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Getting Started

Clone this repository and run the following on your command line

npm install

Once you have installed the modules change lines 28-29 to your specified thumbnail width and height.

var   thumbWidth = 180, 
  thumbHeight = 180; //For automatic scalling use -1 or -2 depending on the video codecs

Loading onto Lambda

Simply zip this all contents of the contents of this folder and upload to lambda as a function. If you are using zip on the command line you can do like this

zip -r ../lambda-thumbnailer.zip *

Setup the Lambda Function

Then just go onto AWS Lambda create a new function and give it a trigger of put objects with a suffix filter of *.avi, *.mov etc..

Although you don't need this it just reduces the number of invocations. Apply a policy of LambdaExecute to the IAM role (this gives read and write access to s3) then set the memory limit to the maximum* and set timeout for 30seconds (again it normally takes around 6 seconds but its good to be safe).

*NOTE: I have never reached the maximum with this function, its normally around 700mb even for 4gb mov files

Original Tutorial

Originally this was a tutorial I wrote back in July last year, I updated it a bit since then. The original also contained mediainfo. Available Here


npm i lambda-video-thumbnailer

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