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Node.js based command line interface for controlling LIFX lamps. Uses the LIFX LAN protocol for communication.

lifxsh example screenshot

Release notes

Version 0.9.1

  • remove babel transpilation
  • update dependencies

Version 0.8.1

  • add support for listing known light addresses in $HOME/.lifxsh/settings.yml
  • fix bug on tab complete

Version 0.8.0

  • preliminary support for MultiZone lights with "zone" command

Version 0.7.0

  • preliminary infrared LED support added (brightness can be changed but the light list information still needs to be updated)

Version 0.6.x

  • works with all current LIFX products (no support for LIFX+ or LIFX Z special features yet)
  • uses LAN protocol (fast/responsive) - thanks MariusRumpf/node-lifx!
  • interactive color CLI - thanks dthree/vorpal!
    • in-app help
    • tab completion of light names (lowercase form based on given labels)
    • command history
    • logs individual bulb/strip online/offline statuses
    • list all lights with power state, color information and IP address
    • multiple light names can be listed to set all at once
    • alias all can be used to target all lights, alternatively name can be omitted
    • caches the previous color properties fetched from lights to allow changing only single attribute (LAN protocol defines hue/saturation/brightness need to always be sent together)
  • supports most LIFX functionalities
    • on/off toggle with optional transition delay
    • change color using hue/saturation/brightness and luminosity (kelvin) (with optional transition delay)

Planned features

  • show light type in listing
  • configuration file
    • alias names for lights
    • aliases for light groups
    • presets
  • in-app saving of aliases/presets

Known issues

  • occasionally crashes when tab completion is used in specific scenarios
  • unhandled exceptions that show ugly logs on the screen

Install using NPM

Global (might require sudo)

bash npm install --global lifxsh


bash npm install lifxsh


  1. Run lifxsh (global install) or node_modules/.bin/lifxsh (local install)
  2. Type help


npm i lifxsh

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