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    lenz 🤓

    Console based MAP 🗺 , with lots of features 😉

    More can be found here


    • Given (sub-)domain name, it can look up all associated server IPv4/6 addresses, showing them in console map 🥴
    • Given IPv4/6 address, can lookup it's location & show it in console map 🥳
    • Can find all active TCP/UDP socket connections & marks their respective peers in console map 🤩
    • This will be helpful in understanding which application ( using PID ) is to talking to which machine & where is that located

    Note: For 👆 operation, auto refresh has been enabled

    • Given torrent 🧲 link, can look up all peers associated with that infohash & show them in console map 🤓
    • Given any random URL, parses HTML & extracts out all static content i.e. {*.js, *.css, image/*} delivery domains & geo locate them 😎
    • Given Autonomous System Number ( ASN ), geo locates all IPv4 addresses owned by this Autonomous System ( AS ) 😉🦾

    Caution: 👆 operation is very computationally intensive, for large Autonomous Systems, might take some time to complete, though it keeps streaming, as soon as it finds something useful

    In all these cases, generates a tabular report of all connected peers ( including self ), who were shown on console map

    Now also dumps peers along with location info into JSON file, for all supported commands


    We need to download IP2Location™ LITE IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-LATITUDE-LONGITUDE Database for using this tool.

    Consider using IPv6 Binary version, cause that will also support IPv4 lookup. This specific database, I've planned to use, is codenamed db5.

    Please try to stick with that to avoid unexpected behaviours.

    We'll also need IP2Location™ LITE IP-ASN Database for using la command. See below.

    • Please use IPv4 version of ASN Database

    And you need to have NodeJS( >=12.18.4 ).


    Download & install from NPM.

    npm i -g lenz


    You can clone this repo in your machine & try to do installation another way.

    git clone git@github.com:itzmeanjan/lenz.git
    cd lenz/lenz
    npm install

    And install tool globally. Also make sure you've added NPM global installation path to your system PATH variable.

    npm i -g .

    Now you can use lenz from any where in your directory tree.


    Invoke lenz from CLI, supply proper params for each of supported commands.

    5p1d3r:lenz anjan$ lenz
    [+]Author  : Anjan Roy < anjanroy@yandex.com >
    [+]Project : https://github.com/itzmeanjan/lenz
      lenz lm <magnet> <db>  Find peers by Torrent Infohash
      lenz ld <domain> <db>  Find location of Domain Name
      lenz lp <ip> <db>      Find location of IP Address
      lenz ls <db>           Find location of open TCP/UDP socket peer(s)
      --version  Show version number                               [boolean]
      --help     Show help                                         [boolean]
    Not enough non-option arguments: got 0, need at least 1P

    Please check here for more info


    If you're interested in adding more features to this CLI tool, please raise a PR.


    This non-profit open sourced software uses IP2Location LITE Database.

    Thanks to @IP2Location


    npm i lenz

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