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    Janda - Guide to the NSFW world of Reddit.

    easy, feature rich, wholesome
    Generate your 🍑 stuffs into the next level


    Janda has aggregator with the dedicated subreddits.
    This wrapper exist as a directory of all IRL(In real life) NSFW-related subreddit.

    See also Hentai version cabul wrapper

    Getting started

    # npm
    npm i janda
    # yarn
    yarn add janda


    All functions return Promise()

    const { Client } = require('janda');
    const reddit = new Client();
    reddit.blonde().then((res) => console.log(;

    Mix 'em all

    Useful enough to mix them if your implementation based on Telegram or Discord bot/webhook.

    const { Client } = require('janda');
    const reddit = new Client();
    async function mix() {
        const list = [
            reddit.milf() // and your more subreddit going below
        const random = list[Math.floor(Math.random() * list.length)];
        let rlist = await random;
    mix().catch((err) => console.log(err.message));

    Useful keys:

    • all data
    • Actionable image/videos/gifs
    • Actionable links
    • Title post
    • name of the Subreddit. eg: /r/blonde
    • number of Score
    • number of Subscribers
    • number of Comment in a post related
    • number of Upvotes
    • number of Downvotes
    • Other key check the rest in the data

    Example Returns of

      approved_at_utc: null,
      subreddit: 'Blonde',
      selftext: '',
      author_fullname: 't2_6l6l1e31',
      saved: false,
      mod_reason_title: null,
      gilded: 0,
      clicked: false,
      title: 'And this is why it takes me forever to get ready � hope you don’t mind',
      link_flair_richtext: [],
      subreddit_name_prefixed: 'r/Blonde',
      hidden: false,
      pwls: 0,
      link_flair_css_class: null,
      downs: 0,
      thumbnail_height: 140,
      top_awarded_type: null,
      hide_score: false,
      name: 't3_ohihjb',
      quarantine: false,
      link_flair_text_color: 'dark',
      upvote_ratio: 1,
      author_flair_background_color: null,
      subreddit_type: 'public',
      ups: 10,
      total_awards_received: 0,
      media_embed: {},
      thumbnail_width: 140,
      author_flair_template_id: null,
      is_original_content: false,
      user_reports: [],
      secure_media: null,
      is_reddit_media_domain: true,
      is_meta: false,
      category: null,
      secure_media_embed: {},
      link_flair_text: null,
      can_mod_post: false,
      score: 10,
      approved_by: null,
      is_created_from_ads_ui: false,
      author_premium: true,
      thumbnail: '',
      edited: false,
      author_flair_css_class: null,
      author_flair_richtext: [],
      gildings: {},
      post_hint: 'image',
      content_categories: null,
      is_self: false,
      mod_note: null,
      created: 1625922858,
      link_flair_type: 'text',
      wls: 0,
      removed_by_category: null,
      banned_by: null,
      author_flair_type: 'text',
      domain: '',
      allow_live_comments: false,
      selftext_html: null,
      likes: null,
      suggested_sort: null,
      banned_at_utc: null,
      url_overridden_by_dest: '',
      view_count: null,
      archived: false,
      no_follow: false,
      is_crosspostable: false,
      pinned: false,
      over_18: true,
      preview: { images: [ [Object] ], enabled: true },
      all_awardings: [],
      awarders: [],
      media_only: false,
      can_gild: false,
      spoiler: false,
      locked: false,
      author_flair_text: null,
      treatment_tags: [],
      visited: false,
      removed_by: null,
      num_reports: null,
      distinguished: null,
      subreddit_id: 't5_2quoi',
      mod_reason_by: null,
      removal_reason: null,
      link_flair_background_color: '',
      id: 'ohihjb',
      is_robot_indexable: true,
      report_reasons: null,
      author: 'funkobabe20',
      discussion_type: null,
      num_comments: 0,
      send_replies: true,
      whitelist_status: 'no_ads',
      contest_mode: false,
      mod_reports: [],
      author_patreon_flair: false,
      author_flair_text_color: null,
      permalink: '/r/Blonde/comments/ohihjb/and_this_is_why_it_takes_me_forever_to_get_ready/',
      parent_whitelist_status: 'no_ads',
      stickied: false,
      url: '',
      subreddit_subscribers: 262243,
      created_utc: 1625922858,
      num_crossposts: 0,
      media: null,
      is_video: false


    Soon, See all available endpoints in the source code instead.
    I also suggest you to make your own handler for each functions, probably some items are return to null or 'banned', sometime relatedsub (sub-reddits) has been permanently, temporarily Banned, or private member only so just do it.


    jv_ID/Randa|Janda/ — Sweet-Mature-Widow-Nakal-Wild-Tomoe_gozen. (ꦫꦺꦴꦤ꧀ꦢꦺꦴ)


    For changes, see


    This tool can be freely copied, modified, altered, distributed without any attribution whatsoever. However, if you feel like this tool deserves an attribution, mention it. It won't hurt anybody :)

    Please, read the license terms. Don't worry, it can be read in less than 30 seconds, unless you have some sort of reading disability - in that case, I'm wondering why you're still reading this text. Really. Stop. Please. I mean, seriously. Why are you still reading?


    Since this tool includes some contributions, and I'm not an asshole, I'll publically thank the following users for their help:


    npm i janda

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