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    Made in Italy

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    A list of neat projects made in Italy



    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    7868 @cubiq/iscroll Smooth scrolling for the web ↗️
    3419 @luruke/barba.js Create badass, fluid and smooth transition between your website's pages. ↗️
    2993 @FezVrasta/popper.js A kickass library to manage your poppers ↗️
    1931 @jnordberg/gif.js JavaScript GIF encoding library ↗️
    1567 @felicegattuso/datedropper datedropper is a jQuery plugin that provides a quick and easy way to manage dates for input fields.
    1501 @cubiq/add-to-homescreen Add to home screen call-out for mobile devices ↗️
    1136 @gcanti/tcomb-form-native Forms library for react-native
    1089 @nostalgiaz/bootstrap-toggle-but… Bootstrap-toggle-buttons has moved to https://github.com/nostalgiaz/bootstrap-… ↗️
    1032 @gpbl/isomorphic500 A 500px app built with React and Fluxible with babeljs ↗️
    915 @gcanti/tcomb Type checking and DDD for JavaScript
    848 @lmatteis/peer-tweet Decentralized feeds using BitTorrent's DHT. Idea from Arvid and The_8472 "DHT RSS feeds" http://libtorrent.org/dht_rss.html
    841 @gcanti/tcomb-form Forms library for react ↗️
    709 @cubiq/SwipeView Virtually infinite loop-able horizontal carousel
    705 @felicegattuso/timedropper timedropper is a jQuery UI timepicker. Manage time input fields in a standard form. Focus on the input to open an small interactive timepicker.
    683 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer use a custom yutube player for a video as background on jQuery framework ↗️
    655 @Granze/react-starterify A minimal React JS application starter kit ↗️
    594 @gpbl/react-day-picker Flexible date picker for React ↗️
    512 @FezVrasta/snackbarjs Create Material Design snackbars and toasts with ease. ↗️
    261 @dperini/nwmatcher Fast Javascript CSS Selector Engine and Matcher ↗️
    243 @gcanti/tcomb-validation Validation library based on type combinators
    229 @stefanocudini/leaflet-search Search stuff in a Leaflet map ↗️
    226 @dperini/ContentLoaded cross-browser wrapper for DOMContentLoaded ↗️
    207 @maboa/circleplayer A CSS3 HTML5 audio player with a circular seekable progress bar and complete fallback ↗️
    198 @gcanti/redux-tcomb Immutable and type-checked state and actions for Redux
    189 @cubiq/infiniwall Infinite, loopable, lazy loaded, 360° scroller for desktop and mobile
    174 @gcanti/babel-plugin-tcomb Babel plugin for static and runtime type checking using Flow and tcomb
    156 @lmatteis/apejs A tiny JavaScript web framework targeted for Google App Engine ↗️
    152 @kamicane/prime An essential JavaScript library for node.js and browsers
    144 @FezVrasta/dropdown.js A dropdown plugin that does what you expect.
    137 @gcanti/tcomb-react Alternative syntax for PropTypes
    134 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.audio An audio API for mobile HTML5 that tries to actually work :-)
    133 @cubiq/hexagame Open Source HTML5 Word Puzzle Game
    119 @omorandi/tiws a very simple Titanium module (iOS / Android) for creating native websockets
    118 @gcanti/flowcheck [DEPRECATED] Runtime type checking for Flow ↗️
    115 @kamicane/art vector drawing for buttons, icons, widgets and all that stuff ↗️
    113 @cubiq/2-way-iScroll Horizontal snap scroll (carousel) + vertical free scroll on mobile webkit using iScroll
    107 @elrumordelaluz/draGGradients A simple tool to generate and customize multiple css3 radial gradients. ↗️
    107 @cubiq/cardview Javascript incarnation of the rolodex
    105 @omorandi/TiInspector Debug Titanium Mobile applications through Chrome DevTools
    96 @yuchi/react-titanium React custom renderer for Appcelerator® Titanium™ SDK ↗️
    95 @lmatteis/hckr.it Hacker News clone for CouchDB
    92 @gcanti/flowcheck-loader [DEPRECATED] A Webpack loader for Flowcheck
    88 @lmatteis/node-trello Node wrapper for Trello's HTTP API. ↗️
    85 @rcaferati/brackets-cssfier Convert HTML into SCSS/LESS by pasting HTML blocks into SCSS/LESS file. ↗️
    81 @splendido/meteor-accounts-meld Meteor package to meld user accounts registered with the same email address, or associate many different 3rd-party login services with the same user account. ↗️
    77 @kamicane/moofx css3-enabled javascript animation library ↗️
    72 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.menu A tree menu on jQuery framework ↗️
    68 @AurelioDeRosa/Saveba.js A JavaScript library that, relying on the Network Information API, tries to save bandwidth to users having a slow connection by removing unnecessary resources.
    68 @stefanocudini/leaflet-panel-layers Leaflet Control Layers extended with support groups and icons ↗️
    68 @gcanti/tcomb-json-schema Transforms a JSON Schema to a tcomb type
    67 @dperini/nwxforms HTML forms enhancer ↗️
    65 @gcanti/react-vdom Pulls out the VDOM and makes tests easy (also in node and without the DOM)
    63 @gcanti/tom Elmish type-safe state and side effect manager using RxJS
    62 @cubiq/touch-layer Custom events and gestures handler for touch enable mobile devices
    60 @gpbl/denormalizr Denormalizer for normalizr
    55 @jnordberg/browsernizr Modernizr require wrapper for use with browserify
    55 @dperini/nwevents Javascript Event Manager for handlers, listeners and delegates ↗️
    54 @stefanocudini/leaflet-gps Simple leaflet control plugin for tracking gps position ↗️
    52 @jnordberg/wsq Streaming websocket task queue
    51 @cubiq/socket-balls devicemotion + websockets + node.js proof of concept for iOS4.2 ↗️
    50 @gpbl/redux500
    50 @FezVrasta/skrollr-colors skrollr-colors is a plugin for skrollr which allow you to use mixed colors formats in skrollr's keyframes.
    49 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.miniAudioP… an HTML5 / jQuery audioplayer (mp3 / ogg)
    48 @gcanti/uvdom Universal Virtual DOM
    45 @kamicane/wrapup wraps up your node modules into web modules
    45 @gpbl/react-locale-hot-swi… Small React web app showing how to change the UI language without reloading the page.
    42 @kamicane/elements A minimal DOM library built on top of prime
    41 @stefanocudini/leaflet-layerJSON Build dynamic JSON Layer via Ajax/JSONP with caching ↗️
    40 @elrumordelaluz/Pixelator A really simple tool to generate one element css box-shadow pixel style. ↗️
    39 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.bgndGaller… A sliding photogallery as background made with jquery
    38 @gcanti/tcomb-react-bootstra… Type checking for react-bootstrap [DEPRECATED]
    36 @cubiq/underpants-project The Underpants Project
    33 @maboa/open-web-radio Web based radio for your streaming pleasure ... ↗️
    33 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.browser jquery.mb.browser
    32 @elrumordelaluz/svgson Transform svg files to json notation ↗️
    32 @maboa/hyperaudiopad A tool for assembling media from their hypertranscripts.
    30 @AurelioDeRosa/Where-I-Parked-My-Ca… Where I Parked My Car is an application for mobile devices that lets you bookmark where you parked your car, and then find a route to return to it.
    29 @stefanocudini/leaflet-compass A leaflet control plugin to make simple rotating compass ↗️
    27 @pupunzi/jquery.mediaEmbedder Add Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream, Livestream, Dailymotion, Flickr video, mp3 audio on your page on jQuery framework ↗️
    26 @rcaferati/brackets-html-wrappe… Brackets Extension that formats
        , and children tags with a single command.
    25 @maboa/Radiolab-Soundcloud-… A demo that uses the Soundcloud API to retrieve audio and data, jPlayer to play the audio and Popcorn.js to trigger events at appropriate times. ↗️
    24 @stefanocudini/leaflet-geojson-sele… Show GeoJSON Layer like as Interactive Menu List ↗️
    24 @rpl/grunt-mozilla-addon-… OBSOLETE: use [grunt-jpm](https://github.com/rpl/grunt… instead - Integrate Mozilla Addon SDK download and cfx tool into grunt tasks
    23 @cubiq/OverflowScrollingFix OSFix tries to fix iOS5 native 'overflowScrolling:touch' glitches
    22 @kamicane/mootools-touch Basic drag class for MooTools 1.2. Supports mobile safari.
    22 @AurelioDeRosa/ConfAgenda ConfAgenda is a fast and small web application built to allow conferences attendees to easily navigate through the conference information and mark the talks of interest to create their own, personalized track. ↗️
    22 @omorandi/Titanium-AR Experimental code for creating a geo-AR app for iPhone with Appcelerator Titanium mobile
    20 @cubiq/jsOdometer CSS 3D odometer
    20 @kamicane/mootools-core MooTools ↗️
    19 @kamicane/mootools-ui [dead] ↗️
    18 @FezVrasta/gist-manager View and create gists within Brackets editor
    18 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.tooltip a better tooltip on jQuery framework ↗️
    17 @stefanocudini/gpx-simplify-optimiz… Free Tracks Optimizer Online Service ↗️
    17 @stefanocudini/leaflet-list-markers A Leaflet Control for listing visible markers/features in a interactive box ↗️
    17 @luruke/adapttext.js 🙌 - AdaptText.js is a dependency free and simple javascript solution capable to fit your text inside the parent element
    17 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.gallery A photogallery on jQuery framework ↗️
    17 @splendido/meteor-accounts-emai… A Meteor package to keep user.email up to date with email addresses used for 3rd-party account services
    17 @AurelioDeRosa/flickr-gallery-demo A demo project to show how to use the Flickr API to develop a simple service that allows a user to enter a text and show the gallery of the photos that contain the given text within their title or description.
    16 @kamicane/agent client-side request module
    16 @lmatteis/void-graph VoID Linked Data graph diagram displayed using JavaScript and SVG ↗️
    14 @omorandi/TiProfiler A custom extension to the Titanium SDK and a web-based GUI for extracting and showing profiling information from a running Titanium Mobile application (on iOS)
    14 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.zoomify A zoom image jquery component
    14 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.verticalSl… A sliding flat vertical menu
    14 @maboa/contextual-video Contextual Video
    14 @dperini/css-support CSS feature detection for selectors, properties, at-rules and media-queries ↗️
    13 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.valueSlide… Catch the value with your mouse!
    13 @claudiodangelis/popup-for-keep
    13 @kamicane/mootools-color Color class in plain JavaScript ↗️
    12 @kamicane/rgb converts all sorts of colors to rgb format
    12 @kamicane/mootools-xml [dead] xml methods for mootools
    12 @cubiq/sockjs-chat Lame sockJS chat demo
    12 @elrumordelaluz/Sassisfaction Awesome Sass Resources ↗️
    11 @yuchi/Beauvoir Simple project management app built with node.js
    11 @kamicane/three-commonjsify transforms the THREE.js source code in commonJS format
    11 @jnordberg/geometry.js JavaScript library for working with objects in a two-dimensional coordinate system.
    11 @gcanti/babel-plugin-tcomb-b… Boilerplate showing what you can get in terms of type safety with babel-plugin-tcomb
    11 @lmatteis/access2couch A command-line utility for Windows, that pushes a MS Access database to a CouchDB instance. Written in Node.js
    11 @kamicane/finally Sane flow control for node.js and browsers
    11 @gcanti/tcomb-spa-example [No Maintenance Intended] A SPA showing the tcomb ecosystem
    10 @lmatteis/ldstatic Host your Linked Data for free, as static pages, using a variety of providers (GitHub Pages, Google Code, Google Drive, etc.), and run SPARQL queries using a basic Linked Data Fragment client. ↗️
    10 @dperini/loader Resource loader using iframes
    10 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Smoke-Effect Audero Smoke Effect is a jQuery plugin that let you create a smoke effect for one or more elements, usually images, on your web page. You can create the effect of a little smoke puff, cloud or anything else you want that appears from the elements you chose.
    9 @stefanocudini/leaflet-locationpick… Simple location picker on Leaflet map ↗️
    9 @cubiq/kbedit Keyboard Designer
    9 @claudiodangelis/dart-FirefoxOS-Boile… ↗️
    9 @kamicane/require-relative a node.js program to require and resolve modules relative to a path of your choice
    9 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.flipText Vertical text on html context on jquery framework ↗️
    9 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.linearGall… (Alpha) Slide images horizontally. Tree images on the screen: one centered and two at the border.
    9 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.txtEffects text effects on jQuery framework ↗️
    9 @luruke/split-in-lines Take an HTML element with text, and split it in lines.
    9 @rcaferati/brackets-oneliner Brackets extension that removes all line breaks and converts multilined text blocks into one line. ↗️
    9 @cubiq/remote-3d-city
    9 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.tabset a tabbed interface on jQuery framework ↗️
    8 @luruke/clip-rect ✂️ - clip-rect is an helper to create painless clip: rect() animations with GSAP.
    8 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.emoticons emoticons for textareas or inputs
    8 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.easyPage jquery ajax page navigation
    8 @maboa/Hyperdisken-Popcorn.… Hyperaudio demo using Popcorn.js and jPlayer ↗️
    8 @MariagraziaAlastra/Tutorializr Tutorializr is a tutorial maker (only HTML + CSS tutorials can be created right now). It's still in alpha, many more features to come!
    8 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.maskedGall… Give the shape you want to your photogallery on jQuery framework ↗️
    8 @stefanocudini/leaflet-loader Simple control to show a gif loader to the center of the map ↗️
    8 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.ile javascript framework for mobile app (iOs).
    7 @rpl/grunt-jpm Grunt Mozilla Addon-SDK JPM Tasks (xpi & run)
    7 @yuchi/ti-htmlparser2 Forgiving HTML/XML parser for Titanium SDK
    7 @stefanocudini/share-tracks Simple way to Share/Embed GPX Tracks in Leaflet ↗️
    7 @gcanti/cerebral-tcomb [No Maintenance Intended] immutable and type checked model layer for cerebral
    7 @gcanti/tcomb-doc Documentation tool for tcomb
    7 @luruke/dev-excuses-chrome Chrome, please, gimme an excuse! - A little chrome extension that allow you to easily fetch an excuse from https://api.githunt.io/programmingexcuse… and paste it in your current textarea/input field.
    7 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.imgNavigat… A large size image viewer on jQuery framework ↗️
    7 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Unified-Place… Audero Unified Placeholders is a very lightweight cross-browser jQuery plugin to emulate the HTML5 placeholder attribute on browsers that don't support it.
    7 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.articolize A jquery plugin to parse any HTML page and retrive the readable content
    7 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Wav-Extractor Audero Wav Extractor is a PHP library that allows to extract a chunk from a wav file. The extracted chunk can be saved on the hard disk, can be forced to be prompted as download by the user's browser or returned as a string for a later processing.
    7 @kamicane/harmonizer es6 transpiler
    7 @vecna/Rabbisteg Steganography JavaScript library, written in memory of Len 'rabbi' Sassaman ↗️
    6 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Audio-Player Audero Audio Player is a basic audio player that collects the audio files found and then allows to listen them. The sounds list is ordered alphabetically with letter dividers to organize and group the list items, and has a search box to filter the files.
    6 @AurelioDeRosa/UFES UFES is an opinionated front-end environment setup meant to help developers in writing better code by following current best practices and adopting the best tools the web community has to offer.
    6 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.retweet Add a retweet button to your page on jQuery framework ↗️
    6 @kamicane/mootools-table object/object data structure ↗️
    6 @kamicane/matrix3d decompose, interpolate, compose operations on 3d matrices.
    6 @kamicane/nodes document object model for ast nodes, with parent references, queries and validation
    6 @yuchi/hyperloop-macros Sweet.js macros to accelerate Hyperloop development
    6 @gpbl/webpack-cleanup-plug… Plugin for webpack to cleanup the output path ↗️
    6 @kamicane/transform3d user-friendly transform operations for matrix3d
    5 @stefanocudini/osm-contributors-by-… List of contributors who have participated in a given OSM area. ↗️
    5 @splendido/meteor-accounts-meld… Client Side templates styled for Twitter Bootstrap to be used with the Meteor package accounts-meld
    5 @maboa/SinglePageWebAppPlay… jPlayer and playlist integrated into a Single Page Web App, with static fallback for search engines and non-JS
    5 @lmatteis/jquery-report Allows you to visualize an HTML Table out of JSON ↗️
    5 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.momentumSl… A jQuery component to swipe between pages
    5 @splendido/test-accounts-templa… Meteor test application for package accounts-templates-semantic-ui
    5 @rpl/learning-merb Personal Merb Learning Notes ↗️
    5 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Feed-Reader Audero Feed Reader is a very basic feed aggregator to keep in one place all the news and the articles you care about.
    5 @cubiq/KiiConf
    5 @kamicane/clint command line helper and arguments parser
    5 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Context-Menu Audero Context Menu is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that allows you to show a custom context menu on one or more specified elements.
    5 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.thumbGalle… jquery.mb.thumbGallery is a beautiful image gallery with a paginated thumbail index and a full-screen slideshow. ↗️
    5 @stefanocudini/meteor-googlemaps-se… NPM wrapper for node-googlemaps to be used in Meteor projects, google maps api for server side
    4 @yuchi/knockback-site Knockback.js Site proposal
    4 @jnordberg/glslify-bare glslify browserify transform for .glsl files
    4 @kamicane/microseconds microsecond utilities for node.js and browsers
    4 @rpl/jetpack-sdk my GIT mirror of Mozilla Jetpack Rebooted SDK HG repository ↗️
    4 @gcanti/tcomb-form-templates… Semantic UI templates for tcomb-form
    4 @lmatteis/bitcoin-notify Notify when new places accepting Bitcoin have been added to OpenStreetMap
    4 @gcanti/fcomb Function combinators
    4 @gcanti/tcomb-form-templates… Bootstrap templates for tcomb-form
    4 @gcanti/uvdom-bootstrap Bootstrap 3 components built with uvdom
    4 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Shared-Gettex… Audero Shared Gettext is a PHP library that allows you to bypass the problem of the translations, loaded via the gettext function, that are cached by Apache.
    4 @gcanti/simple-date-picker A simple clean way to pick dates with React
    3 @jnordberg/jacker CommonJS compatible JavaScript packager for web applications
    3 @omorandi/whymca-conf-2011 Code and presentation (in italian) of my speach at the WHYMCA 2011 mobile dev conference
    3 @nostalgiaz/subire crop and upload image using canvas and html5 stuff
    3 @rpl/rdp-monitor-jpext [prototype] Firefox DevTool panel to log and visualize Remote Debugger Protocol messages
    3 @rpl/jpm-addon-watch wrap jpm and jpm-addon to auto-reload a Firefox Addon on source code changes (prototype)
    3 @lmatteis/seed-couchapp Couchapp for http://seeds.iriscouch.com/ ↗️
    3 @rpl/rai-on-fire RAI.tv - .NET + OpenWeb ↗️
    3 @FezVrasta/react-resize-aware A simple React component which allows to listen the resize event of itself when it's resized.
    3 @FezVrasta/brackets-darkbar Stupid extension to uniform the color of the main toolbar with the rest of Brackets.
    3 @AurelioDeRosa/Audero-Text-Changer Audero Text Changer is a very lightweight (minimized version is less than 1Kb) jQuery Mobile plugin that allows you to easily change the text of all the elements of your pages without breaking the enhancements made by the framework.
    3 @splendido/test-accounts-meld Simple Meteor test application to check the development of splendido:accounts-meld. ↗️
    3 @gpbl/redux-universal-rout… A universal router designed for redux
    3 @splendido/test-accounts-templa… Meteor test application for package accounts-users-bootstrap
    3 @kamicane/emi a stupidly tiny event emitter
    3 @maboa/shape shape journalism
    3 @kamicane/equation-designer create easing equations in your (chrome) browser, using multiple cubic-bezier curves!
    3 @maboa/videofingerprint Let's make navigating easier.
    3 @kamicane/transition simple animation library
    3 @lmatteis/genebanks Genebanks Linked Data! ↗️
    3 @gcanti/pantarei Repository for idiomatic Flowtype definition files
    3 @yuchi/ti-travis-experiment… Some funny experiments!
    3 @gcanti/tcomb-graphql tcomb types to GraphQL schemas (WIP)
    3 @gcanti/fetch-optimizer [No Maintenance Intended] Optimises dependent data fetchers
    3 @rpl/rpl-on-jetpack (Wannabe) Collection of my experiments on the Mozilla Jetpack Rebooted SDK
    3 @pupunzi/jquery.mb.zoomPan A jquery plug in to animate a static image with zoom and pan
    2 @rpl/linuxday2010-erlang "Erlang: do geeks dream of concurrent sheeps? ↗️
    2 @kamicane/pathogen path utilities for node.js and browsers
    2 @elrumordelaluz/ministarter Starter configuration for fast static web projects
    2 @dperini/scrollToAnchorRef Smooth scrolling to anchor references
    2 @jnordberg/moochart MooTools charting library ↗️
    2 @jnordberg/wsq-server Standalone wsq server
    2 @FezVrasta/nodebb-widget-steams… NodeBB widget to provide informations about a server which supports Steam API.
    2 @FezVrasta/netflix Not associated with Netflix ↗️
    2 @stefanocudini/orthogonalize-js JavaScript polyline, linestring, path spatial orthogonalize library
    2 @yuchi/frontend-ng-loader-w… Liferay Workspace for experiments in bringing SystemJS and packages support to Liferay Portal
    2 @yuchi/svbstantia Simple substance-powered Node.js blog platform ↗️
    2 @jnordberg/webapp A web application skeleton ready to start developing with coffee-script and jacker
    2 @omorandi/omorandi.github.com
    2 @gcanti/tcomb-i18n Simple i18n / i17n helpers [DEPRECATED]
    2 @AurelioDeRosa/upload-files-github.… Demo that shows how to upload any file on GitHub using Github.js
    2 @gcanti/simple-format-date A simple clean way to format dates with Javascript
    2 @lmatteis/romajs JavaScript User Group & Meetup Roma -> https://plus.google.com/communities/1143… ↗️
    2 @gcanti/simple-format-number A simple clean way to format numbers with Javascript
    2 @lmatteis/seed-scraper scrape genebanks websites for accession data ↗️
    2 @rpl/mozilla-addons-and-b… two small example add-ons which shows how to use browserified modules in Firefox add-ons based on the WebExtensions or the Addon SDK.
    2 @lmatteis/smark Create beautiful presentation slides with Markdown
    2 @luruke/appear-animation Easily add animation when elements comes in the viewport.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    4418 @gabrielemariotti/cardslib Android Library to build a UI Card
    1885 @gabrielemariotti/RecyclerViewItemAnim… An Android library which provides simple Item animations to RecyclerView items
    1503 @neokree/MaterialNavigationDr… Navigation Drawer Activity with material design style and simplified methods
    1182 @neokree/MaterialTabs Custom Tabs with Material Design effects
    778 @gabrielemariotti/changeloglib Android Library to display your changelog
    757 @gabrielemariotti/androiddev Quick tips/tutorials for Android developers
    597 @rampo/UpdateChecker Increase your app's updates
    563 @federicoiosue/Omni-Notes Open source note-taking application for Android ↗️
    505 @Mirkoddd/TabBarView An Android Library to help you create actionbar tabs like "Capitaine train" app by Cyril Mottier
    417 @michelelacorte/SwipeableCard A simple implementation of swipe card like StreetView
    394 @lviggiano/owner Get rid of the boilerplate code in properties based configuration. ↗️
    373 @gabrielemariotti/colorpickercollectio… Color Picker collection
    222 @michelelacorte/ElasticProgressBar Elastic Progress Bar Renew!
    155 @neokree/GoogleNavigationDraw… Navigation Drawer Activity with Google design style and simplified methods
    133 @michelelacorte/RetractableToolbar A library to use comfortably the toolbar retractable Android.
    127 @mariofusco/from-gof-to-lambda
    115 @michelelacorte/IPTVFree Simple IPTV
    112 @moondroid/SeekBarHint SeekBarHint allows to add a view witch is moved and updated according to the SeekBar position
    90 @dextorer/Sofa A library for Android TV that extends the Leanback library functionalities
    62 @michelelacorte/ScrollableAppBar This is a Scrollable App Bar for Android
    57 @federicoiosue/checklistview Library to convert an EditText into a View capable of acting as checklist
    48 @dextorer/BuildingForAndroidTV Code for the "Building for Android TV" series of articles. ↗️
    46 @mariofusco/lambdaj manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way ↗️
    35 @gabrielemariotti/SlidingPaneLayoutWit…
    30 @Mirkoddd/CPUSpyReborn Redesign of cpu Spy
    27 @palazzem/adk-toolkit ADK Toolkit to manage UsbManager and UsbAccessory without any headaches!
    16 @genielabs/HomeGenie-Android Android client for HomeGenie: Home Automation, IoT, Z-Wave, X10, Philips Hue and more... ↗️
    16 @mariofusco/akkachat A client/server chat in Java written using Akka remote actors
    16 @mariofusco/Java8WS
    16 @moondroid/ChatBot Android chat experiment with an A.L.I.C.E. artificial intelligence.
    15 @gabrielemariotti/StethoTest A simple project with the Stetho tool
    13 @gabrielemariotti/dashclockbattery DashClock Battery Extension
    12 @moondroid/ColorMixer ColorMixer is a widget for choosing a color in HSV color-space
    11 @federicoiosue/SimpleGallery
    9 @dextorer/AndroidTCPSourceApp Simple and performant Android library that extracts an application's basic information, given a Socket object.
    7 @mariofusco/javaz Java 8 lambda experiment
    5 @mariofusco/drools-rete-builder
    4 @moondroid/List3d
    4 @jrizzoli/android_packages_app… Gelling Gello that Gells
    3 @mariofusco/drools-model
    3 @iGio90/packages_apps_ROMCon… ROMControl from aokp
    3 @iGio90/android_packages_app… JellyBam Settings app
    3 @rampo/CharsPerLineExample CharsPerLine utility example, based on Roman Nurik code.
    3 @moondroid/PaintBrush
    2 @lviggiano/WakeOnLanJava Wake On Lan implemented in Java
    2 @aaime/png-experiments png-experiments
    2 @moondroid/CompoundView-Example example of creating a compound view (TextView+EditText+Button)
    2 @moondroid/SlidingTabsMenu
    2 @moondroid/GlideDemo Introduction to Glide, Image Loader Library for Android
    2 @palazzem/AndroidBrowser Android application example shown at "Open cloud conference 2012"


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    948 @gsscoder/commandline Terse syntax C# command line parser for .NET with F# support
    212 @paolosalvatori/ServiceBusExplorer The Service Bus Explorer allows users to connect to a Service Bus namespace and administer messaging entities in an easy manner. The tool provides advanced features like import/export functionality or the ability to test topic, queues, subscriptions, relay services, notification hubs and events hubs.
    136 @frabert/NetLua Completely managed .NET Lua
    80 @imperugo/StackExchange.Redis.…
    51 @fogzot/vroomjs Mono-friendly bridge to V8 Javascript engine
    21 @AndyButland/UmbracoPersonalisati… Package for personalisation of content with Umbraco.
    18 @trapped/rotmg_svr Realm of the Mad God server emulator
    12 @andreabalducci/Prxm.Cqrs
    11 @paolosalvatori/servicefabriceventhu… This sample demonstrates how to create a simple IoT application using Service Fabric.
    9 @imperugo/Dexter-Blog-Engine
    8 @imperugo/IdentityServer3.Cont…
    7 @naighes/Carrot
    7 @gsscoder/httphelpers HTTP Helpers for C# / .NET
    6 @simoneb/ak-f1-timing Git clone of original ak-f1-timing project on Google Code ↗️
    6 @SuperV1234/Specimen (ABANDONED) An example game using SFMLStart, VeeEntitySystem2012, VeeCollision and VeeShadow
    6 @SuperV1234/VeeGen (ABANDONED) 2D terrain/dungeon generation library for games
    6 @gsscoder/exprengine Expression Engine Library
    5 @micdenny/WpfScreenHelper Porting of Windows Forms Screen helper for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It avoids dependencies on Windows Forms libraries when developing in WPF.
    5 @mesta1/S7.Net-example ↗️
    5 @paolosalvatori/servicefabricobserve… This project contains a framework that provides a publisher-subscriber implementation using the Observer design pattern for Service Fabric stateful services and actors.
    5 @AGiorgetti/SignalR.Castle.Winds… Castle Windsor dependency resolver for SignalR
    5 @imperugo/Spike
    4 @gsscoder/morelinq Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/morelinq
    4 @mesta1/WPF-on-screen-keyboa… Contains a WPF keypad and keyboard that can be used with touch applications and that has a good graphic ↗️
    4 @simoneb/Reflector.FileDisass… Modified copy of original code from Denis Bauer
    3 @yorek/TSQLQueryBenchmark SQL Server Query Benchmark
    3 @toburger/RulesEngine Experimentations with DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) and MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework)
    3 @simoneb/Roger
    3 @SuperV1234/VeeBulletHell (ABANDONED) A Touhou clone I made a while ago - buggy and deprecated
    3 @mesta1/WPF-Circular-Gauge WPF CircularGauge.dll is a gauge UserControl based on EvelynT code. ↗️
    3 @andreabalducci/TimePeriod
    3 @andreabalducci/nes-training CQRS Crash Course - Samples / Labs ↗️
    3 @naighes/ReactiveMongo
    3 @SuperV1234/VeeEntitySystem2012 (ABANDONED) A component-based entity system for real-time games
    3 @paolosalvatori/servicefabricclickan… This demo demonstrates how to use Service Fabric and Event Hubs to build a highly scalable, highly reliable ingestion pipeline for a click analytics system that receives events sent by a client-side script running in a web page and persists them to an Append Blob, one for each user session.
    3 @SuperV1234/SFMLStart (ABANDONED) A high-level library for SFML.NET developers
    3 @mauroservienti/NServiceBus.Samples
    3 @paolosalvatori/ServiceBusExtensions
    3 @paolosalvatori/servicefabricasynchr… This sample demonstrates how to create a stateful actor service that supports long running, asynchronous computations in Service Fabric.
    2 @gsscoder/CSharpx Functional programming and other utilities for C#
    2 @simoneb/lsight Log visualizer on steroids
    2 @simoneb/AnkhVersionOneConnec… Provides issue tracking integration in Visual Studio between AnkhSVN and VersionOne
    2 @simoneb/tddproblems
    2 @simoneb/ManagedShovel External shovel mechanism for RabbitMQ
    2 @frabert/SharpPhysFS Managed wrapper for the PhysFS library
    2 @simoneb/TcpControl TCP proxy with latency and bandwidth control capabilities
    2 @simoneb/linunit
    2 @antdimot/chess-movement-valid… Implement an engine validator for piece movement on chess board.
    2 @antdimot/MongoLab-Rest-Client This is a small .net library provides support to work with mongolab the mongodb hosting service.
    2 @micdenny/EasyNetQ.Host Generic service host to sand-boxing EasyNetQ subscribers
    2 @gsscoder/railwaysharp Native C# implementation of Railway-oriented programming (https://github.com/fsprojects/Chessie)
    2 @AndyButland/BackgammonR Work in progress project to investigate SignalR by implementing a backgammon game
    2 @toburger/FlosCSTutorial Flo's C# Tutorial
    2 @SuperV1234/TestGenericShooter (ABANDONED) A top-down shooting game resembling Operation Carnage
    2 @paolosalvatori/servicefabriciothubd… This sample demonstrates how to create a simple IoT application using Service Fabric, OWIN, IoT Hub and Event Hubs.
    2 @mesta1/OPC-XML-DA-sample-cl… Example of an OPC-XML-DA client with C# ↗️
    2 @simoneb/dgml2 Command line utility to convert DGML to other graph formats

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