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An excellent library for a smooth scrolling experience, which supports handling of frame skips, sub-containers, scroll-stop on user interaction, and fluid adjustment if scroll-target relocates.

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  • supports queueing of scroll-request per scroll-container
  • handles frame skips gracefully
  • supports scrolling of sub-containers
  • supports automatic detection of scroll-container
  • allows cancellation of scrolling on user interaction
  • fluid adjustment if scroll-target relocates while scrolling


Scroll '.container' to '-10%' of targets height before '.target' within 3 seconds using 'easeInOutCubic' easing:

  container: '.container',
  target: { element: '.target', vertical: '-10%' },
  easing: 'easeInOutCubic',
  duration: 3 * 1000,

Scroll window to top of '.target' within 3 seconds using 'swing' easing:

  container: window,
  target: { element: '.target', vertical: 'top' },
  easing: 'swing',
  duration: 3 * 1000,

Scroll automatically detected container to top of someElement using custom easing and a function to derive duration from pixel distance:

  target: { element: someElement, vertical: 'top' },
  easing: (x) => x,
  duration: (distance) => distance.combined * 10,

Clear all scrolling requests of container '.container':



Install the in-motion module via

npm install in-motion --save


yarn add in-motion


The module exports the functions scroll to enqueue a scrolling request and stopScroll to cancel all or specific scroll requests.

Scroll Request

The function scroll exposes the signature (options) -> Promise. The promise returns once the scrolling request had been executed successfully. The following options are provided:

Parameter Description Example Default Value
container scroll-container, either an HTMLElement or a Window window container of target.element in case it is provided
target function which evaluates to target scroll coordinates { left, top } () => ({ top }) none
or object which describes target scroll coordinates in relation to an element:
target.element target element, either HTMLElement or a css selector string '.some .element' none
target.vertical vertical position in relation to target element, valid formats are /(top)|(bottom)|(!?-?\d+px)|(!?-?\d+%)/ (enables vertical scrolling) '-20px' none
target.horizontal horizontal position in relation to target element, valid formats are /(left)|(right)|(!?-?\d+px)|(!?-?\d+%)/ (enables horizontal scrolling) '-20px' none
target.skipIfVisible skip scrolling if target element is visible within container true false
easing easing behavior of scrolling animation, either a string or a function of signature (x) => y where 0 <= x <= 1 'swing' 'easeInOutCubic'
duration duration of scrolling animation in milliseconds 3 * 1000 none
or as a function deriving milliseconds from pixel distance (distance) => distance.combined * 10 none
stoppable stoppable by user interaction, e.g. mouse click, key press or mouse scrolling false true
enqueue enqueue scrolling request instead of overriding all queued requests false true
failOnCancel fail promise if scrolling request gets cancelled true false
softFrameSkip soften up frame skips by pausing if frame skip gets detected false true

Clear Requests

The function stopScroll exposes the signatures () to clear all scrolling requests and (container) to clear all scrolling requests of a container.




npm i in-motion

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