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This is a petite jQuery plugin that allows you to make ajax calls directly from HTML elements without writing any JavaScript. The idea came from the need to load and display data on a page in multiple places after the page was all loaded up. It's usage is inspired a bit by AngularJS, but obviously much simpler and lighter.


To use simply add data-ajax-url="http://example.com/api" to any element. By default the response from the url will be inserted into the element as text.

HTML data

If the expected response of the ajax call is HTML specify data-ajax-type="html". With this markup the contents of the div will be filled by the response of the url.

<div data-ajax-url="http://example.com/api/product" data-ajax-type="html"></div>

JSON data

If the expected response of the ajax call is JSON then specify data-ajax-type="json". The properties of the JSON object will be accessible like ~property~. In this example the ~name~ and ~sku~ text will be replaced by the name and sku property of the returned JSON. This works in attribute values as well as inner text.

<div data-ajax-url="http://example.com/api/product" data-ajax-type="json" class="~sku~ active">

Note that urls are only requested once even if multiple elements use the same one.


npm i jquery-ajax-markup

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