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    Collection of Node.js / ECMAScript Mini Modules

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    jinang is a collection of Node.js / ECMAScript mini modules.

    The name jinang is abbreviation of "Jin-Nang", which in Chinese means a magic box. The modules in jinang are independent for each other, and are for different usage.

    jinang is an incubator. Successful sub modules may be encouraged to be published as independent NPM packages.

    Here is its pedigree.

    Table of Contents


    Get Started

    // Modules are independent for each other and are suggested to be required independently.
    const defineError = require('jinang/defineError');
    const MyError = defineError('MyError', Error, function(message) {
        this.code = 'SOMETHING_IS_WRONG';
        this.message = message;
    // ...
    throw new MyError('Helo word!');


    All sub-modules in jinang are independent from each other. Use require('jinang/<subModuleName>') to require the sub-modules.

    For your convenience, avaiable modules included in jinang are listed here (alphabetically sorted):

    • absorb : Concatenate following array(s) to the firt one.
    • cloneObject : Copy some / all properties from object and return a new one.
    • co : A wrapper of generator function.
    • currying : Make function curried.
    • bufferReplace: Return a new buffer with all matches replaced.
    • defineError : Create customised Error class.
    • Directory : Make it easier to manage a directory.
    • forInObject : The combination of For...In and For...Of.
    • isGenerator : Judge whether it is a Generator.
    • isGeneratorFunction : Judge whether it is a Generator Function.
    • jointString : Concatenate strings with specified joint.
    • JsonFile : Wrapper of a JSON file.
    • modifyUrl : Modify URLs.
    • open : Open URI with matched application.
    • ordinal : Acquire the ordinal form of a natural number.
    • ott : Wrap a function to allow it invoked only once, twice or thrice.
    • readable2buffer : Read a stream and callback with a buffer.
    • papply : Partial application of a function.
    • parseOptions : Intelligently parse an option object.
    • PoC : Promise or Callback.
    • Progress : Progress simulator.
    • promiseRejectionAutoHandle : Avoid console warning when no cather defined.
    • promisible : Something like util.promisify() but the common error-first callback mode still available.
    • safeClone : A deep and partial clone method.
    • sleep : Make current process to "sleep" for a while.
    • sogo : To set something into object, or get something from object.
    • sort : Sort an array.
    • split : Split string in different ways.
    • table : Create a printable table or print a table directly in console.
    • trim : Trim everything.
    • TxtFile : Wrapper of a .txt file.
    • unescaping : A tiny and flexible template render.
    • uniq : Compare sibling items in an array and ignore the replications.
    • write : Write into a file. If file not exists, create it.

    Why jinang

    jinang is an incubator for creatives which will make programming with Node.js much easier.

    Only mini modules without any dependencies may be put into jinang. Although every module is small enough, they all will be maintained carefully and seriously.

    The Incubated


    npm i jinang

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