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    Web accessibility testing helper

    What is it?

    Loud is a JavaScript library for browser, which helps track regression of accessibility.

    Loud ships under terms of the MIT License.

    Why do I need it?

    You break HTML pages on elements. Each element you can create in different ways. For example, you can create a button like this (with a little bit of JavaScript):

    <i role="button" aria-label="Join"></i>

    From accessibility point of view, this is a button. Later, you decide to change the button to something like this:


    From accessibility point of view, this is also a button and both buttons are the same.

    Loud knows how elements look like from the accessibility point of view. You can use this information to track accessibility regression of your web pages.

    Getting Started

    Get a release tarball, or clone the repository, or use npm and browserify, or bower:

    bower install loud --save-dev

    Add ./dist/loud.js to a testing page:

    <script src="/path/to/loud/dist/loud.js"></script>

    Test with Loud (using Jasmine, for example):

    describe('loud', function() {
        beforeEach(function() {
            this.button = document.createElement('button');
            this.button.innerHTML = 'Join';
        afterEach(function() {
        it('works', function() {
            expect(loud.say(this.button)).toEqual(['Join', 'button']);

    Going Further

    Read the full documentation on loud.readthedocs.io.


    npm i loud

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