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    1. Installation

    JaSali is part of the ASALI project and it is a JavaScript library to estimate thermodynamic and transport properties of gas mixtures.
    Its npm package can be installed as follow:

    npm i jasali

    2. Examples - JaSali is based on International System of Units

    JaSali allows the estimation of thermodynamic and trasport properties of pure gas species and gas mixtures, as shown in the following examples.

    2.1 Pure gas specie: O2

    import { GasSpecie, GasState } from "jasali"
    //Generate gas state object
    let state = GasState({ temperature: 393.15, pressure: 4e05 })
    //Generate specie object
    let specie = GasSpecie({ name: "O2", gasState: state })
    //Extract properties from the specie object
    let name = specie.getName()
    let molecularWeight = specie.getMolecularWeight()
    let viscosity = specie.getViscosity()

    2.2 Gas mixture: AIR

    import { GasSpecie, GasState, GasMixtureComposition, GasMixture } from "jasali"
    //Generate gas state object
    let state = GasState({ temperature: 298.15, pressure: 101325 })
    //Generate pure gas specie objects
    let o2 = GasSpecie({ name: "O2", gasState: state })
    let n2 = GasSpecie({ name: "N2", gasState: state })
    let ar = GasSpecie({ name: "AR", gasState: state })
    //Generate mixture list
    let speciesList = [{ "specie": o2, "value": 0.21 }, { "specie": n2, "value": 0.78 }, { "specie": ar, "value": 0.01 }]
    //Generate mixture composition object
    let compositions = GasMixtureComposition(speciesList, "mole")
    //Generate mixture object
    let mixture = GasMixture({ gasState: state, mixtureComposition: compositions })
    //Extract properties from the mixture object
    let density = mixture.getDensity()
    let molecularWeight = mixture.getMolecularWeight()
    let viscosity = mixture.getViscosity()

    3. Available thermodynamic and transport properties

    Details on the properties estimated by JaSali can be found here.

    4. Contacts

    If you want to contribute, ask questions, report bugs or just say hello compile the form here


    npm i jasali

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