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jQuery Enhanced Splitter

jquery.enhsplitter is a plugin to generate sliding splitters on your page. Useful for separating content, emulating the look of frames, collapsable tool windows, and more. Completely customizable look and feel, and touchscreen friendly.

Release v1.1.0

This release adds a number of new options, as well as a few fixes and overall UX improvements. But since nobody is using this yet, I won't bother documenting all the changes here. Rest assured that any changes from here forward will be properly documented!


A demo and basic documentation of options are available at:


A minimal call to jquery.enhsplitter in a jQuery ready function looks like this:

jQuery(function ($) {

Three HTML elements are required at a minimum. These can theoretically be any elements, but are intended to be DIVs or other basic block-level elements. There must be one parent element and two child elements. Additional child elements can exist, but is not supported and will result in unintended side effects.

Once that is in place, all you need to do is call .enhsplitter() on an element, as shown above. This will insert a splitter between the two child elements of #panels using default settings (vertical splitter and defaults as shown below).

<div id="panels">

Advanced Usage

jquery.enhsplitter has a number of options. Usage is just like most jQuery plugins - just pass the options as an object parameter.

Please refer to the demo for full details on the available options.

jQuery(function ($) {
        vertical: true,
        limit: 125,
        handle: 'striped'


Copyright (C) 2015 Hilton Janfield

Released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License

Original Author and Contributors

This plugin was originally created by Jakub Jankiewicz. See

This project was originally forked from jcbuic/jquery.splitter, but was heavily overhauled and is now maintained as a separate project.


npm i jquery.enhsplitter

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