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    Pure javascript color picker by LCweb

    Long story short: needing a compact solution to insert a standard colorpicker with gradient support in LCweb WordPress plugins, didn't find anything really satisfactory. So I decided to build my own solution in pure javascript aiming to create the most compact and flexible plugin I could for modern web apps.

    Top features list:

    • sigle 31KB file, no dependencies, 100% pure javascript
    • supports solid color and/on linear gradient and/or radial gradient
    • unlimited gradient color steps support
    • optional transparency support
    • light/dark theme
    • adjustable in-field preview
    • mobile ready
    • multilanguage ready

    Tested on all mordern browsers (don't ask for old IE support please) For live demos check: https://lcweb.it/lc-color-picker-javascript-plugin

    Installation & Usage

    1. include lc_color_picker.min.js

    2. initialize plugin targeting one/multiple text fields

    <script type="text/javascript>
    new lc_color_picker('input');

    Seamless Integration Notes

    By default, the plugin will wrap targeted fields with an inline-block DIV. However if you are using percentage sizes on inputs, their sizes could be corrupted. In this case you have two options:

    • enable the copy_input_width parameter (NB: static width)

    • edit your CSS targeting the the plugin's wrap element, applying sizes also to it. The CSS selector is .lccp-el-wrap


    Here are listed available options with default values

    <script type="text/javascript>
    new lc_color_picker('input', {
        // (array) containing supported modes (solid | linear-gradient | radial-gradient) 
        modes : ['solid', 'linear-gradient', 'radial-gradient'], 
        // (bool) whether to allow colors transparency tune
        transparency : true, 
        // (bool) whether to open the picker when field is focused
        open_on_focus : true, 
        // (bool) whether to enable dark picker theme
        dark_theme : false, 
        // (bool) whether to stretch the trigger in order to cover the whole input field
        no_input_mode : false, 
        // (string) defines the wrapper width. "auto" to leave it up to CSS, "inherit" to statically copy input field width, or any other CSS sizing 
        wrap_width : 'auto',
        // (object) defining shape and position of the in-field preview
        preview_style : { 
            input_padding   : 35, // extra px padding eventually added to the target input to not cover text
            side            : 'right', // right or left
            width           : 30,
            separator_color : '#ccc', // (string) CSS color applird to preview element as separator
        // (array) defining default colors used when trigger field has no value. First parameter for solid color, second for gradient
        fallback_colors : ['#008080', 'linear-gradient(90deg, #fff 0%, #000 100%)'], 
        // (function) triggered every time field value changes. Passes value and target field object as parameters
        on_change : null, // function(new_value, target_field) {},
        // (array) option used to translate script texts
        labels          : [ 
            'click to change color',
            'Linear Gradient',
            'Radial Gradient',
            'add gradient step',
            'gradient angle',
            'gradient shape',

    Copyright © Luca Montanari - LCweb


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