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    It is extension of koa-session that uses DynamoDB as session store inspired by dynamodb-store.

    The project uses the following stack:

    • ES2017
    • Babel
    • Eslint with AirBnB style
    • Yarn
    • Flow


    yarn add koa-session-dynamodb-store or npm install --save koa-session-dynamodb-store


    Usage within koa:

    const koaSession = require("koa-session");
    const DynamoDBStore = require('koa-session-dynamodb-store');
    const options = {
      table: {
        autoCreate: true // You should set this option to true if you want to automatically create a DynamoDB table for your session.
        store: new DynamoDBStore(options),
    }, app));

    Usage within dynamodb-local:

    const koaSession = require("koa-session");
    const DynamoDBStore = require('koa-session-dynamodb-store');
    const dynamoDBStoreOptions = {
      dynamoConfig: {
        region: 'local',
        endpoint: 'http://localhost:8000',
        accessKeyId: "dummyKey",
        secretAccessKey: "dummyKey"
        store: new DynamoDBStore(dynamoDBStoreOptions),
    }, app));


      "table": {
        "name": "<NAME OF THE DYNAMO TABLE>", // default,  sessions
        "hashKey": "<NAME OF THE ID FIELD>", // default, sessionId
        "ttlKey": "<NAME OF THE DYNAMO TTL FIELD>", // default, expires
        "useTtlExpired": "<BOOLEAN>", // default, true
        "readCapacityUnits": "<NUMBER>", // default,: 5
        "writeCapacityUnits": "<NUMBER>" // default, 5
        "autoCreate": "<BOOLEAN>" // default, false
      "dynamoConfig": {
        "accessKeyId": "<AWS ACCESS KEY>", // default
        "secretAccessKey": "<AWS ACCESS KEY SECRET>", // default
        "region": "<AWS REGION>", // default, If you are using the local version of DynamoDB, it must be a word that starts with local.
        "endpoint": "<DYNAMO ENDPOINT>" // default

    The table configuration is optional. The missing properties will be replaced by defaults.

    Changing the table.ttlKey property may be ignored if the TTL attribute of DynamoDB is enabled. In this case, use the TTL property of DynamoDB as a priority.

    If you have recently changed the value of table.useTtlExpired, the DynamoDB service will return an error. This will not work, please try again later.

    Changing the readCapacityUnits and writeCapacityUnits frequently can also cause the DynamoDB service to return an error.

    Please refer to the AWS DynamoDB Development Guide for details of the above error.

    If option table.autoCreate is set to true the store will try to create a session table automatically during its initialization. Otherwise in order to initialize the table developer can explicitly call

    await store.createTableIfDontExists();

    at the right point according to an application architecture.

    The dynamoConfig can be optional if the following environment variables are set: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_REGION (which are present on Lambda Functions running on AWS). All properties from AWS.DynamoDB constructor can be informed in this structure.


    npm i koa-session-dynamodb-store

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