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    Generate React keydown handlers by replicating click ones.



    Quoting eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y's click-events-have-key-events rule:

    Coding for the keyboard is important for users with physical disabilities who cannot use a mouse, AT compatibility, and screenreader users.

    Therefore, when creating a clickable, non-interactive element in React, we should also "make all functionality available from a keyboard" (WCAG 2.1, guideline 2.1), i.e., pass it at least one keyboard event handler. Oftentimes, however, the keyboard event handler should just replicate the click handler's actions — similar to how <button> elements behave.

    This package aims to provide a simple way to do that.


    npm install keydown-from-click


    To get a better grasp of each function's behavior, please check their individual test suites.

    createKeydownFromClick(clickHandler[, options])

    Returns a keydown handler that calls clickHandler when either Enter or Space is pressed.

    import { createKeydownFromClick } from 'keydown-from-click'
    const clickHandler = () => {
    const keydownHandler = createKeydownFromClick(clickHandler)
    // ...

    It's worth noting that, in order to call the click handler, an artificial click event is created. Most of its properties come from the original keydown event, but some of them are specific to mouse events and need to be mocked.

    While the more straightforward ones, such as button and movementX, receive their corresponding expected values, the properties that involve coordinates (clientX, pageX, etc.) demand certain decisions. What this library does is pretend the user clicked in the center of the element, and then calculates everything based on that.

    There are, however, two properties that are not so predictable: screenX and screenY. The reason for that is because their values depend on whether a left toolbar is open and how tall is the top bar, respectively. This library considers that there are no left toolbars open and the top bar is 80 pixels high, which is the default state in Chrome 80.


    • keys

      An array containing the keys (DOMStrings) that should trigger clickHandler.

      Using this option overrides the default configuration (['enter', ' ']).

      const options = {
        keys: ['a', 'b', 'c'],
    • modifiers

      An object containing the modifier keys (altKey, ctrlKey, metaKey, shiftKey) that should be pressed and held down while pressing Enter — or any of the keys from the keys option.

      const options = {
        modifiers: {
          altKey: true,
          shiftKey: true,

      The modifiers option is applied to all keys, but can be shadowed by inline modifiers (alt, ctrl, meta, shift); to do so, just prefix them to your keys along with a plus sign (+).

      const options = {
        keys: ['shift + a', 'b'],
        modifiers: {
          altKey: true,
          shiftKey: false,
      // Detects (Alt + Shift + 'a') and (Alt + 'b')

      Also, multiple inline modifiers may be assigned to a single key.

      const options = {
        keys: ['alt + shift + a', 'alt + ctrl + b', 'meta + shift + c'],
    • shouldPropagate

      A boolean that controls whether the event should propagate; it defaults to true.

      const options = {
        shouldPropagate: false,
      // Stops event propagation

    useKeydownFromClick(clickHandler[, options])

    The hook version of createKeydownFromClick.

    import { useKeydownFromClick } from 'keydown-from-click'
    import React from 'react'
    const clickHandler = () => {
    const Component = () => {
      const keydownHandler = useKeydownFromClick(clickHandler)
      // ...


    All options from createKeydownFromClick are also available to useKeydownFromClick.

    • extraDependencies

      An array containing the dependencies that should cause React's useMemo to recompute the memoized keydown event handler.

      const options = {
        extraDependencies: [someVar, someOtherVar],

      Using this option won't override the default configuration; the values of extraDependencies will be added to the end of the dependencies array.




    All releases are documented in the project's changelog.


    Format checking

    npm run checkFormatting


    npm run lint

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    npm run checkTyping


    Single run

    npm run test

    Watch mode

    npm run test --watch


    npm run build

    Releasing (and publishing)


    npm run release


    npm run release minor


    npm run release major




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