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    Superlight vanilla javascript dropdowns by LCweb

    Need to jump off of jQuery (or any other) dependency? Other packages are too heavy to just tweak select fields?
    LC Select has been created focusing on these aspects: a pure javascript (ES6) plugin offering many features in just 20KB (+ a 4KB theme).

    Top features list:

    • sigle 20KB file, no dependencies, 100% pure javascript
    • two themes (light, dark) included. Designed to be themed with no efforts
    • themes mix support using prefixed selectors
    • supports both simple and multiple select fields
    • fully responsive, fits in any width
    • (optional) default placeholder for simple select fields
    • (optional) searchbar with minimum fields threshold
    • (optional) maximum selectable options
    • complete keyboard events integration
    • option images support
    • mobile ready
    • multilanguage ready

    Tested on all mordern browsers (don't ask for old IE support please)
    For live demos check: https://lcweb.it/lc-select-javascript-plugin

    Installation & Usage

    1. include lc_select.min.js

    2. include a theme (eg. themes/light.css)

    3. initialize plugin targeting one/multiple select fields
      NB: first parameter may be a textual selector or a DOM object (yes, also jQuery objects)

    <script type="text/javascript>
    new lc_select('select');

    Specific HTML attributes

    There are two optional attributes you can use to take advantage of plugin functionalities:

    • data-placeholder: to be used on the select HTML tag, sets field placeholder in case of no option selected
      (check also pre_placeh_opt option for simple selects)

    • data-image: to be used on optgroup or option HTML tags, sets option's image

    <select name="simple" data-placeholder="Select something please ..">
        <optgroup label="Europe" data-image="demo-img/eu.svg">
            <option value="ita" data-image="demo-img/ita.svg">Italy</option>
            <option value="fra" data-image="demo-img/fra.png">France</option>
            <option value="esp" data-image="demo-img/esp.png">Spain</option>


    Here are listed available options with default values

    <script type="text/javascript>
    new lc_select('select', {
        // (bool) whether to enable fields search
        enable_search : true, 
        // (int) minimum options number to show search
        min_for_search : 7,   
        // (bool) whether to automatically focus search field on desktop (NB: will break tabindex chain)
        autofocus_search: false,
        // (string) defines the wrapper width: "auto" to leave it up to CSS, "inherit" 
        // to statically copy input field width, or any other CSS sizing 
        wrap_width : 'auto',
        // (array) custom classes assigned to the field wrapper (.lcslt-wrap) and 
        // dropdown (#lc-select-dd)
        addit_classes : [], 
        // (bool) if true, on simple dropdowns without a selected value, prepend 
        // an empty option using placeholder text
        pre_placeh_opt : false, 
        // (int|false) defining maximum selectable options for multi-select
        max_opts : false, 
        // (function) triggered every time field value changes. Passes value and 
        // target field object as parameters
        on_change : null, // function(new_value, target_field) {},
        // (array) option used to translate script texts
        labels : [ 
            'search options',
            'add options',
            'Select options ..',
            '.. no matching options ..',

    Mixing themes

    The easiest and cleanest way to mix themes on the same webpage is

    1. using addit_classes option to specify the theme prefix

    2. include prefixed themes version (there are prefixed versions of dark/ligh themes in the "themes" folder)

    <link href="themes/light_prefixed.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <link href="themes/dark_prefixed.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <script type="text/javascript>
    new lc_select('.select-class-light', {
        addit_classes : ['lcslt-light']
    new lc_select('.select-class-dark', {
        addit_classes : ['lcslt-dark']

    Public Events

    Alternatively to the "on_change" option, you can use the native "change" element event to track field changes

    <script type="text/javascript>
    document.querySelectorAll('select').forEach(function(el) {
        el.addEventListener('change', ...);


    There are two extra events you can trigger on initialized elements:

    • lc-select-refresh: re-sync select field options and status with plugin instance (eg. when new fields are dynamically added)

    • lc-select-destroy: remove plugn instance, coming back to HTML select field

    <script type="text/javascript>
    const select = document.querySelector('select');
    // initialize
    new lc_select(select);
    // re-sync
    const resyncEvent = new Event('lc-select-refresh');
    // destroy
    const destroyEvent = new Event('lc-select-destroy');

    Copyright © Luca Montanari - LCweb


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