvist.com data
    9 @kappa/shutter-yandex-disk Shutter upload plugin for Yandex.Disk service
    8 @sharifulin/mojolicious-plugin-g… Mojolicious::Plugin::GeoLocation - Geo Location Mojolicious Plugin
    8 @sharifulin/mojolicious-plugin-i… Internationalization Plugin for Mojolicious 5.x and higher
    7 @sharifulin/mojolicious-plugin-u… A lot of util helpers for a Mojolicious apps
    6 @sharifulin/acme-cpanauthors-rus… Acme::CPANAuthors::Russian – We are Russian CPAN authors ↗️
    6 @sharifulin/mojolicious-plugin-j… Mojolicious::Plugin::JsonToXml – JSON to XML Mojolicious Plugin
    6 @sharifulin/net-lastfm-submissio… Net::LastFM::Submission – Perl interface to the Last.fm Submissions Protocol ↗️
    5 @kappa/gdocs-backup-perl Backup Google Docs
    5 @kappa/app-cpanhubble Web frontend to CPAN and Github search functions. ↗️
    5 @bessarabov/felix
    5 @nordicdyno/todostat Collect and show statistic for special comments
    5 @berekuk/cpan2deb
    5 @afiskon/p5-vk-mp3 VK::MP3 - searches for mp3 on vkontakte.ru, also known as vk.com
    5 @kappa/plack-middleware-rew… URL-rewriting engine
    5 @bessarabov/bessarabov_blog Markdown texts with blog posts at https://ivan.bessarabov.ru/blog ↗️
    4 @berekuk/Dist-Zilla-Deb Debian-specific commands and plugins for Dist::Zilla
    4 @bessarabov/Test-Whitespaces test source code for errors in whitespaces
    4 @bessarabov/Trac-RPC Perl module to access Trac via XML-RPC Plugin
    4 @berekuk/guitarpro-perl GuitarPro files parser. gt1, gp2 and gp4 formats are supported. This code is incomplete and abandoned, use with caution. ↗️
    3 @sharifulin/mojolicious-command-… Mojolicious::Command::Generate::Shariful… – App Generator Command Sharifulin Style
    3 @ichesnokov/yapc-russia-2011 Презентация "Использование исключений при разработке на Perl"
    3 @kappa/taka2pdf takahashi.xul slides to PDF converter
    3 @kappa/jobber jobs.planetperl.ru source ↗️
    3 @olegwtf/p5-IO-Socket-Socks Extension to IO::Socket providing SOCKS proxy support ↗️
    3 @sharifulin/poe-component-client… POE::Component::Client::Icecast - non-blocking client to Icecast server for getting tags ↗️
    3 @sharifulin/acme-cpanauthors-ukr… Acme::CPANAuthors::Ukrainian – We are Ukrainian CPAN authors ↗️
    2 @n4kz/meepo Template engine compatible with HTML::Template syntax and Perl/JavaScript source code output
    2 @olegwtf/p5-AnyEvent-Whois-Ra… Non-blocking wrapper for Net::Whois::Raw
    2 @olegwtf/p5-Coro-PatchSet fix Coro as much as possible
    2 @kappa/CGI-Application-Disp… PSGI adapter for CGI::Application ↗️
    2 @bessarabov/Weightbot-API Get Weightbot iPhone app data from weightbot.com
    2 @kappa/pogoda Social weather service ↗️
    2 @n4kz/alleria Simple xmpp bot
    2 @n4kz/File-Dropbox Convenient and fast Dropbox API abstraction
    2 @vovkasm/dbicx-txninsert Allows DBIx-Class to wrap all inserts in the transaction
    2 @vovkasm/Class-Accessor-Inher… Fast XS inherited, object and class accessors
    2 @Meettya/Config-YAML-Modern Modern YAML-based config loader from file or directory
    2 @avkhozov/pproxy TCP proxy on Perl
    2 @Meettya/Botox Object::Botox - simple perl OO beauty-shot.
    2 @avkhozov/Test-Mojo-Session Test::Mojo::Session ↗️
    2 @Meettya/DetectCharset Detect Russian Charset from text OR file
    2 @berekuk/Ubic-Service-Memcach… Run memcached as ubic service
    2 @Meettya/Mojolicious-Plugin-R… Simply use Redis in Mojolicious
    2 @robotomize/twiilog Application for notification of server load via twitter.
    2 @bessarabov/App-Comparator Compare Perl CPAN modules.
    2 @berekuk/Ubic-Service-Cocaine
    2 @olegwtf/p5-Mojo-SMTP-Client SMTP client based on Mojo::IOLoop
    2 @bessarabov/WWW-Questhub questhub.io API
    2 @kappa/google-contacts-dump Google Contacts dumper
    2 @GreenKakadu/bootylicious-plugin-… this plugin provides your Bootylicious application with stable, reliable, high speed, globally available access to all of the most popular, open source JavaScript libraries (by using content distribution network Google AJAX Libraries API
    2 @GreenKakadu/bootylicious-plugin-… load TOC (Table of Contents) jQuery plugin for bootylicious articles
    2 @sharifulin/pod2-ru POD2::RU - Russian translation of Perl core documentation ↗️
    2 @GreenKakadu/bootylicious-plugin-… Bootylicious::Plugin::Gallery - Gallery plugin for Bootylicious ↗️
    2 @sharifulin/acme-cpanauthors-nor… Acme::CPANAuthors::Norwegian – We are Norwegian CPAN authors ↗️
    2 @n4kz/japh Perl programs


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    1301 @kakserpom/phpdaemon Asynchronous server-side framework for network applications implemented in PHP using libevent ↗️
    543 @yupe/yupe Юпи! - интернет-магазин на Yiiframework демо - http://demo.yupe.ru/store Сайт ↗️
    316 @indeyets/appserver-in-php Generic HTTP applications approach for PHP5.3+ (inspired by Rack and WSGI)
    277 @samdark/yii2-shop Example project implementing simple shop using Yii 2.0
    256 @creocoder/yii2-nested-sets The nested sets behavior for the Yii framework.
    213 @samdark/sitemap Sitemap and sitemap index builder
    190 @indeyets/pake pake is a PHP automation tool with capabilities similar to make ↗️
    132 @creocoder/yii2-flysystem The Flysystem integration for the Yii framework.
    128 @samdark/yii2-webshell Web shell allows to run yii console commands using a browser
    96 @samdark/Yeeki Yii 1.1-based wiki
    92 @creocoder/yii2-taggable The taggable behavior for the Yii framework.
    85 @samdark/Typograph Класс для автоматического применения правил русской типографики для веб ↗️
    79 @samdark/yii2-minimal Yii 2 minimal application template
    73 @samdark/yii-application-cook… Code of the second edition of Yii Application Development Cookbook
    70 @lisachenko/php-deal Design by Contract framework for PHP
    67 @kovshenin/post-options-api Post Options API is an alternative to Custom Fields ↗️
    67 @samdark/yiifeed Pre-moderated news aggregator ↗️
    66 @zelenin/yii2-i18n-module Yii2 i18n (internalization) module makes the translation of your application so simple
    65 @kovshenin/escape-ngg Escape NextGen Gallery
    61 @zelenin/yii2-semantic-ui Semantic UI extension for Yii2 ↗️
    57 @zelenin/sms_ru PHP-класс для работы с api сервиса sms.ru
    54 @bezumkin/miniShop2 Second version of simple online shop for MODX Revolution
    51 @bezumkin/miniShop Project is closed and not supported
    46 @creocoder/yii2-translateable The translateable behavior for the Yii framework.
    43 @bezumkin/pdoTools Small library for creating fast snippets for MODX Revolution that works through PDO.
    39 @samdark/realpath_cache_tuner Simple script that helps tuning PHP realpath cache
    37 @zelenin/telegram-bot-api Telegram Bot API Client
    35 @kakserpom/quicky Quicky - template engine for PHP, which supports Smarty and Blitz syntax as well. Quicky has many own features and capabilites. Quicky is very very fast (it was designed for highload projects).
    31 @samdark/yiiframework-ru yiiframework.ru ↗️
    31 @zelenin/yii2-slug-behavior Yii2 slug behavior
    30 @lisachenko/protocol-fcgi FastCGI (FCGI) Protocol implementation for PHP
    30 @samdark/yii-jobs A module and an application for Yii that provides a job-portal-like functionality
    26 @indeyets/MySQL-Query-Builder Simple object-oriented API for composing PDO::MySQL Queries
    26 @bezumkin/Tickets Tickets system for MODX Revolution
    25 @samdark/yii-fullajax fullajax Yii playground
    24 @kovshenin/debug-bar-slow-actio… Ever wondered which actions and filters were slowing down your WordPress site? You're welcome.
    23 @samdark/yii-db-profiler Yii profiler adjusted to deal with MySQL performance optimizations
    22 @zelenin/yii2-rbac-module Yii2 RBAC module with generating assignments to DB from RBAC data store file rbac.php
    21 @nkt/flame The PDO wrapper with comfortable API for placeholders ↗️
    19 @bezumkin/modExtra A base MODx Extra template to begin development on
    15 @samdark/intl-icu-data-tables PHP intl extension, ICU data tables ↗️
    15 @zelenin/VK PHP class for VK API
    14 @lisachenko/warlock PHP Warlock is a bridge that integrates AOP and DIC into one powerful component
    14 @bezumkin/modx-hybridauth MODX component for social sign on
    13 @zelenin/yii2-rss Yii2 RSS extension adds RSS-feed to your site
    13 @nkt/doctrine-columns Doctrine columns
    13 @zelenin/yii2-sms_ru Yii2 extension for sms.ru
    13 @bezumkin/AjaxForm Simple component for MODX Revolution, that allows you to send any form through ajax.
    12 @samdark/yii2-league-oauth2-s… Yii 2.0 implementation of PHP league OAuth2 server interfaces
    12 @bezumkin/mxManager Server side component for iOS application "mxManager"
    10 @bezumkin/debugParser Component for display verbose information about processing tags in modParser of MODX Revolution
    9 @kovshenin/technical-support Technical Support for WordPress Plugin ↗️
    9 @creocoder/yii2-app-ninja The ninja application template for the Yii framework.
    9 @memphys/silex-capistrano test project for devconf presentation
    9 @bezumkin/MinifyX MinifyX is a MODX® Revolution addon that allows you to combine and minify JS and CSS files to speed up your site and reduce server load
    9 @lisachenko/zf2-aspect Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming into ZF2
    8 @AgelxNash/diffplugin4modx Плагин сохранения истории изменений сниппетов, чанков, плагинов, модулей и шаблонов в modx evolution [Не поддерживается]
    8 @zelenin/RSS-Generator PHP class for generating of RSS feeds. Full support of [RSSboard specification](http://www.rssboard.org/r…
    8 @AgelxNash/SEOPagination Laravel SEO Pagination
    8 @AgelxNash/MODXComposer Долой репозитории, давай composer для MODX Evolution ↗️
    8 @zelenin/elo A PHP implementation of Elo rating system
    7 @stamm/yii-console-completi…
    7 @kovshenin/minimalgeorgia Minimal Georgia Theme for WordPress ↗️
    7 @lisachenko/go-prototype-php Prototype programming library for PHP
    6 @kovshenin/twitter-blockquotes Twitter Blockquotes Plugin for WordPress ↗️
    6 @nkt/php-scalar Methods for PHP scalars ↗️
    6 @AgelxNash/MinifyX-for-Evolutio… Component MinifyX for MODX Evolution
    6 @zelenin/yii2-request-log-mod… Yii2 request log module
    5 @zelenin/ddd-core Core for Domain-driven design concepts
    5 @bezumkin/Sendex Subscriptions for MODX Revolution
    5 @zelenin/yii-sms_ru Расширение Yii для работы с api sms.ru
    5 @bezumkin/MODX-SMF MODX + SMF two-way synchronization
    5 @memphys/zf2-capistrano
    5 @mrmlnc/October-Russian-Lang… 📝 Полный перевод языковых файлов OctoberCMS на русский язык.
    5 @zelenin/Instagram A PHP implementation of the Instagram API
    4 @bezumkin/eventsCalendar2 Calendar for MODX Revolution ↗️
    4 @zelenin/yii2-semantic-ui-dem… Semantic UI extension for Yii2 demo ↗️
    4 @bezumkin/mSearch Search snippet with russian morphology for MODx Revolution
    4 @memphys/zf-capistrano
    4 @bezumkin/modx-markdown Markdown for MODX Revolution
    4 @indeyets/php-protobuf Protocol Buffers implementation for PHP
    4 @stamm/wp2e2 This script parse articles from wordpress to e2 ↗️
    4 @stamm/yii.blog
    4 @zelenin/Tor The Old Reader API (PHP implementation).
    4 @samdark/yii2-iconized-menu-w… Menu with favicons for each item.
    4 @kakserpom/phpdaemon-BTtracker BitTorrent tracker written in phpDaemon.
    4 @AgelxNash/modLaravel Launch snippets from content (by CMS MODX Evolution)
    3 @AgelxNash/MODX.IDEHelperGenera… IDE helper
    3 @kovshenin/crapcha Protect your WordPress site with a completely ridiculous and phony captcha that hassles for amusement. ↗️
    3 @bezumkin/modx-jevix HTML validator and filter
    3 @bezumkin/modx-loginza Loginza implementation for MODX Revolution ↗️
    3 @zelenin/zend-expressive-conf… Zend Expressive config manager
    3 @kovshenin/twitter-friendly-lin… Twitter Friendly Links for WordPress ↗️
    3 @kakserpom/fail2ban_reporter Tiny tool which is keeping an eye on your fail2ban logs and automatically sends Abuse Reports to mailboxes from RIPE DB. Let's try to make Internet a bit cleaner.
    3 @Fi1osof/modBlog MODX Revolution extra for creation blogs
    3 @bezumkin/dateAgo Snippet for MODX, that makes dates looks cool
    2 @kovshenin/sharedaddy-retweet Retweet button for Sharedaddy (Jetpack)
    2 @nkt/symfony-app The Symfony application skeleton ↗️
    2 @indeyets/php-twitterdata PHP library for parsing and emitting TwitterData
    2 @indeyets/bliki bliki-engine working on top of appserver-in-php
    2 @indeyets/midcom MVC framework for PHP and the Midgard content repository ↗️
    2 @stamm/yii-autocomplete Autocomplete in PhpStorm for yii
    2 @bezumkin/AjaxSnippet Simple component for MODX Revolution, that allows you to run any snippet through ajax.
    2 @stamm/yii-socials ↗️
    2 @bezumkin/BannerY
    2 @AgelxNash/summary Truncates the HTML string to the specified length (and snippet for MODX evolugin/revolution)
    2 @AgelxNash/CK4ME Cache Kohana for MODX Evolution [Не поддерживается]
    2 @bezumkin/miniPayment Component for work with payments on MODX Revolution
    2 @bezumkin/PageBreaker Component for MODX Revolution that splits a single large page into several smaller
    2 @AgelxNash/l4-confirm-action
    2 @bezumkin/Schedule Component for building custom schedule on MODX Revolution
    2 @kovshenin/camptix-admin-flags An addon for CampTix that allows admins to configure and set private per-attendee flags.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    21068 @nvbn/thefuck Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.
    3056 @klen/python-mode Vim python-mode. PyLint, Rope, Pydoc, breakpoints from box.
    1303 @Suor/funcy A fancy and practical functional tools
    1100 @sobolevn/wemake-python-styleguide The strictest and most opinionated python linter ever!
    1300 @sobolevn/dry-python/returns Make your functions return something meaningful, typed, and safe!
    1098 @nvbn/everpad Evernote client well integrated with linux desktop
    733 @kmmbvnr/django-jenkins Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins
    664 @kmmbvnr/django-fsm Django friendly finite state machine support
    571 @kmike/django-widget-tweaks Tweak the form field rendering in templates, not in python-level form definitions. CSS classes and HTML attributes can be altered.
    555 @Suor/django-cacheops A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation.
    438 @nvbn/django-bower Easy way to use bower with your django project ↗️
    374 @klen/graphite-beacon Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics
    351 @kmike/pymorphy2 Morphological analyzer / inflection engine for Russian and Ukrainian languages. ↗️
    339 @klen/muffin Muffin is a fast, simple and asyncronous web-framework for Python 3
    315 @klen/mixer Mixer -- Is a fixtures replacement. Supported Django, Flask, SqlAlchemy and custom python objects.
    207 @klen/py-frameworks-bench Another benchmark for some python frameworks
    192 @dreadatour/Flake8Lint Sublime Text plugin for lint Python files
    190 @idlesign/django-sitetree Reusable application for Django introducing site tree, menu and breadcrumbs navigation elements. ↗️
    186 @klen/pylama Code audit tool for python.
    182 @Suor/sublime-reform A Sublime Text plugin to move through and reform things
    155 @klen/Flask-Foundation Quick start with Flask
    138 @Suor/patterns Pattern matching for python
    129 @zhovner/Skype-iplookup Perform obscure ip lookup for online skype accounts. Can find local and remote ip address. Require craked SkypeKit with deobfuscated debug logs. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3899… ↗️
    120 @smira/txZMQ ZeroMQ bindings for Twisted ↗️
    95 @vlasovskikh/funcparserlib Recurisve descent parsing library for Python based on functional combinators
    80 @kmmbvnr/django-any Unobtrusive test models creation for django
    79 @nvbn/rhythmbox-gmusic Rhythmbox Google Play Music Plugin
    69 @klen/python-scss Python scss parser. ↗️
    64 @nvbn/python-yamusic Python yandex music Library
    64 @klen/atmark Awk+Sed for humans
    63 @Suor/handy Handy django tools
    61 @nvbn/import_from_github_c… Python module finder/loader from github, like in golang
    55 @klen/zeta-library Css, scss, js parser and linker. Also framework for working with static files
    55 @kmike/vkontakte vkontakte.ru python API wrapper ↗️
    54 @Suor/whatever Easy anonymous functions by partial application of operators
    46 @kmike/django-coverage Yet another django test coverage app with nice custom html reports. The official git mirror. ↗️
    46 @klen/makesite makesite is a collection of scripts for deploying and managing web projects ↗️
    46 @kmike/django-admin-user-st… This app provides django-admin-tools dashboard modules with user registration stats/charts.
    44 @klen/adrest Another django rest framework
    44 @kmike/django-robokassa РАЗЫСКИВАЮТСЯ РАЗРАБОТЧИКИ! ПРОЕКТ ПОКА НЕ ПОДДЕРЖИВАЕТСЯ. Приложение для интеграции платежной системы ROBOKASSA в проекты django. Лицензия - MIT.
    42 @klen/django-netauth django auth backend
    41 @nvbn/djang0byte Lightweight social networks engine written in python+django, that aims to bear great workloads.
    40 @bobuk/ypload Simple script for upload and publish a file to Yandex.Disk
    40 @kmike/tornado-slacker (experiment!) This package provides an easy API for moving the work out of the tornado process / event loop.
    40 @klen/dealer Make some staff
    38 @nvbn/series_list Easy to use tool for automatically downloading episodes with subtitles
    37 @Suor/django-pickling Efficient pickling for django models
    34 @lavrton/sublime-better-types… Typescript syntax highlighting and checking, commands, shortcuts, snippets, watched compilation and more for Sublime Text.https://github.com/lavrton/sublime-…
    33 @Suor/flaws Finds flaws in your python code
    33 @idlesign/django-sitemetrics Reusable application for Django that offers easy integration with different site metrics service providers. ↗️
    33 @klen/Flask-Collect Collect static files in flask application ↗️
    32 @klen/aioauth-client OAuth client for aiohttp
    30 @daevaorn/django-composition DSL for smart database fields denormalization
    29 @FZambia/cyclone-sse Server-Sent Events (EventSource) broadcasting server based on top of cyclone web server.
    29 @barbuza/supercaptcha captchafield for django newforms
    28 @zhovner/mfdread Mifare 1k/4k dumps parser in human readable format
    27 @idlesign/django-sitegate Reusable application for Django to ease sign up & sign in processes ↗️
    27 @klen/peewee_migrate Simple migration engine for Peewee
    27 @idlesign/django-sitemessage Reusable application for Django introducing a message delivery framework ↗️
    26 @kmike/opencorpora-tools Python interface to http://opencorpora.org/ ↗️
    26 @andreypopp/routr Request routing for WebOb based WSGI applications ↗️
    24 @klen/rope-vim Pathogen compatable ropevim plugin. Dont need install rope libs in system.
    24 @nvbn/vkvideo Vkontakte video lens
    23 @nvbn/coviolations_web Tool for collecting and visualasing code violations. ↗️
    23 @daevaorn/django-query-exchang… Django application for handling GET query params for url creation
    21 @andreypopp/generic Generic programming library for Python ↗️
    21 @lavrton/SublimeLinter-contri… tslint plugin for SublimeLinter. Lint your typescript code.
    20 @zhovner/airport-sniffer Very simple Wi-Fi sniffer and dump parser for built-in macbook AirPort Extreme card. Only native MacOS tools used.
    20 @bobuk/ruhdtv-plex Plex application for ruhd.tv
    19 @idlesign/django-oauthost Reusable application for Django, introducing OAuth2 server functionality. ↗️
    18 @nvbn/pytest-docker-pexpec… pytest plugin for writing functional tests with pexpect and docker
    18 @vlasovskikh/convoread Command-line tool for Convore.com
    17 @idlesign/deluge-webapi Plugin for Deluge WebUI providing sane JSON API
    17 @barbuza/hamly fast haml for python
    17 @dreadatour/Pep8Lint Sublime Text 2 plugin / check Python files against some of the style conventions in PEP8
    16 @barbuza/contract validate arbitrary data structures in python and javascript
    16 @andreypopp/jsonpublish Configurable JSON encoder for publishing Python objects as JSON documents ↗️
    16 @idlesign/django-siteblocks Reusable application for Django to build blocks of static or dynamic data that could be used in templates. ↗️
    16 @idlesign/torrentool The tool to work with torrent files. ↗️
    16 @idlesign/torrt Automates torrent updates for you ↗️
    16 @nvbn/cantailme-server Server side of cantail.me
    15 @Kagami/chaptcha Break 2ch CAPTCHA using OpenCV and FANN
    15 @klen/django-gitrevision Django git revision, simple add current git revision to request object for use in tempaltes and views.
    15 @Suor/django-easymoney Easy MoneyField for Django
    14 @idlesign/pythonz Место, где делают pythonz.net ↗️
    14 @Suor/django-counters Redis based counters for Django models
    14 @Kagami/webm.py Encode WebM videos
    14 @dreadatour/sentry-statsd A Sentry extension which send errors stats to StatsD
    14 @bobuk/c Simple shell command to work with files in console. Copy-paste style like in Finder or Explorer.
    13 @zhovner/skypebot Skype bot based on skypekit that can host live conference call.
    13 @kmike/yandex-maps [ НЕ ПОДДЕРЖИВАЕТСЯ. ПИШИТЕ НА kmike84@gmail.com, ЕСЛИ ХОТИТЕ ПОМОЧЬ ] Библиотека для работы с API Яндекс-карт. ↗️
    13 @kmike/fabric-taskset Expose methods as Fabric tasks ↗️
    13 @smira/fmspy FMSPy provides implementation of RTMP protocol upon Twisted Framework. On top of protocol implementation it builds server for Flash/Flex/Haxe/... clients.
    13 @idlesign/django-sitecats Django reusable application for content categorization. ↗️
    13 @dreadatour/lazy Lazy token ↗️
    13 @kmike/django-eml-email-bac… Django email backend that saves emails to .eml files. Such files can be opened directly in Outlook or Mail.app.
    12 @klen/bottle-peewee Integrate Peewee ORM to Bottle framework
    12 @idlesign/deluge-updatorr Deluge plugin for automatic torrents updates ↗️
    12 @smira/py-numa Python interface to NUMA Linux library ↗️
    12 @kmike/russian-tagsets Russian morphological tagset converters library. ↗️
    12 @andreypopp/configure Configuration toolkit based on YAML ↗️
    12 @Suor/overload Overload python 2 functions
    12 @idlesign/django-admirarchy Django Admin addon to navigate through hierarchies. ↗️
    11 @idlesign/steampak Nicely packed tools to work with Steam APIs ↗️
    11 @barbuza/jsroutes use 'reverse' from javascript
    11 @kmike/pymorphy2-dicts Scripts for updating pymorphy2 dictionaries
    10 @Kagami/kisa XMPP stress tool
    10 @idlesign/pyyaru Python interface for ya.ru blog service API. Python-интерфейс для API блог-сервиса ya.ru. ↗️
    10 @idlesign/pysyge API to access data from Sypex Geo IP database files from your Python code
    9 @idlesign/django-siteprefs Reusable app for Django introducing site preferences system ↗️
    9 @kmike/port-for port-for is a command-line utility and a python library that helps with local TCP ports managment. port-for <foo> script finds an unused port and associates it with <foo>. Subsequent calls will return the same port number.
    8 @idlesign/imhodump Экспорт оценок из imhonet.ru ↗️
    8 @klen/flask-pw Peewee ORM integration for Flask framework
    8 @bobuk/jsonwsp-client Quiet simple realization of jsonwsp with excelent python-requests
    8 @kmike/django-vkontakte-ifr… Django app for developing vk.com (aka vkontakte.ru largest, Russian social network) iframe applications. Handles user authentication and registration. Official git mirror. ↗️
    8 @andreypopp/extracty a set of tools to extract metadata from HTML documents (WIP)
    8 @kmike/text-unidecode The most basic Text::Unidecode port (licensed under Artistic License) ↗️
    7 @idlesign/django-dev Tools to facilitate application development for Django ↗️
    7 @kmike/django-generic-image… This app provides image model (with useful managers, fields, utility methods and advanced admin image uploader) that can be attached to any other Django model using generic relations. ↗️
    7 @nvbn/cantailme-client Console client-sender for cantail.me
    7 @idlesign/django-siteflags Reusable application for Django allowing users to flag/bookmark site objects ↗️
    7 @idlesign/bowerer Bower for pythoneers ↗️
    7 @kmike/django-admin-decorat… Extra decorators for django admin ↗️
    7 @kmike/ruscorpora-tools Python interface to a free corpus subset available at http://ruscorpora.ru
    7 @nvbn/roboarm Python library for controlling owi robotic arm edge
    6 @andreypopp/contentlet Framework for creating composable and reusable web UI.
    6 @kmike/greatape Client library for the MailChimp API v1.2.
    6 @daevaorn/djapian High level Xapian integration for Django
    6 @nvbn/coviolations_app coviolations.io
    5 @daevaorn/hollow Django ORM mocking library
    5 @idlesign/pypusher pypusher pushes stuff from Python. Apple Push. ↗️
    5 @idlesign/calibre-bookradar Calibre plugin. Searches for books metadata on bookradar.org ↗️
    4 @dreadatour/jenkins-achtung Jenkins achtung ↗️
    4 @smira/spamfighter Web-service fighting spam and other unsolicited messages (comments, chat etc.) ↗️
    4 @klen/bottle-jade Provide Jade templates for Bottle framework
    4 @andreypopp/sphinxalchemy SphinxQL dialect for SQLAlchemy (uses MySQLdb-Python for wire protocol) ↗️
    4 @kmike/fabtest Test Fabric scripts on VirtualBox VMs ↗️
    4 @idlesign/django-etc Tiny stuff for Django that won't fit into separate apps. ↗️
    4 @nvbn/mcoll Modern API for python collections
    4 @klen/django-gishelper Useful commands for geodjango
    4 @vlasovskikh/whatsnew33-demo What's new in Python 3.3. ↗️
    4 @Suor/django-dirty Track dirty fields on django model
    4 @andreypopp/diffbot DiffBot API wrapper (uses urllib3)
    4 @nvbn/findZbomb Write robot, find bomb and remove!
    3 @barbuza/django-robust robust background queue for django
    3 @andreypopp/fb.py Python bindings for Facebook Graph API
    3 @kmike/django-mailru-money Django app for money.mail.ru. It was not tested in production!
    3 @kmike/django-pony A pony for your django project. ↗️
    3 @andreypopp/docgen.mk a set of utilities and make macros for static site generation ↗️
    3 @klen/muffin-session Session for Muffin Framework
    3 @klen/muffin-admin Admin interface for Muffin Framework
    3 @klen/muffin-redis Redis support for Muffin framework
    3 @klen/pyserve Serve local dirs (human version)
    3 @klen/muffin-peewee Peewee integration to Muffin framework
    3 @nvbn/pyboard-play A few games for pyboard/micropython
    3 @Suor/gzip-reader Streaming gzip decoder
    3 @FZambia/django-expand Easily create rest skeleton based on django model, including templates, views when starting project.
    3 @idlesign/pycbrf Tools to query Bank of Russia ↗️
    3 @FZambia/django-realtime-tick… authorize django users in realtime(asynchronous) backends using Redis expiring tickets
    3 @idlesign/makeapp Simplifies Python application rollout by providing its basic structure. ↗️
    3 @andreypopp/ipsql Intelligent PostgreSQL shell (concept)
    3 @daevaorn/gae-urlfetcher Wrapper around native Google App Engine urlfetch module
    3 @nvbn/evilshortgen Shortest and hackish tornado assync calls
    3 @idlesign/django-firebird Firebird backend for Django 1.2+ ↗️
    3 @nvbn/pytoppa Python package to ppa
    3 @Suor/autolink Convert URL-like and email-like strings into links
    3 @nvbn/debman apt frontend with pacman syntax
    3 @nadako/dungeons Misc roguelike-related stuff
    2 @klen/muffin-sentry Sentry integration to Muffin Framework.
    2 @Suor/django-union Unite several querysets into one.
    2 @Suor/debug-cache Cache to speed up debugging
    2 @andreypopp/schemify simple schema validation for Python
    2 @andreypopp/statics Static site generator
    2 @Suor/rebind Rebind hard-coded constants on the fly
    2 @daevaorn/django-legacy Smart rewrites for old urls
    2 @daevaorn/django-reflection Provides API to reflect changes in the instances of different models
    2 @dreadatour/django-fest django-fest
    2 @zhovner/RPi-hijacker Raspberry Pi based WiFi self-contained cookie hijacker.
    2 @barbuza/delay because postgres is mongo too
    2 @nadako/myplay Very simple music playing service
    2 @barbuza/scoped easily add scopes to django models
    2 @nvbn/robocam OWI Robotic Arm + Raspberry pi + Arduino dashboard
    2 @Kagami/shitsu Tiny and flexible XMPP bot framework
    2 @nvbn/microasync Green threads and CSP for micropython
    2 @vlasovskikh/git-subdirs Small wrapper for performing git commands on nested repositories in subdirectories.
    2 @nvbn/pyfunc Examples for habr post ↗️
    2 @kmmbvnr/viewflow-intro Viewflow in action: 10 Minutes introduction
    2 @kmike/funny-codes Generate randoms strings of a given pattern ↗️
    2 @nadako/pyrogue
    2 @klen/fquest ZeroQuest lazy RPG. Moscow Facebook Hackday.
    2 @idlesign/letmehear Audio book batch processor (resplitter) ↗️
    2 @andreypopp/pyevent2 Python bindings for libevent 2.x ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    10 @mephistopheies/ml-r Code for ML course


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2142 @gazay/gon Your Rails variables in your JS
    897 @kostya/eye Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God.
    839 @ai/autoprefixer-rails Autoprefixer for Ruby and Ruby on Rails ↗️
    733 @the-teacher/the_role Authorization for Rails + GUI. Semantic, Flexible, Lightweight
    522 @the-teacher/the_sortable_tree Nested Set + Drag&Drop GUI. Very fast! Best render helper! 2000 nodes/sec. Ready for rails 4
    481 @ai/r18n I18n tool to translate your Ruby application.
    424 @yaroslav/russian Russian language support for Ruby and Rails Поддержка русского языка для Ruby и Rails
    394 @brainopia/sidekiq-limit_fetch Sidekiq strategy to support an advanced queue control – limiting, pausing, blocking, querying
    351 @davydovanton/sidekiq-statistic See statistic about your workers
    310 @the-teacher/the_comments Comments with threading for Rails 4
    149 @gazay/ids_please Helps to get IDs or screen names from links to social network accounts
    108 @ai/rails-sass-images Sass functions and mixins to inline images and get images size
    107 @gazay/talks Talking hooks for long lasted cli tools
    106 @zzet/ansible-rbenv-role Ansible role for installing rbenv. ↗️
    96 @ai/evil-front Helpers for frontend from Evil Martians
    93 @mokevnin/railsify rails best practices
    90 @brainopia/symbolic Symbolic math for ruby ↗️
    80 @davydovanton/awesome-hanami A collection of awesome Hanami Gems and projects
    73 @gazay/gon-sinatra Your Sinatra variables in your JS
    63 @yaroslav/yandex_inflect Web service client for Yandex.Inflect Russian language inflection service Клиент веб-сервиса Яндекс.Склонятор
    57 @mokevnin/ipgeobase География российских и украинских IP-адресов. Поиск местонахождения (города) IP-адреса
    56 @ai/jquery-cdn Best way to use latest jQuery in Ruby app
    53 @oruen/oa-vkontakte Расширение OmniAuth и Devise для аутентификации через "ВКонтакте"
    48 @funny-falcon/activerecord-postgre… PostgreSQL array awarness for ActiveRecord
    42 @ai/fotoramajs Fotorama for Ruby on Rails ↗️
    40 @dustalov/myaso Myaso, a nice morphological analyzer. ↗️
    39 @zzet/elasticsearch-git Elasticsearch integrations for git repositories. Provide index repository and full-text search code or commits in repository.
    36 @brainopia/em-easy Asynchronous programming (based on EventMachine) without trouble of callbacks
    35 @shell/rails3_before_render Plugin to empower rails3 with before_render filter ↗️
    28 @funny-falcon/bin_utils Alternative to Array#pack and String#unpack
    27 @gazay/share_some_love Share some love to our buddies rubyists!
    27 @brainopia/backport_new_rendere… Backport render anywhere feature from Rails 5.
    23 @gazay/tonic gh-pages with sass, haml, coffee (and compass)
    23 @davydovanton/shallow_attributes Simple and lightweight Virtus analog.
    22 @ai/about-postcss Keynotes about PostCSS ↗️
    20 @kostya/pg_csv Fast Ruby PG csv export. Uses pg function 'copy to csv'. Effective on millions rows.
    19 @ai/plain_record Data persistence with human readable and editable storage.
    18 @niquola/strong_concerns Gem strong_concerns is technically helping you to create concerns in a right way, minimizing and making explicit interface between object and concern.
    18 @niquola/angularjs-on-rails angularjs and ruby on rails integration practice
    18 @davydovanton/AnyBar_rb Ruby wrapper for AnyBar.app
    17 @gazay/odnoklassniki Ruby wrapper for Odnoklassniki API
    17 @ai/twitter2vk Script to automatically repost statuses from Twitter to VK (В Контакте)
    16 @davydovanton/rspec-hanami RSpec Matchers for Hanami
    16 @funny-falcon/em-zmq-tp10 Implementation of ZMQ2.x transport protocol - ZMTP1.0
    15 @mokevnin/dogma Orm (based on data mapper pattern). unit of work, identity map, repository.
    15 @brainopia/brain Implementation of fundamental types of neural networks which includes multilayer perceptron, Kohonen net and Hopfield net. ↗️
    14 @ai/darian Darian Mars calendar converter
    13 @gazay/spik Let spik with Rails!
    12 @oruen/backstab My experiment on creating a multiplayer game.
    11 @dustalov/greeb Greeb is a simple Unicode-aware regexp-based tokenizer. ↗️
    11 @kostya/pgq Queues system for AR/Rails based on PgQ Skytools for PostgreSQL, like Resque on Redis. Rails 2.3 and 3 compatible.
    11 @dustalov/gistup Gistup: Use Gists ↗️
    11 @dustalov/strawberry Tree-Oriented Table Data Storage. ↗️
    10 @kostya/ruby-app Ruby micro framework for easy create ruby applications (daemons, EventMachine-apps, db-apps, cli...). Features: bundler, environments, activesupport, rails dirs tree. Fast loading and low memory using.
    9 @niquola/health_seven ruby hl7 2.x support
    9 @niquola/cLean-Architecture Illustration of architecture ideas, accumulated during 5y of ehr development
    9 @niquola/fhir-ruby
    9 @funny-falcon/thin-fun_embed trim of Thin web server for embedding into eventmachined application
    7 @kostya/eye-rotate Log rotate for the Eye gem.
    7 @kostya/confuddle Utility for work with unfuddle.com account from console
    7 @dustalov/myasorubka Morphological data processor, in Ruby. ↗️
    7 @oruen/rails_admin-treeview Tree-style sidebar navigation
    7 @ai/d2na D²NA language for пenetic programming
    7 @davydovanton/rodauth_hanami Example app for integrate rodauth server to hanami app
    7 @niquola/ruby-cda lib for parse & generation of HL7 cda documents
    7 @niquola/pg_gnostic rails and postgresql integration
    6 @TimothyKlim/typescript-ruby Ruby TypeScript Compiler
    6 @kostya/eye-http Http interface for the Eye gem
    6 @kostya/sidekiq-kawai Syntax sugar for Sidekiq consumers. Each consumer is a class, with clean interface, and custom logger.
    6 @kostya/nagios_helper Gem for writing, testing, executing Nagios checks inside Rails application. Checks running throught http or script.
    6 @funny-falcon/ru_excel Port of pyExcelerator
    6 @kostya/pg_reindex Console utility for gracefully rebuild indexes/pkeys for PostgreSQL, with minimal locking in semi-auto mode.
    6 @kostya/bin_script Easy writing and executing bins(executable scripts) in Rails Application (especially for crontab or god). For my purposes much better than Rake, Thor and Rails Runner.
    5 @funny-falcon/tarantool16-ruby Ruby driver for Tarantool 1.6
    5 @brainopia/cassandra-flow Flexible workflow for cassandra
    5 @brainopia/robocup-client Code for a robocup team in simulation 3d league
    5 @mokevnin/capybara-rails Special support for Capybara and DatabaseCleaner
    5 @niquola/dojo_on_rails dojo and rails integration. Moved to depo
    5 @AlekSi/redmine_code_review Automated mirror + my patches; see wiki for details ↗️
    4 @ai/dis.spbstu.ru Department homepage
    4 @dustalov/TesuckThesis Research and Development of Automatic Keyphrase Extraction System from Natural Language Text. ↗️
    4 @oruen/vk_api Ruby wrapper for VK.com API
    4 @r3nya/simple_store Example store on RoR 4
    4 @davydovanton/hanami-bench Benchmarks for hanami
    4 @funny-falcon/funfig Configuration schema with calculable but overwriteable defaults
    4 @kostya/resque-kawai Syntax sugar for Resque consumers. Each consumer is a class, with clean interface, and custom logger.
    4 @kostya/idn_ffi LibIdn FFI ruby binding
    4 @AlekSi/redmine_hudson Automated mirror + my patches; see wiki for details ↗️
    4 @brainopia/cassandra-mapper Cassandra mapper
    4 @niquola/simple_rest ActionControllers helper methods for restful response handling
    4 @niquola/famili Yet another ObjectMother pattern implementation for rails testing ↗️
    4 @gazay/is Small simple tool for finding points in polygons
    4 @gazay/repka Repka will help you easily gather stats from controllers if you use mongoid
    3 @kostya/forking Simple processes forking, and restarting. Master process starts as daemon.
    3 @zzet/persey Persey help you easily manage the configuration, depending on the environment.
    3 @funny-falcon/rails_db_browser Simple Rails web db console
    3 @davydovanton/hanami-rodauth Roudauth wrapper for hanami apps
    3 @dustalov/utochki Swim and deploy your files over FTP. ↗️
    3 @shell/radiant-mygengo-exte… Extension to RadiantCMS that brings integration with myGengo API ↗️
    3 @ai/ruby2jar Ruby2Jar builds JAR from a Ruby script ↗️
    3 @gazay/diffit A simple solution to track changes in your tables.
    3 @niquola/depo Dojo and Rails integration plugin
    3 @brainopia/floq Queues
    3 @brainopia/workstation chef workstation setup
    3 @ai/wsd2013 Презентация «Автопрефиксер: мир без CSS-префиксов» ↗️
    3 @niquola/hstored_document Store and efficiently retrieve deep ruby hash into postgresql table with hstore field
    3 @davydovanton/link-shortener Simple hanami link shortener application
    3 @ai/sitnik.ru My homepage content and scripts ↗️
    2 @brainopia/flow Stream processing framework
    2 @dustalov/cograge OpenGL Exercises for Computer Graphics and Geometry Course in USTU-UPI. ↗️
    2 @funny-falcon/split_pgdump Turn postgresql dump in a set of small sorted files
    2 @dustalov/laces Laces on Shoes. ↗️
    2 @gazay/mnemonic Simple logger to show where is leaking by many-many puts
    2 @zzet/ecwid_gateway api wrapper for ecwid
    2 @dustalov/dotscripts A couple of useful scripts from me. ↗️
    2 @alexclear/pinba-munin-plugins A couple of plugins for collecting and visualising PINBA data
    2 @alexclear/mysql_utils Various utilities to manage MySQL DBs
    2 @shell/penkin.co.uk blog ↗️
    2 @niquola/dojo_src Dojo packaged as a gem
    2 @ai/plague Blog/book Plague engine
    2 @niquola/ubiquitous-language ubiquitous language (DDD) implimentation in ruby
    2 @yaroslav/pluralized_models Funky experimental plugin for ActiveRecord: you can now type Posts.all/find/scoped instead of Post.all/find/scoped.
    2 @gazay/friendly_admin Friendly admin
    2 @AlekSi/graytoad Graylog2 + Hoptoad
    2 @niquola/kung_figure Simple Ruby configuration DSL
    2 @dustalov/quoreux Quoreux: Sinatra, rQRCode, GD2 ↗️
    2 @zzet/Ecwid Synchronization Models with Ecwid store data
    2 @kostya/pgq_web Web interface for pgq gem. Inspect pgq and londiste queues
    2 @dustalov/ruby-jetspade Ruby/JetSpade Interface ↗️
    2 @kostya/encoding-kawai EncodingKawai - little sintax sugar for ruby force_encoding, also working on 1.8.7.
    2 @dustalov/myaso-web An user interface for the Myaso analyzer. ↗️
    2 @kostya/msgpack_protocol Msgpack protocol for eventmachine
    2 @niquola/conditioner simple conditions builder for active record


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    44 @btd/luna Git Review Tool. Pages ↗️
    13 @ezh/HelloWorldJNIwithReg… Scala Hello World with JNI and RegisterNatives
    12 @VladimirNik/sprinter Tool for generating source code from Scala ASTs
    6 @ezh/android-component-Di… DigiSSHD component for DigiControl, based on Dropbear SSH Server and OpenSSH SFTP Server ↗️
    5 @alexbool/spray-playground
    5 @btd/scala-freemarker From curcumflex-ftl. With some changes freemarker adoptation to Scala
    5 @alexbool/macrobuf Protocol Buffers for Scala done right
    4 @VladimirNik/tasty tasty project for Scala
    3 @btd/lift-jetty-session-c… This repo show how to make working embedded jetty instance with mongo db session replication
    2 @sergei-romanenko/mrsc-trs Domain-specific supercompilation for transition systems (based on the MRSC toolkit).
    2 @ezh/android-DigiLib common code for all android-digiNNN projects ↗️
    2 @sergei-romanenko/mrsct A variation of mrsc based on traits + self-types
    2 @sergei-romanenko/sat4j-experiments Experiments with Sat4j.
    2 @Pchelolo/Quotter


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    20 @jcmvbkbc/xtensa-toolchain-bui… Xtensa toolchain building scripts
    5 @ryzhovau/rrdstorm RRD-driven graph statistics for routers
    4 @vitlav/eterbackup Etersoft backup tools for journaling backup
    4 @backbone/snail nVidia Optimus on GNU/Linux ↗️
    3 @kbakba/git-hooks-contrib some git-hooks
    3 @backbone/overlay Backbone’s Portage overlay. ↗️
    2 @vitlav/etersoft-build-utils A set of rpm build utilities from Etersoft
    2 @vitlav/autosshd Run autossh as system service
    2 @backbone/findcruftfiles Portage cruft files search. ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @almas-dev/APMAlertController AlertController written in Swift


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    1810 @morhetz/gruvbox Retro groove color scheme for Vim
    135 @gorkunov/smartpairs.vim Fantastic selection for VIM
    52 @gorkunov/smartgf.vim Vim 'goto file' on steroids!
    51 @zenbro/mirror.vim Efficient way to edit remote files on multiple environments with Vim.
    22 @avakhov/vim-yaml indent yaml
    6 @magny/dotfiles My config files for bash, vim, etc.
    4 @morhetz/rnavcr Rnavcr's not another vim config repo
    3 @gorkunov/vimconfig my vim config
    3 @morhetz/vim-termitr Some vim terminal integration
    2 @zaa/dotfiles zaa's dot files

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    const madeInRussia = require("made-in-russia");

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    📝 Documentation

    madeInRussia(a, b)

    A list of neat projects made in Russia


    • Number a: Param descrpition.
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