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A micro library for creating dynamically-static, observable state objects.


npm install --save jet-set

Usage Highlights

This is a snapshot of some neat features; check out the full documentation for all the nitty-gritty.

import jetSet from 'jet-set';

// create a data store with some defaults
let fruitBasket = jetSet({
    apples: 3,
    oranges: 5,
    bananas: 6

// add new values just like a JS object
fruitBasket.limes = 4;
fruitBasket.lemons = 2;

// add a derived/dynamic property
fruitBasket.totalFruit = () => {
    let {apples, oranges, bananas, limes, lemons} = fruitBasket;
    return apples + oranges + bananas + limes + lemons;

// watch for changes, even on a dynamic value
let buyMoreCitrus = () => {
    let {oranges, limes, lemons} = fruitBasket;

    if ((oranges < 2) || (limes < 2) || (lemons < 2)) {
        console.log('Buy more citrus!');

fruitBasket.onChange('totalFruit', buyMoreCitrus);

fruitBasket.lemons = 1;
// console triggers above, "Buy more citrus!"

About JetSet

This library aims to be three things: simple, tiny, and stateful.

  • Interacting with a JetSet object should feel familiar, mirroring how you set and get properties on a vanilla JavaScript object.
  • It's 496 bytes with no dependencies.
  • It treats derived/dynamic properties as static snapshots, making it great for managing state.

Deeper details can be found in the official documentation.

Bugs and Feature Requests

JetSet is a fledgling project. If you want to contribute or report an issue, please do! It's all tracked via GitHub.

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