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This provider allows you to transform layers hosted on Carto servers to ArcGIS Feature Layer so you can use it within ArcGIS SDKs, web maps and web scenes.

Live demos

A demo server has been deployed to now.sh for testing purposes: https://demo-app-nrqueszwed.now.sh/koop-provider-carto/

Original dataset Koop service Preview in ArcGIS.com
Fee leaf members Raw data ArcGIS web map
Fee green sites Raw data ArcGIS web map
Twitter t3chfest reduced Raw data ArcGIS web map

How to build the service URL

From a basic viewer

On this example we are going transform the data from this basic viewer to an ArcGIS Feature Service format.

We have to check the network request and filter by the string select. It will display an URL similar to https://fee.carto.com/api/v1/map?stat_tag=... like this one:


Note: it could also be something like this https://orgid.carto.com/api/v1/sql?q=select..., on this case we can also use decodeUriComponent and get the tableName from there.

If we use the decodeURIComponent JavaScript function to decode this URL we will find a config parameter with a JSON object. Inside this object, there is a layers property, and within the options key we will find a sql key with the name of a table that we need.

We just have to use this tableName and the subdomain of that URL to compose our koop URL like this:


So it will look like this:

Now we are ready to load this data into a webmap removing the query operation, something like this:

From a builder viewer

Open the source code a look for the table_name variable properties. This will provide you a table names you will need. For example on this page you will find something like {\"table_name\":\"fee.green_key_sites\"}, so you will have to use the same subdomain of the page (in this case fee) and the table_name: fee.green_key_site, like this:


Preview on ArcGIS Online:


From public datasets

Like this one called "twitter_t3chfest_reduced". You can use the same approach and build something like this:


Preview on ArcGIS Online:



Development mode

After cloning this repo you can start the provider in standalone mode opening a terminal, and running these commands from the project folder:

# install dependencies
npm install

# start development server
npm start

Production mode

We recommend you to use Koop-CLI.

To install it run: npm install -g @koopjs/cli

Then create a new Koop application:

# create a project folder and initialize it
koop new app your-app-name

# cd in the folder
cd your-app-name

Next install this provider:

# install the provider and register it to the koop app
koop add provider koop-provider-carto

And finally run the app:

koop serve


npm i koop-provider-carto

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