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    Kretes is a programming environment for building modern web applications using TypeScript & Node.js with batteries included approach. It is an integrated solution that optimizes for programmers productivity by reducing choices and incorporating community conventions.


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    Kretes is being built with battery included approach in mind, i.e. it comes with a (eventually large) library of useful modules which are developed in a coherent way. This stands in direct opposition to Koa approach. Kretes tries to formalize conventions and eliminate valueless choices by providing solid defaults for building web applications that increase the programmers productivity.

    Kretes fights against the accidental complexity. Let's focus on business needs of our applications instead of constantly configuring, patching and putting together various software elements.

    Features In A Nutshell

    Kretes bridges client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend) development by using a single programming language - JavaScript - across the board.

    The project draws inspiration from Rails while trying to be less magical, if any at all. In Kretes, you write your applications using TypeScript.

    As a secondary goal, Kretes tries to minimize the dependencies. It uses external packages only if absolutely necessary (e.g. security, OS abstractions etc).


    Kretes keeps track of the upcoming fixes and features on GitHub Projects: Kretes Roadmap

    Bug reports

    We use Github Issues for managing bug reports and feature requests. If you run into problems, please search the issues or submit a new one here: https://github.com/kreteshq/kretes/issues

    Detailed bug reports are always great; it's event better if you are able to include test cases.


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