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What is kitchenHosts?

kitchenHosts is a node.js based tool, that sets up your /etc/hosts-file to match your kitchen.yml. This is being accomplished, by parsing it and checking for possible duplicates within the hosts-file that may exist.

How does it work?

Once installed it's easy. You do everything you would normally do with kitchen, but instead you write kitchenHosts. For exaple

$ kitchen converge all

would become

$ kitchenHosts converge all

That's it. Plain and simple!

Bonus: When you perform a kitchenHosts destroy it will remove any hosts that are listed in the .kitchen.yml.

Shut up and take my money!

Whoah! Keep calm, it's free :)

Make a backup first!

To install you need to:

  1. use npm:

    • Perform a npm install -g (on Linux you probably need sudo for this.)
    • You're done!
  2. use the source from github:

    • Clone this repo anywhere
    • Perform a npm install -g within the clone
    • You're done!

(You will need >node.js< of course)

Here be dragons!

This is the first inital version and has no failsafes whatsoever. Keep that in mind. I will work on that, but for now 'here be dragons!'. Also you need to set the permissions to (the folder containing ?) /etc/hosts, so that you can read and write it from your current user!

Windows is supported and tested! (File will be at "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts")


npm i kitchenhosts

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