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This package has been deprecated

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This package has been renamed to @irrelon/path to namespace it, please use that instead.


2.0.5 • Public • Published

Irrelon Path

A powerful JSON path processor. Allows you to drill into JSON objects with a simple dot-delimited path format e.g. ""

What Can It Do?

Irrelon Path is a JavaScript object manipulation library that uses dot notation to denote object key / value field locations within the object structure. It allows you to easily access, modify or remove data from an object at locations specified via a path string.

New in Version 2

Version 1.x exported a class that you could instantiate. Version 2.x exports an object with all available functions. You can require version 2.x either all at once (all functions) or you can destructure to require only the functions you need. This change is primarily to support tree shaking, as well as move to a more functional programming style, albeit not pure functional style :)

Version 2.x is a breaking change from version 1.x and you will need to migrate your code to work with the new version. Migration is fairly simple and instead of using an instance of the 1.x class, you simply require the parts of the library you need e.g.

Version 1.x Style Code (Don't Do This)

const Path = require("irrelon-path");
const pathSolver = new Path();
const a = {hello: {foo: true}};
const b = pathSolver.get(a, ""); // b === true

Version 2.x Style Code (Please Use This)

const {get} = require("irrelon-path");
const a = {hello: {foo: true}};
const b = get(a, ""); // b === true


npm i irrelon-path


const pathSolver = require("irrelon-path");
// You can also require only what you need from the library
// e.g. const {get} = require("irrelon-path");
// Define an object in JSON
const obj = {
  "users": {
    "test1": {
      "name": "My Test User"
// Grab data from the object via the path solver
console.log(pathSolver.get(obj, '')); // Will console log "My Test User"

Escaping Fields with Periods

Sometimes you want to access data where a field name has periods in it like this:

const obj = {
  "users": {
    "": {
      "name": "My Test User"

The user email address "" contains a period that the path solver will interpret as a traversal indicator. If we try to ask the path solver to get the data in the key "" it will look for a field called "test@test" with a sub-field "com".

To avoid this, escape the path key with a period:

console.log(pathSolver.get(obj, `users.${pathSolver.escape('')}.name`)); // Will console log "My Test User"


If data or an object to traverse does not exist inside the base object, the path solver will return undefined and will NOT throw an error:

const obj = {
  "foo": null
console.log(pathSolver.get(obj, "")); // Logs undefined


npm i irrelon-path

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